Nava-Verse Archives #39: Combat Angels Picture

These angel creatures are all combat–capable and are among those that appear to aid the Prime Galaxy in small numbers from time to time and would fight in a full–fledged army of God in the event of an apocalyptic–scale conflict against demons and/or abominations. Also featured here is one very special individual.

Kuthlody: A being that deliberately resembles a musical note in basic shape. However, functionally there is nothing musical about the Kuthlody, sadly. Instead, it is a multi–purpose battle–oriented unit that can free–float but also rest on the ground by standing on its "chin", and flies around swinging itself at enemies (when there are enemies to be swung at; when there aren't it just flies around aimlessly). In addition, the Kuthlody possesses four small, circular blades that can be launched from its sides at will and controlled remotely in midair, and return to the user after hitting (or missing) the target, like a boomerang. Kuthlodies also have an alternate mode which they enter when picked up and used as weapons by larger humanoid–like beings such as DeyRhine. They do not mind being used as melee weapons at all, for it is not all that different than what they would normally do. This angel's mean durability value is 650.

Harus–Ovactus: While the DeyRhine is the Juggernaut of Faith, the Harus–Ovactus is the Juggernaut of Justice. The two creatures are counterparts of one another. And while the DeyRhine, though inherently powerful, is a ceremonial creature not particularly suited for fighting, the Harus–Ovactus is made for fighting or, more accurately, for shooting and bombarding. Also, it can speak telepathically, unlike the DeyRhine, at least to other angels.
One of the most violent angels out there (as far as angels do go), it resembles a moderately–sized flying saucer that is constantly kept afloat by the Rainbow Energy capsule sticking out of its bottom, which unfortunately is its weak point, though fortunately it is also very sturdy and not any easier to dislodge or destroy than any other part of the angel's body. And the Harus–Ovactus has a durability value of over 5,000.
They originate from the Temple of Infinity, where each new Harus–Ovactus is hand–crafted by Vaynmizs himself, and after being brought to life begin patrolling between both Paradise and Neo–Skyhold. They are equipped with three main weapons: two standard–issue Rainbow Energy lasers, two highly accurate non–lethal sniper guns that instantly tranquilize any living thing their projectiles touch, and bomb hatches that drop powerful wide–radius magical grenades on enemies, which are harmless to angels and positively lethal to everything else. Due to the angel's violent nature, the Harus–Ovactus is highly corruptible and can be hijacked and/or reprogrammed by demons. In this situation it must be destroyed as soon as possible.

Jebgulex: A slight, lanky humanoid angel with a single massive eye in place of a face that controls a floating platform which it stands and rides around on and will never fall off of, and several normal–sized eyes that float above its head. Said platform has a structure beneath it that includes an indestructible Rainbow Energy laser that will only disappear if the Jebgulex itself is killed. All of its eyes, both the floating ones and the giant ones, can also shoot these lasers. The Jebgulex has one handless, featureless and useless arm, and another one that can, again, shoot Rainbow Energy lasers. Due to lacking a mouth, it cannot talk, but would if it did have one. Its durability value is roughly 400. This is somewhat made up for by its many eyes, all of which provide vision in addition to their laser powers.

Enkheses: Firstly, note that the word "Enkheses" is both the singular and plural form of this creature's name. The Enkheses is a corporeal, humanoid angelic warrior with a stout, short and fat body and predominantly purple complexion. It spends most of its time receiving prayer, which makes it more powerful as with many other angels, in the outer circles of Paradise. It also has a mind and personality, and is allowed two hours per day to indulge itself in productive ways such as reading, writing and creating other art, which sometimes goes on to be added to the permanent fixtures of Heaven if it is good enough. Enkheses are only able to compose and visualize about good and pure things, both due to mandate and by their own nature, so what they produce usually isn't as varied or compelling as what mortals can produce, but can have just as much talent and effort put into it. In times of crisis however, they are more than capable of defending themselves and even being part of the offensive, and, as mentioned above, they would be among the ranks of an angel army if one ever needed to be assembled. Enkheses have superhumanoid strength and fighting skills, and durability values of more than 1,000. Because of the similarities between the two beings, the Merthaldu consider the Enkheses to be the patron angels of their race and often name themselves after them.

Yuyonarf: Yuyonarfs are very small flying angels that always act in groups of three or more. They are similar in many respects to the Harus–Ovactus in that they are created by Vaynmizs at the Temple of Infinity and can fly freely throughout all the levels of Heaven. The key difference is that Yuyonarfs are much, much smaller and are intended to be implemented as minor and/or support units to complement their larger siblings. Their fronts very much resemble faces or masks, though this is coincidental, and small, sharp projectiles are shot through the holes in these alleged masks. They are also surrounded by small force fields that can absorb most hostile projectiles that come near them. The designs and appearances of the "faces" and force fields vary wildly between individuals, and there are millions of them in existence, all with an in some way unique appearance. Each "pack" of Yuyonarfs shares a single mind between its members, while each individual has its own (tiny and simple) soul. And yes, there is a difference. The Yuyonarf is about 2–3 feet in height and they have durability values ranging from 200–400.

Connor "'The Great' Thorn" Thorn, the Messiah of the Delta Octant: "Thorn" was the name of the messianic hero whose appearance was foretold in passage 7:19 of the Next Testament, and who would deliver the Delta Octant from certain destruction at the hands of one of the greatest evils to ever befall the Prime Galaxy, Cosmo'rath: the most vile and ruthless portion of Reson's Arcane Order, led by the Xoultac Evil Ninja Emperor Heinrich, who is now known to have been a certifiable sociopath by demon standards, and also a pathological liar because he wasn't even a ninja whatsoever! Anyway, he was Bad with a capital "B" and his minions were equally evil. The conflict against them was known as the Vision Wars, and it was one of the most brutal the galaxy has ever seen. But, it was written that Thorn would come and save all from him and them just when things were looking their bleakest. The faithful never doubted that their hero would come eventually, not even when an entire species was eradicated and another 100% corrupted beyond redemption (Note: survivors from both those races were later found elsewhere and thanks to them they are not extinct). But today, no one doubts that no one expected for Thorn to be a human. You read that correctly, a human: the only known one to ever set foot into the Nava–Verse and thus the very last of his kind alive (or was he?). And he wasn't even sent down from the humans' Heaven above our Heaven either, but was rather taken from Earth during his lifetime and well before the Rapture, and abruptly re–materialized aboard Air Station Alpha–Beta–Delta–Gamma–Omega in the middle of the infamous battle against the corrupted Rorke–Norgs invading it in early Age 568. It is generally agreed upon that if Thorn did not appear then and there, every Flufewog aboard that installation would have died that day. But when he did appear, the final outcome of the battle was the destruction of the entire invading force and their ship, albeit with very heavy casualties on the good side. Thorn was injured severely in the battle, wherein he killed key Cosmo'rath general Yemu'Ix the Netojax, and afterward crash landed on planet Sertrop in an escape pod where he was discovered by the Merthaldu of a nearby conveniently–located village, and given treatment. It was here that Thorn revealed his status as a human, to the shock of everyone present. Unfortunately, the circumstances under which he was brought to our universe from his have been lost to history, for no one wrote anything down due to the urgent situation they were all in. It was also here that he befriended a Glanmi named Frilla, the last of her kind on Sertrop, who would play a key role later even in death.
Connor Thorn was then taken to Sertrop's central city of Nog'Dod, and sent toward Heinrich's floating palace of Pride orbiting Yominasst. To make a long story short, he and some others infiltrated the palace and eventually killed Heinrich. However, Thorn was mortally wounded in doing so and was saved only thanks to the quick thinking of the Kittpo Écuate, who in desperation poured vast quantities of the deceased Frilla's blood into the gaping hole in his body. All the bodily fluids of Glanmi have healing properties but cannot normally save someone from wounds as severe as Thorn's, but thanks to a miracle, God the Father allowed Frilla's soul to be merged with Thorn's, saving his life and permanently turning him into a human–Glanmi hybrid. The transformation was not immediate, but rather took place over the next several days. Connor Thorn was now an eternally youthful and biologically immortal mutant. He went on to later have many more heroic adventures, though none as notable as his first.
Thorn lived until Age 809, when he was killed by Lord Reson in during an ill–advised attack on the immensely powerful villain who had been spotted in the Gomorran Desert Plane. He was part of an elite strike team sent down through the Lower Dimensional Rift to try to assassinate the demon(?), of which there were no survivors. As billions mourned the hero's loss, the angels announced that he had been reunited with his own kind as a pure human soul in the Heaven above our Heaven. Many manly tears were shed that fateful day.
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