Steelgeist and Horror Masters Picture

Just in time for Halloween!

So, I was wondering. What if there was a Mega Man-esque game out there, except you fought supernatural horrors from lore instead of Robot Masters?
Art quickly proceeded, and then I made these nine guys.
I'd never made a bishounen or a black dude before, so I used references for their portraits. Adam's reference was...uh..."Larva", I think, from Vampire Princess somethingorother. Mr. Caplata's reference was a very racist caricature of Obama--I refuse to even name its artist, for obvious reasons.

Type: Robot
Modeled After: Sheet Ghost
Powers: Ectoplasma blasts, martial arts, incredible aerial maneuverability
When biological scientist and engineer Sindahl Ravenoak found an old robot for sale, she thought that it would be interesting to study. Upon further examination and activation, though, it turned out she got more than she bargained for--to call it "interesting" would be an insult of the gravest kind.
With armor made of cold iron and silver-tungsten, the ability to program its own subroutines, multiple encyclopedias of lore/mythology/daemonology/etc lodged its systems, and mastery over a strange source of energy called "ectoplasma", that was unique enough. But when she dug further and found that it was all brought together and constructed with obsolete technology from a decade ago, only then did she realize that there was more to this construct than it appeared.

Steelgeist is friendly and loyal, with a natural curiosity that always propels him to learn more and more. Above all else, however, his prime directive is constantly guiding his actions--to learn more of the paranormal, and to suppress any threats of that nature that threaten the populace Earth.
Who made him? How? Why? And can his creation fulfill its objectives with such primitive technology...?

Type: Onryou
Realm: Aokigahara, Mt. Fuji (Forest leading to haunted shrine)
Story: They say that no good deed goes unpunished. Sachiko in life was a sweet girl who lived only to help others--she ran a nursery for young orphans who were thrown to the wayside, unwanted by this world. She taught them how to be polite and orderly, then worked with a foster organization to help them find good homes. All she wanted to do was to help children to grow up in this world and to give them a second chance.
Then she learned too much. The "foster organization" was a front for a terrorist cult, and the children were being used as expendable soldiers. The children that she had loved and doted over, now traumatized and killed in horrifying ways on the battlefield. A vicious "silencing", combined with a realization that she was only helping evil in this world, corrupted her spirit from love to hate.
She really just needs a hug, now.
Too bad her body is incorporeal.

Type: Werewolf
Realm: Skyscraper Rooftops
Story: Previously just another no-name British punk robbing pretty ladies to make a living, Lancaster Hawkins lived only for scraps, both fist-fight and food-wise. But human enemies eventually grew boring to him, as he had already heard their screams and learned the typical methods of fighting styles--so he moved on to creatures. This turned out to be a bad move, however, as his first fight against a creature turned out to be a werewolf, and he ended up thrown in a river and left for dead. But then the moon came up...
While most people would see lycanthropy as a curse, Lancaster embraced it with open arms and bared teeth. With a revolver in one hand and enhanced reflexes/strength/resilience gracing his body, Lancaster plans to abuse every single minute of his newfound power. Life is best when you enjoy every single second of what you do, and the feeling of dominance over the lesser fools is always able to set adrenaline pumping.

Type: Mummy
Realm: Forsaken Tomb
Story: "All that oppose my realm will fall into dust. All that live under me will be under my protection. As Pharaoh of this land, I swear upon all the gods that no harm will come to my people."
Amenhotep III lived as Pharaoh from 1386 to 1349 BC, and brought untold prosperity and splendor to Egypt. He was strict, but fair. He was kind, but firm. He was merciful, but ruthless. All those that lived under him knew that their lives were in capable hands, and that Egypt would never crumble. This only made his assassination all the more tragic.
Determined to fulfill his promise to his people, even to this day, Amenhotep III is bound to duty first and foremost. A duty that transcends death and brings him back to life from his tomb, desperate to hunt down all remnants of what threatens his realm. No opposition will sway his loyalty to his subjects, and his honor will hold eternal.
Too bad the Egyptian culture died out long ago...

Type: Demon
Realm: Corrupted Cathedral
Story: Vomited from the depths of the eightteen pits of the damned, Sonneillon lives a miserable existence as a being not of this world. She does not belong here and she knows it, loathing every second. Her rage is unbridled and unchained, and everything that crosses her path has felt the hellish wrath of a creature not of this plane. Even if she has to shatter every dimensional barrier and wipe out every single race that she meets from other worlds, she WILL find her way back home.
This world is a putrid and disgusting pile of fleshly blasphemies. She has no desire to linger any longer than needed. Who cares what she ruins along the way?

Type: Serial Killer
Realm: Bloodied City Streets
Story: It started in 1999. A young sailor was murdered next to his sleeping wife, his arms tied around her so she would see his gouged-in face once she woke up. Every month afterward, another body would meet its end. The killings were methodical and the killer obviously felt no rush to get things done, taking his time to choose victims and plan out moves.
With over a hundred victims to his name and an ever-moving location, the man known only as "the Cutter" is a sensation in the papers and a nightmare to the police. He has no modus operandi, no discernible choice of victims, and a near-supernatural ability to avoid being where expected. Can anything stop this monster...?

Type: Vampiress
Realm: Ancient Castle
Story: Having lived for numerous centuries, and never having smiled even once throughout it, Westenra is a no-nonsense and straight-faced femme-fatale. To her, life is never about pleasantries, but is rather about power. Power is what drives the weak to the strong, and what drives the strong to be even stronger--with enough power, no trouble is anything more than just a road bump in life.
Skilled in numerous types of magicks and with the typical vampiric strength, Westenra is a powerful enough woman by herself, but over the centuries has fed upon numerous "donates" to her cause.
Life isn't about pleasantries, and she has no qualms about making even less pleasantries for other people to smile about. The matters of humans are beneath her, and their existence on this planet is a pestilence.

Type: Dark Bokor
Realm: Goodminds Inc. Executive Tower
Story: "Goodminds Incorporated" is a self-help organization focusing on emotional counseling. With a guaranteed "one month program", hundreds of people have been guided to lead happier lives in record time.
Underneath the sympathetic workers and their kind words, however, lies the CEO: Jacobs Shepherd. Unknown to the workers and the customers, Jacobs' "healing methods" involve shearing off bits of the soul where the problems lie, keeping them in ancient spiced jars. He has been gathering a small army of potential warriors among his customers and workers, all with the mask of helping them to solve their problems.
And then once he has enough, one swift curse can kill them all at once...and then he can use all of the despair from their family and friends to bring them back as an undead army.

Type: Frankenstein's Monster
Realm: Destroyed Science Lab
Story: Adam was created to be a man of war who would utilize the lifeblood of so much technology, electricity, in order to disable enemy systems and then strike them all down. A being made of other beings, lives sacrificed simply to be conjoined once again, Adam's creators thought that he would be a fine weapon.
The life Adam was granted was an utmost miracle, and he knew that it was beautiful--to snuff out this beauty in other people was unthinkable. Adam went on a riot, using their own technology against them and destroying their lab, imprisoning them deep inside.
Adam wants nothing more than to live in peace. Unfortunately, he needs electricity to continue powering himself, and towns are suddenly mysteriously running out of the vital electricity needed to keep themselves running...
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