Fafnir the Dragon King of New Asgard Picture

Two pages from my most recent sketchbook with unfinished sketches of the same character, part of the CUETZPALIN Mythos.
Fafnir Hreidmarson had been an influential leader of an environment-aware group of "New Asgardians", reconstructionists of the old religion from Nornland, whose resistance posed a threat not only to the christian hegemony and to the interests of both national and international landlords, linked to the great corporations of food development, but also to the very government of Nornland, that either as a constitutional monarchy (until 2013, when the king was killed by Fafnir himself) or as a federative Republic, was an amount of hypocritical politicians. Despite his influence and considerable amount of riches, the opposition he represented, the occupation of lands by the New Asgardians, wouldn't leave him unpunished by a State that's both progressive (economically and in means of growing its industrial projects no matter the cost) and backwards-thinking (a conservative christian, ignorant of the urgent need in stopping consumerism and industrial growth). In 2010, before his first major victory, Fafnir suffered a tragedy (an inside job, a coup to take him out of the scene), and, becoming a dragon, has been forced into exile on the caves of Hel. On his exile, he'd discover that there were secret circles of slavery worldwide and those were all related to the enterprises which ruled the rest of the world, including Nornland. With aid from some other inhumans (a Triton from Minoica and a Cuetzpalin from San Brandon), he made it back to the Asgardian occuppation of the Alfheimr woods and fiercely took it from the State military, which were keeping the lands for a private landlord, and after that, the Asgardians have made out of the area encompassed by the Alfheimr Woods and the Midgard Lake a new, separate, "autonomous area" that even though unrecognized by Nornland and the United Nations, would stand strong and be ruled by Fafnir, as the New Asgardian Dragon King.

That wouldn't be, however, the first exile or coup attempt he'd suffer, for in 2013, the Einherjer Jötunn, elite of the ancient corporation known as Jötunn Scientific Organization, behind most of the advancements of genetic manipulation technology in the planet of Tredius, would once again join with the Nornland government and this time take advantage of an Akh attack on the East, what menaced as well Fafnir's Queen. That wouldn't, however, be a defeat as would be the destruction of theYggdrasil, the eldest tree of the entire range of Alfheimr, in 2014, by the Einherjer Erysichthon. From past battles, Erysichthon lost fellows such as Sigurd to Fafnir and other allies, not only the Triton and Cuetzpalin, but also Vovin such as Jörmungandr & Fenrisulfr, and "Treants" (also known as Jentilak in the southern regions of Alfheimr) such as Basajaun & Basandere. This time, however, the disintegration of Yggdrasil left the New Asgardians hopeless, and, suffering from the desertification and bitter cold taking place in their land, several returned to the cities managed by the uncaring Republic of Nornland. Fafnir has become revolted with the cowardice of his fellows that didn't want to face the difficulty of autonomy and rather preferred the comfort of the government, one which was always more sided towards the blind progressivism, modernism and christianity rather than the ancestral memory and the ways of old. But given more time, Fafnir's kingdom would be the more stable of them all, for years later, when Typhon purged the civilization in the continent, several men ran back to the Alfheimr Woods' wildlands, for as dangerous as it was, it had more chances for survival rather than the crumbling cities' ruins, and at that time, the cities and the very United Nations were just forgotten tales.

Fafnir's former alliances the Triton (now Typhon) and the Cuetzpalin (now Quetzalcoatl), whose Vovin & Jentilak allies took on the civilizations worldwide, however, wouldn't be always peaceful. Anarchists coming from the areas which the Jentilak freed from the past tyrants would attempt on Fafnir's life, and what was a friendship would turn out into battle, as the goals of the Dragon King differed from the Father of Monsters and from the Feathered Serpent. One thing in common, however, was their violent attitude against the Christians which have infested their land with hipocrisy, and that alone would grant that, aside from their differencies, as long as even one christian survived, the dragons would team up to kill the very last of it.

Fafnir's power in relation to the puny humans doesn't come just because of his dragon form, but also because of his weapon, the Moon Scythe, a powerful Caduceus (a weapon composed of two Kratozoa) of the hidden element of Orichalcum, which grants him power over ice and cold weather. For that, most christians would fear him as death itself.
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