Feudal Fear Picture

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Joyous howling filled the air. It was hard, for knowledgeable ears, to understand how the villagers could feel fear hearing the triumphant pack. It was hard not to just join in, toss his head back and join in the song, but it would be unwise to do so, so close to the human temple. No matter what he felt, the humans were still afraid of them and their reactions to wolves were often violent.

Golden eyes looked up at the full moon smiling quietly as the soft light touched his skin. He approached the well cautiously, keeping to the shadows, his coins clutched tightly in his hands. He had not had time to approach earlier, the humans being too close. He had watched the young men playing from the darkness, too wary to risk getting near. Another howl made him whine softly. He wanted to run with them, to howl his excitement to the sky and feel the exhilaration of the chase.

He glanced around nervously, taking a few steps closer to the well, then froze, a low, frustrated growl escaping him before he could muffle it. He had thought that the humans had gone inside again. Well there was no escaping it now. The terrified little human seemed to have heard him. the shadows were sharper, darker, more defined under the light of the full moon and he took advantage of this, stepping deeper into them to mask his features. "Just a simple pilgrim," he murmured quietly, trying to sound soothing and lowering his voice so the growl in his voice would be diminished. "I was going to the well."

Eiji let out a barely audible gasp as he heard a voice speaking suddenly out from the darkness. He turned to see who it was, holding up his lantern to illuminate the man who hid in the shadows. The boy swallowed that lump that had formed in his throat and deigned to speak. “You startled me,” he mumbled nervously. “It’s not common for people to come here so late at night to give charity and pray, but please don’t let me stop you,” he says bowing graciously and smiling, his dark locks falling over his violet eyes as he does so before straightening back up. He noticed the man’s unusual golden eye color for a moment and then looked away shyly, not wanting to be caught staring.

The stranger took a few steps back, reluctant to be out in the light. "I... I have an affliction. It is difficult for me to be seen by others," he explained, trying to put the other at ease. He moved closer to the well, still trying to stay cloaked in shadows. He clapped once to get the attention of the gods, the tossed his coins in, kneeling by the well. He moved strangely and something seemed off about his thick, short dark hair, apart from the strange, unevenly chopped style of it, as if someone had taken a knife to it.

He stayed still, seeming to pray piously, but golden eyes kept flitting to the young man suspiciously, as if he wasn't quite sure that the other wasn't going to start shining the light on him again. "Is it customary for you to stand here while others pray?" he asked, annoyed.

Eiji reflexively backed away as the man snapped at him. He could hear the sharp annoyance in his voice. As the son of the head family of this shrine, he had seen many a visitor come to pray for various reasons. He usually respected people’s privacy but this stranger caught him a bit off-guard. “G-gomen nasai!” he apologized bowing again and then quickly making his way back up the steps towards his home in the temple house. Something about the man sent chills down his spine, and he knew not why. On his way up the steps he tripped clumsily, dropping his lantern with a clatter causing the candle to flicker out. He was now in utter darkness on the steps, sitting and rubbing his shin that had hit the stone. “Itaaaiii~” he groaned. Certainly that would leave a bruise…

If it wasn’t for the pale moonlight and the paper lanterns further up the steps he surely couldn’t see his way back to the house. He briefly gazed below wondering if the stranger was still there, and if he had seen Eiji’s wipe-out on the stairs.

There was a quiet snicker from the direction of the well. He was quite tempted to go and help the other up, make sure that he was not hurt and to lick his wound clean if he had been hurt, but he stayed still. The young human seemed easily scared. It would not at all do to terrify him more." Black ears perked up now that camouflage against his hair was no longer necessary. He had to admit, the human was quite funny, when spooked. It seemed to make him clumsy and jumpy. He grinned, too sharp teeth bright in the moonlight.

He got up in one fluid motion, bowing to the well, murmuring a last prayer before taking off in the darkness towards the house. It was far too late to join the rest of the pack hunting and they would only pull his ears and tease him again, so he would have to find alternate entertainment. The dark clothes he wore helped him blend in, which was the point of them, after all. He sought out the deepest shadows, hiding in their depths. He nearly grinned as he approached the human, but stopped himself. White teeth were too visible in the darkness, as were his golden eyes that he kept downcast, avoiding even the moon's pale light. He picked up a small pebble, tossing it at the other to get his attention, then growled ominously.

The boy scrambled to his feet quickly once he heard the ‘
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