Enter Name Picture


As promised, some Homestuck fanart Hussie style.

I know I choose the wrong view for her room. Oh gawd, how I wish I choose a different angle other then dead on. *facepalm* I was kind of contemplating scrapping the whole image, but decided against it, even though it's kinda crappy.

The dart design and skirt desig will be changed once I make the reference pic which I want to start soon- so I'll probably do that before working on those commissions and the belated birthday present.

From reading the description you probably think that Phenix is a straight up bitch, but really that isn't who she is. There is a deeper side to her, a side she keeps hidden from the rest of the...worlds. Haa... ID;

Speaking of worlds, I'm gonna draw her hive sometime soon too. x3

Homestuck and trolls (c) Hussie
Phenix (c) me
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