Molvaden Lord of Stagnance Picture

In the dark past of Alfur, the Koyis ventured through the entirety of the galaxy and wiped clean all but two life holding planets clean of any activity. The "New Order" operations on Alfuria, though, are focused to improve, manage, watch, and control homeland dealings, on both the normal and supernatural levels.

Being a very old place, Alfur has a unique and odd form of time, history, and the passage of days. Some places, things, and objects that should have decayed into dust remain surprisingly well kept, despite being hundreds of thousands of years old...or older. Until now, many of these aspects of Alfurain life were passively managed by Vaotamus, King of Rot. Being a very elusive being, extremely few Alfurians have ever seen this demon, and none have in the modern age. Within the High Demons, some ally with the Koyis, others were defeated by the Koyis and are rendered inept, while others do the only thing they can to resist the Koyis's divine control: hide. Vaotamus, other than Frin the Deceiver, is the best at remaining undetected, even from the eyes of Koy. Rumors have it that the King of Rot resides in the depths of Dakoom Caves, however the Koyis has little interest in searching for him. Vaotamus's abilities are focused around countering sovex, at least one aspect of it. Sovex (at least in concentrations around Alfuria) keeps saturated objects from weakening from the passage of time at a normal rate. Vaotamus focuses his leftover energy not devoted to stealth on slowly chipping away at this, causing a slow...creeping "rot". This decay is ugly, hazardous to health, and chaotic. It is not a direct problem to the Alfurian people or especially to the other demons...but it does have the potential to create a breeding ground for terrible, dangerous, and curious environments. These places, though rare, are called "Crele'ektus" by Alfurians. Dark, silent battlefields, where the pull of decay battles the solidification of sovex. Because of the stress in these places, very unique demons, spawns, and natural formations occur, as the area around is molded into strange formats. Crele'ektus are some of the most mysterious and curious places on Alfuria, though often hard to reach, let alone find...

As leader of the Higher Gods in the New Order of demons, Molvaden has been titled Lord of Stagnance. He is a direct counter to Vaotamus's rot. Though not too skilled in direct sovex particle manipulation, he is surrounded by the ability to enforce and strengthen sovex's ability to slow decay. Wherever he goes, the "normal" qualities of a strong sovex field will follow. Though the Koyis has taught Molvaden that he will have other purposes later on in his future, for now the Koyis has sent him on a campaign against Vaotamus. His goal as of current is to end the very slow, but visible growth of the rot, and to destroy all Crele'ektus within the galaxy.

Molvaden is perhaps the most stern, serious, and focused Alfurian demon to ever exist. He is strict with his dealings, motives, and purpose, armed with a spear forged for him by the Koyis that is constructed from 100% compressed sovex particles. Thankfully Molvaden is physically very strong and can carry this hefty weapon with ease. He also will need his strength to venture deep, deep into the Crele'ektus. Many blockages, traps, and potential threats will be encountered. Molvaden's first assignment is a test. A small Crele'ektus has been known for years to exist just south of Loondy, Alfur's largest city. Here Molvaden will learn what his future tasks will be like. It is expected that eventually, Vaotamus will be cornered as the number of Crele'ektus decrease. Being that the demon king can only reside in these places, eventually Molvaden and Vaotamus will encounter each other, and Molvaden will have to gain much experience in order to not only beat the king of rot, but to survive his horrors.
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