Fantroll OC - Manuka Katraa Picture

Please tell me if this character is a Mary Sue because I dislike them :/ I hope she's okay because this is my first fantroll oc.

Name: Manuka Katraa

Age: 6 sweeps (13)

Blood color: Purple

strife specibus: Staffkind (former) Hammerkind (current)

Chum handle: animusTomboy

Description: Manuka comes from the name of a flower that produces honey; it's actually a good remedy for healing injuries to which I referenced how purple bloods are quite the opposite; they're very violent. She's violent as well if angered too much and is shown to be very petulant towards most people. She believes she's smarter than her friends however she can be proved wrong. She's quite clever at times but there are some that she considers to be around her IQ (her flushed crush and no, it's not Gamzee or any other canon character). Despite being a purple blooded troll, she no longer believes in the religion; which resulted in her getting nearly culled for it but she has numerous injuries (back, shoulder, arms and knees) such as scars and scabs.

Even though she seems to portray the disorder called Narcissistic Personality Disorder, she doesn’t have it because she can still communicate to her friends and not belittle them as well as even trying to help them get better at common sense. As a purple blood, she’s trying her best not to lose her temper every so often but her life’s frustrating when she’s stressing over things and confronting her enemies.

Tomboyish, smart, fairly strong but shy and cowardly when having to do things by herself. Usually the one to tell her friends to go first because she still doesn’t care whether or not they’re living beings; she usually does this to low bloods of course. AnimusTomboy is referencing her tomboy traits and her inner self being violent and revengeful.

Lives in a planet called Afturn, the timeline if the Alpha kids hadn’t played the game and that the Beta kids won the game. The Condescension was able to remake the trolls and they lived on Earth before calling it Afturn. Of course, there were hardly any humans anymore, save a couple of her friends which another troll in her session made by ectobiology. In her session, she is known as the Maid of Rage (I got that on the Homestuck Title Test) and doesn’t achieve it until later on her life (which is a VERY long time in the session). At first, she used a staff because she wasn’t able to hold a hammer properly since the one her lusus, Jackalmaid (lol sorry XD Mermaid without the mer), gave her was too heavy for her at her age which was 4 sweeps. Once she is told by her human friends, which were transported to the past, that there was a religion called Christianity, she immediately converted because of the symbol (Yes, she’s very weird for doing that)

Meant to be based on the myth character Thor, how Norway went from Norse mythology to Christianity and me (on looks and some parts of personality, my OCs occasionally have some features of my personality :3). Her Trickster Mode (which would probably not be achieved, was added for fun) was based on Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Bad things about her: Hates her teeth formation because she thinks it looks ugly and stupid which means she’s self-conscious and therefore is easily hurt by comments about her looks (don’t worry, you can still comment on her looks whether bad or good)

Flaws: Selfish, uncaring at times, irritated easily, not very good at communicating with others, smart-ass when she wants to be

Good things: Strong will, optimistic, honest but not most of the times, can actually do good teamwork (with her moirail of course…who knew? XD)

Quirk: AT: Wha† you looking a†? ò.ó

AT: Hey OO

AT: ...

AT: Oh no...Wha† did you guys do †his †ime?

AT: †he quick brown fox jumps over †he laϟy dog

AT: õ.õ

AT: ô.ô

AT: ò.ó

AT: ô.ó


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Homestuck isn't mine it's Andrew Hussie's :3

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