Design sheet - Sailorphaeton Picture

Name: Ishibashi Tokeisou
Meaning: Stone bridge blue passion flower
Gender: female
Age: 16
Birthday: December 04, 1979
Birth sign: Largely, astronomy labels her as a Sagittarius, but she doesn’t regard herself as one at all despite having some personality traits in common with people of that sign.
Blood Type: A
Appearance: Her long curly hair is terra cotta red in color. It falls most of the way down her back. Her eyes are deep teal in color. She’s not very tall, standing at 5’5’’ and weighing 136 lbs. She has plump lips and her legs are a little longer than they should be in proportion to the rest of her body. Bust wise, she’s fairly small. Her body shape is fairly average: not to thin and not overly pudgy. She does feel very concerned over the size of her hips, though.
Clothing style: Tokeisou dresses fairly conservatively when she’s not in her school uniform: denim jeans in various colors and styles, t-shirts, and running shoes. She likes to wear suspenders and scarves as accessories. She rarely wears any jewelry.
Personality: Her curiosity is truly insatiable and her mental energy is always alert. She’s a fairly good student as she has learned how to focus her mind on specific tasks. While she tends to be soft spoke, not raising her voice more than necessary, she’s very frank and open with people. This is sometimes viewed by others as inconsiderate. Unlike many teenaged girls, she has no interest in dating or getting married. She’s very determined and highly emotional. She is prone to deep bouts of jealousy. She likes to keep secrets and she tends to do things on impulse. If she had anyone to be loyal and protective of, she would be. As it is, the only person she has is Toxotes, her pet ferret.
When it comes to school work, she is a perfectionist, insisting that every little detail is right. She’s very organized and fastidious in both her personal cleanliness and in the cleanliness of her living environment. Her eating habits tend to be very simple as she’s a very picky eater. She is also quite a pessimist.
Education: She attends Juuban High in the 10th grade, class A.

Talents: gardening, writing essays, organization
Fears: Cremnophobia (fear of precipices), pupaphobia (fear of puppets)
Dislikes: sports, being sick, sick people
Likes/Hobbies: flower arranging, botany
Favorite Food: raspberries
Least Favorite Food: anything pickled, milk (she’s lactose intolerant)
Favorite School Subject: chemistry, biology
Least Favorite Subject: music
Favorite Gemstone: Chrysocolla (Creativity, female energy, communication, relieves ulcers and arthritis. Chrysocolla is associated with tranquility and peace, intuition, patience, and unconditional love. It is thought to offer gentle and soothing qualities.)
Favorite Color: blues, greens and light brown
Favorite Mythological Animal: Centaur
Favorite Animal: ferret
Favorite Flower: Monkshood (beware, a deadly foe is near)
Least Favorite Flower: Bluebell (humility)
Strengths: curiosity, energetic, school work
Weaknesses: high places, hospitals (and doctors in general), emotional attachments, she’s a very picky eater
Family: She knows she had a family at one point, but has no memories of them
History: As far as she knows, she has no family. Biologically speaking, she knows she had parents. Who they are, however, remains a mystery. Her insatiable curiosity led her to ask all kinds of questions about whom her parents were and when they were coming to get her. Her file in the orphanage she grew up in lists them as anonymous as that was their wish when they gave her up for adoption. No reason was listed for this decision.
For years that upset her. She didn’t understand why her parents didn’t want her. Finally, one day, that sadness turned to anger that they had so carelessly abandoned her without giving a reason for it. She made a conscious decision that she would never marry and never have children so that she’d never be put into the position where she might have to make a similar decision about a child’s future.
As she grew up, she watched as children around her were adopted into homes, into families that wanted them. As much as she longed for a home of her own, as jealous as she got of the children who got to leave, she eventually started to not care.
The best day of her life was when she turned 14. She was told that she was too old to continue to live in the orphanage and that she needed to learn how to take care of herself for the day when she would be on her own. She was taken to a small one room apartment and given an allowance. The money had to pay her bills, her rent, and buy food and other necessities. She would be allowed to live there under the conditions that her grades stayed good, that she attended and graduated from high school, and that she maintained her apartment in a clean and orderly manner. There would be monthly inspections to ensure that all was well, but otherwise she would be left alone. Upon graduation from high school, she would be given a certain amount of money but after that she would receive no further support as she would be expected to get a job to do so. Her case worker then took her out to a store to buy things she would need for the apartment, figuring that it would be easier that way since Tokeisou didn’t have a vehicle of any kind. Tokeisou bought cooking pots, a small futon, a pillow, some dishes, and groceries at one place, a small desk and dresser at another, and a phone, television, and VCR at a discount electronics store. This took several trips. Her case worker promised to come by the next day with a table and chair from the orphanage that was her going away present from the staff.
Left in the apartment by herself, she immediately began to catalogue her possessions and put them away in closets and cupboards.
Two years passed. Life was good and high school was due to start in a couple of days. And thus our story begins.

Senshi Title: Soldier of Destruction
Introduction Speech: “I am the soldier of exploding stone, Sailorphaeton. Fall to the ground and beg for mercy.”
Planet: Phaeton
Symbol: Phaeton Planetary Symbol
Aura Color: teal
Colors: teal, dark brown, gold
Type of Character In Battle: Destructive with offensive tendencies
Weapon: golden sword
Senshi Personality: Her personality is darker and more intense than her civilian self. The change occurred when her planet was destroyed.

Henshin Phrase: Phaeton Destruction Power, Make Up
Henshin Item: Star Lip Rod
Henshin Sequence:
Origin of Power/Influence: Explosions with powers coming from rock
Elemental strengths: earth, fire, dark
Elemental weaknesses: water, light, ice

Name of Power: Destruction Sphere
Power Type: destructive
Description: She creates a ball of teal light in her hand and flings it at her target. When it lands, it explodes

Name of Power: Phaeton Blade Apparition
Power Type: summoning
Description: Calls forth her sword

Name of Power: Phaeton Petrifying Stone
Power Type: petrifying
Description: She holds her left hand up by her right shoulder, palm out and swoops it down to her left hip, snapping her fingers as she does so. The ground beneath her target rises up around them and then explodes outwards, leaving the target turned to stone.

Name of Power: Phaeton Asteroid Ignition
Power Type: offensive
Description: Her aura flares around her briefly and she spins once, raising her arms above her head as she spins. When she stops the spin, a red tinged teal glow appears over her hands. A shower of flaming rocks rains down on the area she is facing. The rocks explode when they make contact with something, sending sharp shards of rock everywhere.

Name of Power:Janken-pon
Power Type: random
Description: Phaeton challenges one character to a ‘janken-pon’ (rock-paper-scissors) match. Phaeton holds out her left hand, clenched into a fist, and says “Janken-pon” while shaking her fist to each syllable. Whatever the outcome determines what the attack will be. It’s possible for her to take damage from this attack if she looses. This is a table of the result based on what position Phaeton’s hand is in.
Gu (rock) – win The body of her opponent turns to stone.
Gu (rock) – loose Her body will gradually become stone. It’s not instantaneous as rock is one of her elements and she has more resistance to it.
Choki (scissors) – win Phaeton’s sword acts on its own and slashes at the looser, causing major damage.
Choki (scissors) – loose Phaeton’s sword acts on its own and slashes at the looser, causing major damage.
Pa (paper) – win The looser is blasted by one of Phaeton’s powers at random.
Pa (paper) – loose Phaeton is blasted by one of her opponent’s powers at random.
Ties are broken by repeated plays accompanied by three more fist pumps with “aiko desho!” (“isn’t that a tie!”).

Base by Ayashi
Character (c) me
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