Nava-Verse Archives #55: Archangels Set 2 Picture

Here are the remaining four Archangels:

Gimoloper (Archangel of Charity): Somewhat similar in nature (but not appearance) to the Archangel of Kindness. Both of them, incidentally, have the simplest appearances among the Archangels. The Gimoloper can best be described as a living and benevolent money–making machine, and is very much a foil to Greed demons, who would like to try and kidnap it in order to take advantage of the things it produces. It resembles a floating, tailed and blue–tentacled orb with pipes going into and out of its sides (money moves through these tubes while it is being generated), a large heart symbol on its chest with an actual gold coin attached on the center, and a round head on top. The Gimoloper, as mentioned previously, can produce unlimited amounts of any type of currency from its body, which is dispensed through the hole in its tail. It occasionally goes to places in the Prime Galaxy where poverty is a major issue and dispenses a large sum of the local currency before taking leave. This happens roughly only two or three times per year, since angels know that the balance shouldn't be shifted too far to the side of good.
The Gimoloper also embodies the "loving" aspect of Charity, and spends most of the rest of its time channelling its energy into prayers asking that good fortune may befall all who deserve and need it. The purpose of the "Charms" of the Archangel is to burst and release particularly large amounts of money, then reform. For obvious reasons, Gimolopers are extremely popular figures among the needy, and an annual holiday celebrated on many planets is dedicated to them on which more monetarily fortunate folk are encouraged to make donations of whatever size they're willing to make, which go towards helping the less fortunate. Auctions of interesting items are also held on this day, and the proceeds go to the same cause. This holiday occurs on the tenth day of the Fourth Cycle of the year. Interestingly, though, a Gimoloper has never made an appearance on this holiday. This is likely so that the times and places of their appearances remain unpredictable. The durability value of the Gimoloper is 30,000.

Humebockle (Archangel of Humility): These hunchbacked humanoid angels embody humbleness, modesty, selflessness and respect for others. They are the hardiest of all the Archangels, with an astounding durability value of 40,000, and the incredible density of their vitality is reflected in their extremely intricate bodies. However, this does not necessarily make them the most powerful Archangels, which they are not. Humebockles are heavy–set male humanoids, with homely yet lovable faces and torsos vaguely shaped like heart symbols, that are altruistic by nature and derive pleasure only from doing good deeds. Thus, they often go about performing the "odd jobs" of Heaven that nobody else bothers to do. Few appreciate the hard work they do on a constant basis, but the Humebockles do not mind this at all, for they are content simply knowing that they have done good. Their role is in fact integral to the integrity of Paradise, which would not be the utopia it is without them. The Custodian of the Nava–Verse would personally like to take this opportunity to give a shout–out of appreciation to all Humebockles.
They possess freakish brute strength but few other actual powers. However, they accommodate for this by having magical golden "utility belts" on their waists that can store any foreign items that Humebockles might need, such as weapons and tools, in pocket dimensions. They are also the second greatest warriors among the Archangels, next to the Lavkights, due to their strength and immense durability. Also, for some strange reason, they have feet which look similar to those of birds. The "Charms" of the Humebockle are pointed objects which can generate streams of pure energy (not even Rainbow Energy, mind you; Just. Pure. Energy.) that can be used either as attacks or to power any device.

Fostheub (Archangel of Patience): A caped being embodying the ability to endure situations of adversity while maintaining one's senses and not resorting to hostility, whose body consists mostly of cerebral matter with a strong extra–corporeal film protecting it. The rest is extra–corporeal armor and mechanisms. The Fostheub has the most alarming appearance of all the Archangels, resembling a tall pillar of multicolored brain matter with bulging, bloodshot, heterochromic eyes. It has a number of small, clawed tentacles at its bottom for clinging onto things; it is very much capable of levitation but is much more comfortable when grasping a solid surface. The combined mass of the brains that make up most of the Fostheub's body collectively give it obscene brainpower and the ability to think of many more things at once than any mortal, and its eyes are made for staring closely at things for long periods of time; they are so powerful that they will never become strained. These eyes are used extensively as the Fostheub spends most of its time reading and writing.
It also has a clock on its chest, which always gives an accurate time, and a lower body shaft resembling an hourglass. This reflects the Fostheub's unique powers relating to time. Namely, it experiences the passage of time at only one third the rate at which others experience it. In other words, time moves very slowly for it, yet its thoughts and perceptions of surroundings are processed at a normal speed, giving it much more time to think its actions over and develop ideas. Because it is so patient, it never gets bored from this slowness. In addition, the Fostheub's "Charms", which are also functioning clocks, allow it to turn time back ten seconds once every hour. Despite being very limited, this ability can be used to "redo" crucial moments and thus potentially prevent disaster. The Fostheub's durability value is 18,000, making it the most fragile of the Archangels, though still far more durable than any normal mortal.

Vallenwanda (Archangel of Chastity): A male paragon embodying true love, proper romance and restraint from objectionable sexual behavior. He is the polar opposite of the Ferekkus in personality, but not so much in appearance and structure, as both are tall and lean humanoids that are fairly close to actual humans, going by what Connor Thorn looks like. However, while the Ferekkus is a pimp and rapist, the Vallenwanda is a chivalrous defender who protects females from beings such as Ferekkus, Ohgroids and normal rapists, and will only have sex with a woman if she asks him first, as, being an angel and therefore good by nature, saving people is satisfying enough in itself for him. That being said, he is the best lover in the entire Nava–Verse when he does have sex (and his penis isn't just freakishly huge, either). To insure that he upholds his standards of chastity and does not ever try to seduce a woman, the Vallenwanda wears a magical chastity belt made of silver at all times that inhibits any and all arousal while being worn and can only be removed using a special key that magically appears in the hands of any female who has been aided by a Vallenwanda and wishes to make love to him. The keyhole by which it unlocks the chastity belt is located not on the groin, but on the part of the angel's torso where his heart would be.
The Vallenwanda despises sex offenders above all other evildoers, and kills almost all the would–be rapists he encounters. He fights mainly with his bare hands, for his very touch burns the flesh of anyone who would take advantage of another sexually, even if they aren't attempting to do so at the time. Others are unaffected by this particular power, though the Vallenwanda's raw physical strength can still kill most mortals in one blow. His "Charms", which display heart symbols, can transform into golden lances which are used when he fights more powerful foes such as Ferekkus or even Primal Deities, which are often perverted. Only one Vallenwanda is allowed to be in the Prime Galaxy at any given time, for the sake of not intervening too much and maintaining balance, etc. His durability value is 25,000.
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