Influence Map Picture

Decided to fill out this meme, used all pictures i found here and abroad, i don't

own any of them...oh well. i didn't arrange their sizes by importance, for they

all have equal value in my mind. onto my descriptions:

Steampunk [link]
Steampunk is a big visual theme for me, i jst have a thing for all of the details that steampunk calls for. No real hidden meaning for it...i just like it...

Deterioration [link]
Detailsa re a big factor in my art, i especially like it when art shows minute details that show aging. i really appreciate small minutedetails such as aging and deterioration in art such as rust moss and other things like that, people usually overlook them and most of the time dont even notice or care about them but i belive that they show more about the picture and kind of help tell its story. i like the visuallisation of the course of time taking over something, usually being shown as deterioration, i really like things that look well aged.

Advancements [link]
A reacurring theme in my art is advancements in technology. this kind of ties into my love for steampunk as i love seeing how far things have come and what has developed, most notably, the steam engine, one of the first sucessful sources of energy. I just really like the idea of new ideas and innovations in life.

Pokemon [link]
Pokemon is by far my greatest obsession. it has always been there since as far back as i remember! (it was actually created the year after i was born) i grew up with it and still have a very strong passion for it. ithere was only one stupid stage i went through in middle school when i decided i needed to grow up and that i was too old for it, in elementary i was always bullied because i liked it soo much, but when i got into highschool i realized, what the hell, i give up, pokemon is awesome! so i went back to obsessing over it. i still love it and no matter what i stay following it. pokemon is also one of the reasons i tried to teach myself how to draw, i always liked them so much that i always drew them, which is probably why i ended up being great at foreign non-human anatomy and now suck at drawing people!

Avatar [link]
Avatar came out when i think i was in 5th grade? but yeah, it became a big inspiration for me because i just love the style, culture, and everything about

it! especially the bending, waterbending in particular, water has always been my favorite element and avatar just helped reveall just how more badass of an element it is! i also like ancient chinese culture which will be visited in the next paragraph.

Ancient China [link]
Ancient chinese culture is by far my favorite over all other cultures. i just love the way everything looks, the way they act, just everything.

Outlandish Concepts [link]
By outlandish concepts i mean that the thng that enspires me is things that are usually viewed as strange or different by society and are therefore labeled as bad. everywhere you see the weird or different looking creature as beign the bad guy, thats because humas have a hard time grasping something that seems different and relating to them or seeing them as better or even equal. in media like starwars or ben ten, most all of the characters are portrayed as hominid beings because humans like it better when they have something to relate to, do you really think that natural selection on every single planet would be a hominid build? no. thats also why people fear things like spiders and snakes, they seem so different from them so they dont like it. the same goes for bullying, people see that some others are different from them and reject them for it, i belive in the opposite. i aspire to one day make people see past what they think they know and accept whatever they see. Thats why in the past, white people did not like black people, they saw them as different and decided that they were not at the same level as them. people need to understand that just because something looks one way, doesnt mean they are one way. such as my galvantula jeff, he looks like a giant threatening spider who can rip you apart and eat you, but really hes just a nice child like being who just wants to be friends. i just want people to keep an open mind and not automatically judge something by what they think they know about it.

Water [link]
Water has always been and is by far my favorite element.its so diverse and versatile (i think those may mean the same thing...)but yeah. Water is calm and purifying, but at the same time it can be destructive and rutheless.Water is transparent and indifferent, just as i belive people should be, people should be

completely open and not be afraid to show anything, and more importantly, water treats everything thing same way, water dont give a shit how bad your say was or what shit youve been through, water dont care! but seriously, on the philosophical note, water is apathetic and will treat everything the same, no matter what. Water is imaginative, it can be anything, it travels along its path and becomes whatever the path shapes it into, another symbolism for humans. Water is passive and does not stress itself and "goes with the flow" so to speak, it takes the path of least resistance and does not have a set destination to go to, it just lets what happens happen and deals with it. at the same time that water is calm transparent purifying and passive, water can also be agitated, murky, destructive.

Structure [link]
Structure is a big factor in my art. structure is all of the little details that shows that the object was made and how. this includes the simplest things which are so easily overlooked, things like stitches, rivets, screws, all of these small details aren't even noticed most of the time but they really add character to the peice.

Studio Ghibli/ Hayao Miyazaki [link]
I never really grew up with studio ghibli. i maybe saw just My neighbor Totoro on cartoonnetwork in like 4th grade and spirited away at my friends house in 5th, but about two years ago i decided to take myself to watch all of the studio ghibli movies. at this current point i have watched all of them but poco rosso and the second half of nasucaa valley of the wind. I had found out that i share many themes with hayao miyazaki including his viewes on good and evil (i talk about that later) Pacifism and coexsistance (coexsistance is also mentioned later). not only do i have similar themes, but i also enjoy the style of their art, all fo the details they provide, the traditional historical yet advanced look, the intricate details, his works just inspire me.

Corruption [link]
Corruption and the loss of innocence (not the dirty kind)is a very big theme in my stories. A big reacurring theme in my stories is how a characters life, in lack of better words...kinda just goes to hell. By corruption and loss of innocence, i really kinda mean, opening up to the fact that the world is not neccisarily bright and happy place. i started getting into that after i finished the seires of unfortunate events books. i loved that book seires. but yeah, i enjoyed how unconventional it was and how it did not give the false truth of happy endings, because in real life, there is no such thing as a REAL happy ending. i prefer writing more darker stories because its closer to reality than everythign being happy all the time, i mean, as much as i'd want things to be, they just arent. and plus, bad experiences usually change characters forever, which usually explains why my characters act the certain way they do.

Harmony/Balance/Coexistance [link]§ion=&q=yin+yang#/d14rstt
This stresses one of my strongest beliefs. this is going to sound really corny, but i have no idea why the hell everyone always fights eachother and hates eachother, we're all human, what the hell is the difference between us all? we are the same fricken species. get over it. now im not saying that we should channel our hatred towards anything non human, animals and foreign species are all the same too, there is no need to be warmongering brutes. that probably sounded really hippyish but its true, why the hell does every country always wage war on eachother? were the same species and we need to help eachother advance, not destroy ourselves. people need to learn to not give a fuck about eachothers differences. you cant get rid of evil, without evil good cannot exsist and vice versa, and there is not even neccisarily good and bad, good and bad is only how it is perceived by a single source, people would always view the opposing side as "evil" like when america is in war with the middle east, people think that the middle easterners are evil and all of them are the exact same way, well what the hell do you think they think? the exact same thing. the good guys as perceived by us is just the bad guys for the other side. people need to learn not to see only two sides to a story, things are not just black and white. THERE IS A WHOLE SPECTRUM OF VARIOUS SHADES OF GREY just because im not on your side wouldnt neccisarily mean im on their side, or the random third parties, maybe i have a different view which is different. there are no deffinate lines between anything, we just imagine there to be. people just need to learn to live with differences and STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL CONCLUDING BASTARDS

Mythology [link]
I've always liked mythology, ever since my dad introduced it to me when i was younger, ive always been interested in it, it just shows alot about a culture and how they percieved things. Ive always liked the idea of strange, different, magical, or supernatural creatures, fantasy creatures from all times always interest me, and mythology was the indirect start of fantasy.
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