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Seirune Oakenbeard
Neutral Greater Deity, Cleric 20, Druid 20
Medium-Sized Outsider
Divine Rank: 20
Domains: Animal, Plant, Air, Earth, Water, Fire
Holy Symbol: A reed pipe

Salient Divine Abilities

Alter Size: Seirune may change his size to any category from fine to colossal as a free action.

Alter Form: Seirune may change his basic physical appearance as a free action. These changes include clothing, equipment, hair color, hairstyle, body proportions and other similar characteristics. No deity may change his or her eyes.

Call Creatures: Seirune can summon animals and elementals. The total HD of each summoned creature cannot exceed 20. Animals and elementals are counted separately for determining the maximum number of creatures he can summon and he can summon a number of both kinds of creatures equal to his divine rank (20 animals and 20 elementals at once) each day.

Control Creatures: Seirune can control animals and elementals. The total HD of each controlled creature cannot exceed 20. Animals and elementals are counted separately for determining the maximum number of creatures he can control and he can control n a number of both kinds of creatures equal to his divine rank (20 animals and 20 elementals at once) each day. This is similar to the spell dominate monster, except it is not mind-influencing. Seirune seizes direct control of the creature.

Command Plants: Seirune can cause plants to grow as per the spell plant growth, except it cannot be countered, except by a deity of equal divine rank or higher. Additionally, once per day, Seirune may animate plants, charm plant creatures, or cause plants to entangle foes. This spell functions as the command plants spell, except its duration is one day. Seirune can charm up to 20 plant creatures with each usage of this ability.

Divine Blessing (wisdom): Once per day, Seirune can grant mortals a +6 enhancement bonus to wisdom. He can grant this bonus to up to 20 mortals with each use of this power.

3 Extra Domains: In addition to his three domains of Animal, Plant and Water, he also has Earth, Air, and Fire.

Divine Air Mastery: Seirune gains a +20 bonus to attack, damage and AC when both he and his foes are airborne. Additionally, he can fly with perfect maneuverability and can detect any corporeal creature within 200 feet by sensing disturbances in the air.

Divine Earth Mastery: Seirune gains a +20 bonus to attack, damage and AC when both he and his foes are on the ground. Additionally, he is able to glide through stone, dirt and any other form of earth as easily as a fish glides through water. This movement does not create a tunnel, nor does it leave any trace of movement. When moving through earth, he moves at a speed appropriate for the burrow speed of a creature of his size.
Seirune can also freely alter the shape of earth to suit his will, duplicating the effects of the following spells: stone shape, move earth, rusting grasp, transmute rock to mud, transmute mud to rock, or disintegrate. He may also transmute one kind of earth or metal into another, such as changing granite to sandstone, or changing lead to iron.

Divine Fire Mastery: Seirune gains a +20 bonus to attack, damage and AC when both he and his foes are on touching fire, or if either he or his foes are using fire based attacks, including magic weapons with the flaming, or fiery burst special qualities. Additionally, he has complete control over nonmagical fire and may use any open flame to duplicate the effects of any spell with the fire descriptor up to twenty times per day at no mana cost.
Seirune takes no damage from fire or heat effects and can sense any living creature within 200 feet by sensing the heat in their bodies.

Divine Water Mastery: Seirune gains a +20 bonus to attack, damage and AC when both he and his foes are on touching the same body of water. He also has a swim speed suitable for his size.
Additionally, he may create a devastating tidal wave as a full round action once per day at no mana cost. Creatures of large size or smaller must succeed a DC 15 fortitude save or be swept away, taking 1d6 points of nonlethal damage each round the wave or flood continues (swim check of 20 for half damage). Huge creatures are knocked down, while larger creatures are checked. The wave destroys all wooden buildings and 25% of stone buildings it passes. At sea, the wave capsizes ships and smashes them. The wave can be large enough to effect up to 20 miles of coastline.

Divine Druid: When wild shaped, Seirune gains the extraordinary and supernatural abilities of the forms he takes. He may also use his wild shape take the shape of magical beasts.

Divine Spellcaster (druid and cleric): Seirune can use metamagic feats to prepare spells above 9th level. He may cast 4 spells each of 10th through 12th level, 3 spells each of 13th through 16th level, and two spells each of 17th through 20th level. He does not provoke attacks of opportunities for casting spells and he gains the benefit of Spell Focus on any spell he casts.

Gift of Life: Seirune may restore a dead creature to life, regardless of the condition of the body, or how long the creature has been dead. He may do so up to twenty times per day at no mana cost. This ability allows him to also resurrect elementals and outsiders and can bring back a soul that is trapped, provided it is not being held by a deity of equal or higher rank. He may bring back a soul against its will, but only with the permission of Shyn, the god of Death.
He cannot bring back a soul that has been slain by the Hand of Death ability of another deity of equal rank or higher.

Grow Animals: Seirune may increase the size of any animal within his line of sight, as per the spell grow animals. He may effect up to 20 creatures per day.

Power of Nature: Seirune has control over the natural forces of the planet. He can do any of the following at a radius of up to 20 miles:
Create or quell winds, creating conditions anywhere between still air and tornado force winds.
Set the air temperature anywhere between -50 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Create earthquakes.
Create rain, sleet, hail, snow or thunderstorms.
These storms last for as long as he concentrates and up to 20 minutes afterward. He can cancel them as a free action. He may use this ability at no mana cost up to 20 times per day.

Speak with Creatures: Seirune may speak with any animal, plant or elemental.

Create New Creature (unique ability): Seirune may create a completely new animal, plant or magical beast. Creating a new creature is energy intensive and difficult, thus it costs any other deity 50 mana to use this ability. Seirune may use this ability once per year at no mana cost.
Seirune used this ability quite frequently during the early ages of the world – particularly during what was known by the other gods as his “beetle phase” – but he has eased off quite a bit of late. He now usually only creates a new creature every hundred years or so.

Senses: Seirune can use all five senses up to a distance of 20 miles. He can also choose to perceive anything within twenty miles of his followers, of temples or sites dedicated to him. He is instantly aware of anything that affects his portfolio. He is able to have as many as 20 remote sensing locations at a time.

Weapon: Yggdrassil Branch. A +5 holy quarterstaff. One end of the quarterstaff has the Merciful special quality, allowing him to convert damage into nonlethal damage if he so desires. The other end has the Brilliant Energy special quality, allowing it to ignore all armor and shield bonuses to AC. Additionally, he can use it to summon 1d4 treants up to 10 times per day.

Good terms

Habekkuk: The god of storms is Seriune’s brother. He will usually side with his brother in any conflict between the other gods and will not usually overrule his decisions.

Shyn: The god of death is Seirune’s son. He will usually side with his son in any conflict between the other gods and will respect his decisions.

Mab: The goddess of the fair-folk is on intimate terms with Seirune. Some legends suggest she is his paramour and the father of Shyn. He will usually side with her in conflicts with other gods and usually does not overrule her decisions.

Morrigan: The goddess of the sea and strife is also on good terms and is believed to be his daughter. He will usually side with her in conflicts with other gods, however he will usually overrule her in personal disputes, as he believes she is sometimes flighty and irrational.

Artemis: The goddess of the woodlands is his closest ally and was one of his Chosen before she ascended to divinity. He will go to great lengths to help her and usually performs any favor she asks of him. He frequently offers advice to her, but usually does not overrule her in her decisions.

Gyrin: The god of beasts pays respect to Seirune, but they are on strained terms. He will not do favors for him and will not usually side with him in conflicts with other gods, but he also does not often overrule him in personal disputes.

Seldarim: The god of elves and younger brother of Mab is a distant friend to Seriune. He will occasionally do favors for him, but does not usually involve himself in disputes with other gods.

Bad terms

The Green Man: The Green Man is the mortal enemy of Seirune and has tried to usurp his throne in the past. He will go to any length he can to prevent the Green Man from gaining further power.

Hecate: The goddess of witchcraft is not on good terms with Seirune. He tolerates her for the sake of Artemis, who is Hecate’s mother, but he does not appreciate her domain of undeath, which he considers an abomination against the order of life. He does not openly oppose her in most matters, but will not aid her and will likely side against her in any conflicts with other gods if she starts them.


Seirune is a distant deity. Like many of the greater gods, he has little need for organized religion to maintain his power and so he involves himself in the lives of mortals very rarely. He was much more active during the age of creation, when he was busy imbuing the world with animals, plants and other forms of life and had a much larger and more widespread religion at that time, even going so far as to create a Chosen, who later went on to become a goddess herself. As the millennia have passed, he has backed off considerably, leaving those who seek to worship him to do so at their leisure and in whatever manner they desire. Today, he has very few clerics specifically devoted to him, though every druid respects him as the supreme deity of life and nature.

In person, Seirune is quiet and contemplative. He says little, but watches everything and when he chooses to speak, his words are insightful, profound, and inspiring. He has an even temperament and rarely becomes angry. Even if attacked, he usually uses his Merciful staff to avoid killing his opponents, resorting to lethal violence only when faced with persistent threats. He is fond of good music and is capable of playing many different kinds of woodwinds, although his personal favorite is the reed-pipe.

Seirune has only involved himself in mortal affairs once since the end of the first age of man, when the members of the Church of Luther went to war with the cult of the Green Man. The Green Man had been a powerful genius loci who gained the worship of several evil druids who performed brutal human sacrifices in its name, twisting it into a malevolent entity. It had enough worship to gain 2 divine ranks and began trying to take over Seirune’s position as the god of nature. Seirune allied himself with Luther and, with the additional aid of Artemis and Seldarim, separated the Green Man’s essence into four pieces and sealing them in artifacts to reduce his power. The highest level clerics of each of the four gods took them away to keep them from being rejoined, but the Green Man’s cult has since recovered at least one of those pieces and have come close to recovering a second. As it stands, the Green Man has barely enough power now to keep his cult alive and the other nature deities are taking great pains to keep them under control.


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