Thunderbird Picture

"They climbed the mountain high and brought down its mighty king, so that the walkers of the shadows would come to claim his sundered throne..."

This image is meant to be a non-literal depiction of a moment in the Misty Pines (working title) narrative when a shady organization took down the thunderbird. With the apex predator taken out of the equation, a whole slew of supernatural nasties invade and slug it out to gain dominance over one of the last great forested wildernesses in the continental US. This all takes place before my protagonist even arrives, but it puts into motion a series of events that will determine the fate of the world.

It's meant to be one of those Pacific Northwest/wilderness mystery stories with inspirations from narratives like Twin Peaks, Alan Wake, Gravity Falls, X Files, Supernatural, and various folk tales and legends.

Although it takes place in a near-future setting, it's meant to tell a story in which the protagonists must come to terms that with all we know about the world and all our modern advancement, there is still more about our planet and its history that will never know or be able to control.

Ultimately, this was supposed to be my degree project for my Illustration class. However I did not take it as seriously as I should have, and it unfortunately showed in the work. I'm working on a new project now (which I will show you all in good time) but I decided to show you all what I did end up accomplishing with "Misty Pines".

This piece in particular started off strongly, but my rush to finish painting it and refusal to work in digital media and listen to suggestions from my professor made the end result suffer. I may eventually revisit this piece, but for now I'm going to let it be a reminder that I can do better. That being said, I still like it.

Because nobody should work in a vacuum, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or critiques you'd like to share.
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