Ax City App - Erin Marclain Picture

Name: Erin Marclain
Alias: Miss Swift
Alliance: Neutral. She does her best to be on the good side though since she was raised that way but the dark side is very tempting to her.
Idol: Flash

Race: Mutant
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lbs
Build: Slender but slightly athletic

Movement: When she walks it's an easy pace as if she doesn't have anywhere to be, she may jog if she is in a bit of a rush though. Rarely will she run. As her hero persona she uses her full potential and speed off to places that requires her.
-Super Speed:This ability gives Erin the advantage of being faster than any human ever alive and possibly inhuman too depending. Her speed can be described fast enough to run on water without falling in and sometimes up tall buildings but she doesn't do this often as once she almost fell to her death. Since she has been running her whole life she unknowingly been training this ability and gave her a slight advantage in controlling it. Though only some control as this was unknown till she was a junior in high school. She can also make her arms go in fast circular motions which creates tornadoes and/or keeps her up in the air or lowers her down. Though she hasn't quite master how to get herself down gently or not cause it to go wild so this is a very rare use of her power.

Weapons: She wears armlets that are made from a special metal from an unknown planet. On her knuckles is the same metal but plates that are attached to strong fabric that is hard to rip or detach. Its use to make her hits more powerful.

Goal: Erin old goal was to become a professional runner but when she discovers her ability this disappeared instantly. Now her goal is to help anyone who needs it while satisfying her own wants.

Personality: Erin is most the time a gentle person who likes to be sarcastic in a friendly way. She shows a deep caring side to only her family and people she considers special. Her temper can be like a balloon about to pop, say something to her she doesn't like and she'll get pretty upset about it. Erin can pretty much be known as just a laid back person with a temper basically.

Likes: Running, speed, winning, hard work, workouts, Outdoors, open space
Dislikes: Slowpokes, being slow, losing, lounging about for long, staying inside for days, harassment, tight spaces

Dodging: Cause of her speed and cross country she can dodge easily and expects most things to be coming at her or in her way.
Punching: Cause of the metal on her hands, it's very unlikely to break and hard so it will really leave a mark.

Direct Hits: If you're lucky enough to get a direct hit on her she will be stopped instantly for a short period or longer as the direct hit come.
Tight spaces: If she in a space she can hardly run in she can't dodge as well as she can nor run at them to attack without crashing directly into them or into something else.
Inexperience: She doesn't really know how to fight like an expect beside just punching where she can hit and kicking whatever she can as if you were a pedophile or something.

Arch Nemesis: N/A

History: Erin seems to be born with the need to just move. She was very youthful and didn't like to be slow at all. When she learn to walk she would run all over, tripping and everything. She lived only with her grandparents and mother in the countryside. Life was fine for Erin and her family at the time and no trouble any came to them. When she was thirteen she moved to the city to live with her father since the family thought she should get to know and spend quality time with him.

At the local school she was sent to, she joined cross country. In the beginning she would lose most all her matches until her coach pushes her harder till the point she felt she'll only be better if she didn't stop running, only when her legs were so sore she dropped. As she kept doing her daily practices in the school track run, she began feeling a pulse through her whole body but ignored it as soreness. Erin has begun winning a few but still feeling she could do better on the ones she lost.

During one of her races she began to lag behind, starting to get frustrated at what she knew was going to be another lost. She felt that pulse again, like she always did and in frustration just went with it. She noticed she felt as if she could go on, soreness gone and she was starting to pass everyone till she was first place and won. As people cheer her, she decided the pulse wasn't so bad and decided to always go along with it. In her sophomore year though as she was running the track like usual and felt the pulse again but oddly it felt more different. Like she always did she went along with it but this time it was a natural rush, as if she were merely walking, through her body and next thing she knew was she was banged up against the outside bleachers, skin scrapped badly and possibly broken bones at the fast in fact. She let a scream at the impact, and soon after a few students came to check where it came from and took her to the hospital. She didn't know what happen but she figured out afterward when she went with her pulse she went incredibly fast as it was the only likely cause. Too fast for the human. She realized this pulse wasn't really her but her 'power'. She didn't really win those races off hard work and effort but something she always had. Erin felt her whole life was mostly a lie, always wanting to just run but really just the power asking to be let out. Almost like a frustration.

She quit cross country, confusing most everyone who knew how she loved running but she told them it was personal reasons. Though she quit cross country she decided to put her ability to use and went to the forests to practice. Often coming home with scrapes, confusing and worrying her father. At 20 she now sort of masters the power to the point of focussing on the pulse she can control it but there are times it goes out of control. She hopes by when she's 25 or 30 it will become something she can have complete full control over and not over over. She still lives with her father as she attends college for a major in mythology and folklore. Erin has a job at a local cafe. She also created her secret identity 'Miss Swift' to go undercover and help others who need it or maybe her own wants.

Secret Identity: Erin's hero name came from a nickname her mother called her since she was able to run without tripping everywhere. Though Erin felt her power was a curse she figure it can be helpful to those around her. One night while walking back home she notices a woman being harassed by some drunk men. She quickly went to help, actually unwilling using her power and crashing into one of the men. This confused the others for a moment before she quickly attacked, punch after punch. The woman ran off without a look back and the beaten up men were unconscious on the sidewalk with dark bruises and maybe a broken nose and black eye on some of them. She felt good about what she did and left them there for someone else to discover. As she was cleaning her bloody hands, she thought back to helping that woman, and how there are so many other people out there who could use her help and perhaps her own desires can be fulfilled. After that, her new secret life began.

Other Information:
-Her parents aren't divorced but Erin dad got a higher paying job in Ax city and they didn't want to move Erin away to the city.
-Erin can get very fidgety when she can't run or speed-walk. She does usual settle for tapping her foot which surprisingly helps greatly.
-The metal on knuckles are a special type of metal Erin father's friend who is a scientist gave it to him since they have a lot of it and he gave it to her. It was supposedly found from a planet. The fabric was also a gift from the same scientist but he said it was unknown of where it came.
-Possible her powers coming from her father since he worked with chemicals for a short while as a scientist before he met Erin mother and she was born, and quitting for personal reasons to become a doctor.
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