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Where is scientific research done: There are large facilities dedicated to the invention of new and unusual things in larger cities but not so much in towns or villages. The most powerful of wizards and sorcerers prevent any creation of something that could be harmful or dangerous to the environment or people (Although not always able to stop people as in the invention of the flint like firing guns).

Let’s say someone wanted to mine oil on Nore, and the council of magical people having been to Eldroc know what the hell that would do, they’d fly in to stop it (they would usually have informants hidden in labs to tattle on inventors who would so much as bat an eye at oil digging).

The society of magic would then bring to the council of science evidence in scientific form as evidence that this is a bad idea. Sometimes scientific theories in writing are enough to create a ban on an idea (like a version of nuclear power). However, it is not always easy to win this invention fight as mining was approved, before wizards banned things, and now they can’t get the council of science to see things their way and ban it because they believe it is good for the economy, and like to build their little pill bug tanks and other mechanical monstrosities (their making terminators OMG!). A war between the council of science and the council of magic would be catastrophic, as they are the ring leaders of the humans above all other powers. So they try to get along while stepping on each others toes where they can (they like to piss each other off). Except for necromancers. There’s always necromancers. Necromancers could tear down the fabric of humanities existence in a second. But they don’t because they’re nice.

Two large wooden doors thrust open. And a man bent in rage stormed in. A paper tightly between his hand, and smoke from his pipe billowing from his mouth.

“How did they do it? How did those blasted magic hats do it!?”

“Is something wrong Mr. Danner?” came the alert voice of his assistant rising from behind her brown desk and tipping her pencil and quill pen box over. “Blast” she muttered under her breath cleaning them up.

Mr. Danner marched into the center of the room and raising his hands, looking to the ceiling, as if talking to some deity, “how did they blooming do it!?”

Before his assistant could ask again he turned and gave her his full attention, “The G project! It’s scrapped! Those wretched magic heads have found a way to ban my god damned baby!”

“Oh” said the assistant and she quickly added a surprised “What!?” when the look in Danner’s eye told her she should be more aghast about it.

“That’s what I say!” said Danner “What the hell have they got to shoot it down with this time?!” “Damn them!” he spat throwing the paper at the wall causing the assistant to flinch. “And damn the board of science too, those ruddy bastards! Pushovers!” “They probably rolled right over! Like the damned yellow bellied lizards, they are!” “This cost me Penny this cost me big! I had coin riding on this!” he continued.

Penny walked over to her desk, took out a glass, and filled it with a bottle from her drawer. Danner continued his assault on all the people he hated and as soon as she was close enough he took the glass from her downed it and handed it back for her to refill.

He slumped onto the lounge couch beside her desk massaging his temples and growling angrily.

“I won’t stand for this! He said. “Call the guy!”

“The guy?” asked his assistant

“You know” said Danner waiving his hand around. The creepy shit guy!”

“The neco?”, said Penny raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, yeah that’s him, give him a ring”, He said a lot calmer now. “I’ll fix this” muttered Danner. “Ill fix them”.

Note: to give a ring means to call on the phone. In Nore only landline phones exist, and the electric wire for this is buried underground not hanging from electric poles.

Who can afford a healer: In some places healing the citizens is paid for by the government so it is free. In other places it costs some coin for the service.

What does the average person know? More than me as I don’t live on Nore LOL. They know most of this information about their world, give or take a sentence. Most people have no idea about Eldroc and believe it to be a moon. There are people living close to nature who don’t care about all the technology, and don’t care how to use it either.

Who handles births: There are midwifes, hospitals, and sometimes it’s just the two (or more) parents.

There are things such as tattoos they are like henna inks! And all tattoos are temporary. There is no such thing as body modification, and this includes nose, lip, eye, tongue, other rings and earrings and eye rings, and studs, and intestinal rings (I made that last one up…I hope). There are other more unique body decorations that exist in some cultures. Don’t look up body modification online. Just don’t. Ok some of them are cool (badass demon lady) and all, but still. Di-noids do not pierce their skin but will have all kinds of metal junk hanging from or inserted into their leather clothes (including but not limited to spikes, studs, rings, jangly thangs, sharp shiny things very goth-like.) They have leather jacket collars that have a high rise and a low rise fashion style. They will hang shiny metals off of these jacket collars. They also like to wear human skulls. And drink out of them.

What are the building materials? Wood, stone, iron, brick, and in some places a type of concrete. Insulating buildings is done with part wool like hair (obtained from a domestic animal) and part plant based materials. Someplace use one and not the other, and in other places they use different plants or animal furs. Clay is also used and in some areas glass is used as a building material as thin sheets and by stacking interlocking glass parts (they are not tall structures).

The architectural styles that are common in Naen:

Naen sports brick and wood housing. It looks like a combination of medieval and rustic. Villages have thatched grass roofs while cities have wooden roof. There may be stones lined in rows along the bottom of the houses for décor. Brick, wood, and cobble stone is very popular on Naen. Hair from livestock and types of grasses are combined in small factories to insulate houses. Wood is also cut for housing but it is strictly regulated by the society of magic from where and what trees can and can’t be taken. This puzzles most people as there are forests and forests of wood all over the planet. Luckily wizards have come to an understanding with normal folk about respecting nature and there are many people who listen closely to a wizard on any subject relating to mother nature (except the miners). Planet Nore is considered a female while the moon Eldroc is considered male. In areas that wood is taken from there is a system of tree replanting so nothing is ever taken without some form of return (Note: In areas overharvested magical plants refuse to grow until the area is returned to a booming area of life).

Where do people go to shop: There are town markets and farmers who have a day of open market where goods are sold. In most places food is grown or harvested from the land. Food is also transported by turbine propelled ship over sea or steam truck over land. Wizards won’t allow the building of trains or railways but there are paved roads in all major cities. Car tires are made of wood with leather from plants wrapped around the wood. They are a bit bumpy off of paved roads (roads are tedious work as a device is attached to a dinosaur (or other animals) and rolled along the cement like mixture. More on this later.

Steam cars can drive at least 100 miles per hour. Hey it’s faster than a t-rex!

How do people feel about foreigners: Some welcome foreigners from far off exciting continents and others do not, and will maliciously slander foreigners and pelt them with stones (they’re human what do you expect).

What do they dress like: In Naen it gets cold, so they ear pea-coats, thick Russian or Spanish like dresses that can be long in the winter and short in the summer (usually very colorful). Bloomers are a thang. There are also pants for women in the winter and early spring time that lace up the calf in the front. Men wear these pants mostly and pea-coats too. There are mittens, and of course socks, and shoes too. Leather boots exist and are made from a hard root skin of a bulbous water dwelling plant. Pea-coats are generally dark or natural colors. A separate coat is used for hunting that is filled with areas for holding survival and hunting materials.

For example: There is a coat known as a bow coat and it has a leather quiver sewn onto the back of the coat. This is good for defending against a larger predator as some dinosaurs may grab hold of it, and the quiver is detachable (The type of dinosaur in the area is a subspecies and very distant relative to the troodon). It is rare to find them out as far as human hunting grounds but when they are about they are a little slow due to the cold and looking for a quick meal (not so slow in the warmer seasons though). The quiver has a painted stripe that has a layer of tree sap that smells very much like blood and the dinosaur will aim for what it thinks is a wound on the back.

It is rare and stupid to go out hunting alone, humans on Naen always hunt in groups. A buddy system is used so everyone has at least someone watching their back and able to blow their horn (a warning whistle) to call for help. Steam cars are made of steel and are usually a good spot to hide from these dinosaurs. The glass of these cars is reinforced with other mined materials so it is not easy for this dinosaur to get in but it may be able to scratch it up or crack it a little bit. Larger dinosaurs don’t wander past the veil on Naen (unless in migrating territory).

What materials do they wear?

Clothing and other materials made with fabric are made from many different plants, animals, and bugs. Most disposable materials are made from plant based items. Materials from bugs that are used consist of web from spiders and worms (but not limited to, some areas use bug hairs or other parts of bugs).

Note: When I speak of bug parts I mean really big bugs like the worms they use are as big as some breeds of dogs and can be carried around over the shoulders like a sack of flour (They don’t do much; they may nibble your ear or give you a bad hair cut). There is a larger worm still (about the length of a Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep) that is hairy and is used to make wool style clothes and things. Not all bugs are big. There are bugs just as small as on earth and just as pesky. The worms that can be carried around not unlike pets are popular in some areas. You just have to watch your fingers and toes as when they are hungry they will try to eat you. It is not uncommon to see some people living in the country with clipped ears or bad looking scars (it is a sign they handled a very hungry worm unprofessionally). A well fed worm won’t bite but it may nibble and it is far more likely to eat your fancy clothes than eat you (or the plant plastic in a hospital they love the stuff!). Hairy worms used like fox fur are a fad to some rich people living in cities. Some people like to wear them as it may symbolize living dangerously (primarily wearing the living one’s) as the worm has a dangerous bite if aggravated or hungry (they could snip through your esophagus). People who want fur but not the bug kill the worm and skin it for the hair.

While doing research for this I was like Omg a Japanese Emperor butterfly larva is to die for. It is so cute (I am designing a house pet out of that little bug). And, if you want to get a feels for what a giant worm may be like google the Hickory Horned Devil online.

The Veil: The veil exists in many places and is usually marked by the magical plants growing at the edges of these areas. It is described as an area of land with magical properties. Dinosaurs live in these areas and while they will wander out from time to time it is a mystery as to why they are attracted to such places. Science speculates temperatures in these areas are warmer in the summer and don’t get as cold in the winter. It is also speculated that dinosaurs like the smell/feel of magic. It is common for dinosaurs to migrate from one veil to another in times of season change. This is a deadly time in some places on the planet because when the plant eaters leave out come the meat eaters. To combat this, walls are constructed and closed off during some seasons locking the people in and the dinosaurs out! In other places there are no walls but magic that keep the dinosaurs at bay. But not all places are marked as a veil and a human can wander in without knowing they are in dinosaur country! (And yes when the walls go up there is always a stupid idiot who climbs under them).

Note: Sending a human within the veil is also known as banishment (they are usually taken to known predator territory).

Do colors mean anything in society: I’ll do this later but hospitals in Naen are light green and white. Nurse’s and doctors also wear these colors and browns, greys, or blues. It is not uncommon to have other pastel colors for healers, like pastel pink and white. You saw this coming. Don’t even say you didn’t.

Are there fads outside of clothes: Yes.

What are common decorations: I’ll be back.

How’s the plumbing: Plumbing in Naen and pipes in general are made with a stainless steel like metal. With some parts made of plant based plastics. The plant based plastics must be replaced after so many years. Toilets (though they look different) are made of porcelain (it is just clay) and the shiny finish is from a crushed beetle’s shell (a big one). You can tell how rich someone is by how fancy or the type of beetle shell finish used on their toilet (I am looking at you sorcerers!). Water is pumped from wells with the power of steampunk technology. In some areas the toilet is just a hole in the ground.

How do people get up in the morning? A day in the life of a someone who works in the worm wool trade. Yana stretched and her toes came out the blankets. She pulled them back under. I’ll get up, she thought. Maybe. There was a screech and she rose to listen. It came again. “Blasted worms” she mumbled. It was always feeding time for them. She wished her parents had bought the breed that turns into a moth and goes away after a while. She listened in the small space of her wooden room. Her brother wasn’t up as there was no thundering of his feet across the hallway floor. Maybe she could creep back to sleep, but then the worms may riot so she decided to feed them quickly then go back to sleep. Throwing on a long pea-coat over just her tank top and bloomers she crept out of her room and down the hall into the entry room. She sat on the steps before the door and pulled on her shoes that sat on the stone floor leading up to the door. Out she went leaving the wooden door ajar. The air was nippy. Autumn had come. She sighed then glared to her left where all the worms were kept in a barn. Trudging over through the leaves she grabbed the metal handle of the wooden feed bucket. The barn door, locked with a wooden beam across the outside, was opened and she entered cautiously. The worms were climbing all over the place as usual. She passed several logs of hair and they turned in her direction tiny feet wriggling. There mouth parts clicking in protest. Removing the lid to the wooden holding container she scooped pellets for them. Some were sprinkled along the ground as she passed them to their wood trough. She dumped it in. “There” she said flinging her hands up as all the worms slowly made there way over at the sound of the pellets hitting the wood, there probing feet and rolling sections of fur maneuvering as fast as they could.

Wuzards and Wunks: Wuzards are a species of calf high mammals that are particularly destructive for those who use magic. Wunks being a subspecies of wuzards. Wuzards (also called Whuzzards) can cancel out magic altogether. This is the one thing that may drive a normally non violent wizard to swear. These small furry animals have a habit of eating magical plants so witches can’t stand them either. They will follow a magical person around thinking they may have magical vegetation to eat. These animals are almost impossible to catch because their fur though soft and very fluffy is slippery. Scientists speculate this is due to the magical plants they like to snack on. If they do not want to be caught chances are you won’t catch them. The slipperiness could also be the underside of the fur that is coated in oily sweat and when you try to grab them every single hair flips over to the oily side and they become like a fish/otter. Wuzards are deep blue like some wizards robes and have short stubby arms and legs. Their tail is flat and drags behind them as they waddle. Their eyes depict a hint of intelligence but they often do things that make this hard to believe. A single wunk within a miles reach of magic will make magic act funny. If closer, magic may be dampened but it takes a wunk within twenty feet for magic to not work at all. When a wunk dies its pelt no longer has this effect. And if magic is thrown at them from a distance it fizzles away and disappears the closer to the wunk it gets.

The sorceress burst into the room, she knew something had gone horribly wrong as this wizard never swore (not for her lack of trying to make him).

“What is it? Said the sorceress, what happened!? She looked around the room in a state of panic.

“Wunks!” cried the wizard, “blasted wunks!”

“What happened to the cobalt flower? Did you put it in the potion like you were supposed to?”

“It’s gone!” cried the wizard

The sorceress was puzzled until she looked down at a small animal only a foot high. And sure enough sitting in the scruffy blue animal’s mouth was the flower. It stared wide eyed and chewed silently.

Seeing the bit of the flower still hanging from it’s mouth she raised her hand and swung it wide pointing at the little beast.

She stopped, looking puzzled. Then did it again. “Its not working, why isn’t it working?” she said angrily.

“What’s not working?” said the wizard.

“My damned magic! Where did it go!? It’s still there, I know it is because I can feel it, I know I can feel it! She shook her hands out and tried again. Nothing.

“No, no, no, no, NO,” she said.

“Calm down” you’ll give yourself a blood clot or something snorted the wizard.

“Funny? You think this is funny!?” cried the sorceress.

“Far from it” said the wizard, we need this potion! But as long as that wunk is in this facility our magic is about as useful as dust.

“And even dust has it’s uses” the wizard sighed.

The sorceress lunged for the animal before it could swallow. She grinned as her hands tightened around its hairy little body and then, it slipped out scurrying away across the floor. “The fuck!?” she began.

“Don’t bother, you won’t catch it” said the wizard. “Not unless it wants to be caught”.

“Dammit!” cried the sorceress as once again the tighter she thought she had her grip on the wunk the faster it seemed to slip away. The animal made its way from the floor to the tables breaking and shattering every vile and potion as the sorceress chased after it.

“You could help you know!” complained the sorceress.

“Yes, but your doing a fine mess of that already” said the wizard watching shelves give way and fling their contents all over the floor.

The wunk finally left through a hole in the side of the stone tower’s wall. The sorceress stood panting. She wiped her face and ran a shaky hand through her unkempt hair.

“Fuck it” said the wizard

The sorceress looked at him shocked. “I can’t believe you just said that”.

“Yes well, lets not make a habit of it shall we,” said the wizard.

Myth hunters: groups of people who hunt/seek people that are out of place (from Eldroc) and extract info, or technology out of them. How? They beat them with blunt sticks (the brutes!).

Dinosaur ranchers: Those who raise and breed some species of dinosaurs to use as work animals. A little bit of magic with a pinch of Mexican cowboy vaquero. (Pronunciation: [baˈkeɾo]). They are not called Spanish and Mexican (I am combining the two different cultures, I know, slippery slope) as those cultures and places doesn’t exist (but that is who I am basing the culture off of). They are called dinosaur whisperers and are the descendants of Spanish or Mexican people from Eldroc. Some cultures shorten this name to whisps, due to their spirit like ability to calm rampaging dinosaurs. They are a kind people and they work tediously to earn a dinosaurs trust. They know a great deal about Di-noids and how to spot their territory in the veil. Di-noids are considered a form of karma to these people (a bogyman) and they don’t mess around with them, and Di-noids in their own way understand this and leave these people alone (Unless provoked in some way). Due to influences from the society of science their culture has adopted dino-rodeos as a form of entertainment, and while some of their people participate in these for sport and coin it is not considered good by many who follow the old ways. Some try to fight this invasive culture as best they can.

(I hope the above makes sense, my sentence structure is off I know, and I have a hard time explaining things in text, there are so many ways to say something and worry I won’t say it accurately, for which I apologize)

Navigation: They use magnetic compasses! There is a North, South, East, and West or the four cardinal directions. Some races use the stars as guides.

ethyl alcohol: produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts. It is only used medicinally for wounds.

Hydrogen peroxide: is obtained from beetles that make it within their bodies in a special gland:

Mythological beasts/Bogymen/Fables/Legends/Childs tales: Some are based off of animals on Nore others are entirely different things like bogymen form other dimensions.

Skin sack: A spherical puff ball of skin bulging out in every direction. People claim these creatures were once human, and if you happen to catch a glimpse of their face, you’ll die instantly.

Grinning gool: A green humanoid monster with a mouth from shoulder to shoulder. Its eyes are where they should be though. It is said if it offers you a hug, refuse it. It’s feet and hands are big and dangle from long skinny arms and legs.

Jenny Knock: A type of ghost that knocks on wood three times. Mothers warn their children if they don’t go to sleep at night the jenny knock will come. She will knock once and take your shoes. If she knocks twice she’ll take your supper, if she knocks three times she’ll reach up with her three fingers and pluck out your eye. She hides under the bed, and when you get ready to sleep her skinny arm reaches out. BAM!

Gondekyara: A mythological beast with four legs covered in fur. It’s back is covered in feathers. It has the head and neck of a brachiosaurus and the tail of a tiger. It steals kisses from your cheeks when you sleep, and is fabled to be sweetness incarnate. If you catch it by the tail it will grant you a wish. It is the color of peaches, the inside flesh color of an avocado and pink of the pitahaya fruit.

Whisperings: Whisperings are tiny, plump, and jolly old men that hide behind trees whispering conversations that you can’t hear or understand. Whisperings are considered good luck, and if you hear one you will have a good day. (Basically a bunch of little balls of blubber running around throwing fairy dust on you). They are called old men but they resemble walrus’s.

The watching ones: Demons from another dimension. They are only a problem for wizards and magic users. It is said these shadow beings suck souls out of peoples ears. Some people claim they follow everyone around in the form of shadows, and if you happen to look over and your shadow is looking at you…never mind just keep it away from my ears….

I have far too many creepy ones in this section. Your probably mad that this section isn’t longer, don’t worry I’ll get back to it soon, promise.

Hey kudos for making it this far it is a lot of reading! Thirty plus pages in Microsoft word! If your wondering why I didn’t submit it as writing instead of in comments page, it’s because when I pasted it on the submit writing thang it removed all my bold areas. So I had to put them in individually. Nope. Just Nope. Such much lazy.

Kudos= (praise and honor received for an achievement)

Annnd that is all I got. It’s not much, but I think it’s a good start. I may add links in areas to the art once I finish it. Or remove sections and put them with the art for said sections. I’ll also be fleshing out more of what’s here as I go along. This was primarily practice but it turned into something, and I am going to try to build up stories around this world if I can (I need to finish something). I got my work cut out for me drawing art for all this lol.

Feel free to suggest things that could help readability, or ask things that would make understanding Nore a bit better. I will work on this of course but I can only see so many errors at once, and I may miss a few. And please feel free to ask questions about the world I may have missed! I am a very open minded person, and I don’t bite, like a Di-noid.

You still here?

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