Sodalitas Picture

There's a Latin phrase. Nemo nisi per amicitiam cognoscitur. "No one learns except by friendship". To understand and truly learn something, you have to genuinely LIKE it. Through friendship, through comradeship, through fraternity, Feyr the Consular, Jayd of the Medic and Maht the Drone have learned the true power of their inner strengths.

Feyr, a psychic interrogator for the empire, has been taught of the might of Love through his entity, Jourmungdr, especially love of others and the love of those less fortunate. Without a family of his own and having longed for a true sense of connection, Feyr has been able to find such connections in the love he feels for his fellow Irken and for other species in need.

Jayd, a medic graced with nanogene-dispensing technology built into his very PAK, is the current Entity of Will, a source of freedom of choice who overrode the designation of what he was meant to be upon activation, becoming the best medical officer the Massive has to offer. With a deep love of Earthen culture, especially their comics, he places heavy emphasis on the right for all people to choose their own destiny and to respect other people's rights as well.

Maht has always been eager to please others, so much so he's been called an Irken doormat. To be expected from a service drone. But Fiyvr of the Planet Jennet, Patron Entity of Compassion, saw more than humility in him. He saw a true sense of compassion and concern that Maht has kept burning like a steady pilot light in his heart, and has helped foster that light into a burning torch within.

These three are the most morally UPRIGHT of Senior, the Senior Communication Officer of the Massive's little "Exemplar Corps". Dite, Peech and Xeil, the other three, are more...morally suspect and have patron Entities that befit their inner selves. Not that they're bad PEOPLE, just...not very GOOD people. In comparison. It's like comparing three different shades of white walls to walls that are shades of grey.
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