Loki- Welcome To The Waterfall Picture

THIS. This thing.

I'm sad, because when I sketched him, he looked more like movie Loki. Now, not so much...
I tried. I normally don't draw real people or the characters of others.

Well, anyway, I thought I'd make a series of 'Loki pictures' currently entitled "Loki's Hidden Paradise" with entries from a journal of his.

Also, I tried to fixed all the awkwardness and errors in this picture, so hopefully, it looks okay. It was drawn over the course of two days with me sitting for over six hours each day... gawd... I don't think I forgot anything...

Entry One

I've finally came back. A long time ago, I would have been lonely here. But, now, I realized that maybe I was meant to be here all along.
As a god, making a world can actually be a simply task. Normally, gods don't go out and make their own worlds anymore; I almost forgot about this world I made myself.
Gods would come across other inhabited, yet primitive, planets and the inhabitants, being as stupid as they are, would worship us as the gods we are.
My world is nothing more but plants and animals. No wonder I forgot about this place. I never wanted to be a god, just a king. There are many kings, equals. But, there are few gods with their own worlds... Some have been driven insane by the occupation, ever wonder what's wrong with Earth?
If anything, this was my (forgotten) last resort.
No one else knows I made this world, like how no one knew they caught only an illusion of myself. Really, Brother, you don't know me well at all.
For now, I like the peace, I think this loneliness is just what I need; just animals, plants, and myself. One day, I think I will make something like humans, be them smarter. One day, I will when I understand what it means to be a king, a god, and what it means to be me.
And when I make my race...
They. Will. KNEEL.

Still feeling all these feels,

(If you find something you don't like or don't agree with, it's possibly that way for the sake of the picture series, so just bare with it. I wish I could sell this as a print... I'd have to invent my own Loki to avoid copyright- Let me know what you guys think.)
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