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Because I felt like it was important, I decided to open up another storyline that's sorta adjacent to my Planet Busters storyline called "Fantaji Scholars". For your information, Fantaji Scholars is the revised version of a previous storyline I planned on making called "Little League Heroes". So, as you can guess, I've made plenty of significant changes to my characters and their "environment", but that's what you get when you make a story, no?

Fantaji Scholars
Story 1|Volume 1 - Randy and Gris

The Fictional Multiverse is home to many, many, many heroes and villains. Some of them are normal, others are abnormal, and we have a special term for these "abnormal" beings - Scholars and Renegades. Scholars work day and night to assist all those around them, whereas Renegades try to give Scholars trouble, though they're not always the "bad guys". Many Scholars and Renegades have performed deeds considered by many to be "historical". As such, to repay those who've used their powers for such deeds, prior to 2200 UY, every three Universal years - a fighting tournament, named the Meta-League Games, is held within the Fictional Multiverse for Scholars and Renegades to test their might. Our story will take place in the year 2242 UY, where the next Meta-League Games will be held on Fantaji - the Planet of Paradise.

However, before we get to that, we need to know more about the contestants. In today's story, you will all find out about the official origins of contestant Gwendalyn "Gris" Alford, and her husband, Randy A. Wilson - the Prince of the Kingdom of Solaris.

Year: 2236 UY Date: 5.23.2236 UY Time: 36:1324 (9:13 PM) Location: Captial City

Debuting Characters!

*Gwendalyn "Gris" Alford - Queen of the Kingdom of Solaris and spouse of Randy Wilson; formerly a **peasant, now revived.

*Amber "Ember" Brendley - Spoiled princess of Purpose; granted pyrokinetic capabilities prior to awakening a spirit of fire and being its vessel.

*Randy Alexander Wilson - King of the Kingdom of Solaris and spouse of Gwendalyn Alford; taught Gris how to use pyrokinesis to partake in the M.L.G.

*Miranda Lu Rayu - Princess of the Kingdom of Technolous; psychokinetic with an IQ of 8576.987 and has been officially deemed as the 5th. smartest inhabitant in the Fictional Multiverse. Unfortunately despite that and being a fully fledged graduate at the age of 7 UY (12 human years old), she was born horribly premature and requires high-tech life support to stay alive. Ironically, her brother was born normal and has spent most of his free time augmenting Miranda's pacemaker to improve her metabolism, and built a helmet for her to cover her scarred face. She doesn't mind any bit, though!

Raven Mass & Haven Mass - The princess and prince of Calvis (in that order); these twins share a bond stronger than most royal full siblings. In fact, they plan on proposing to each other one universal month after they become 16 UY old.

(**Peasants are inhabitants quarantined to specific locations to prevent spread of disease, and when they're "revived", they're officially cured of all disease that formerly ran in their family and granted permission to live life among the general public.)

The year is 2236 UY, Gris has been living life as a revived peasant for about one Universal month now, but she has started to suffer from poverty after her home was closed down due to being swarmed with Kikkers and Gufs, which are essentially larger variants of termites and tarantulas and could've forced Gris back into quarantine if she got bitten. Simply put, Gris is homeless for the sake of her health. However, after hours of wandering, her clothes had started to tear from being constantly nibbled on by others' pets whom were attracted to her perfume, and she started to get a cold from being constantly rained on. She was feeling awful.

Gris - Oh, curse this rain! *Achoo!* *Sniffle* Oh... I just wish those dumb bugs weren't there! Princess Raven would've let me keep my home if it weren't for them! *A-a-ACHOO!* Awww... I got snot all over my sleeves, I can't find a new place to crash, and it's raining! Talk about a lame birthday... 16 universal years old (24 Human Years old) - and this is how I spend my time to enjoy the day I came to the FM?

Feeling rather overwhelmed by the situation, Gris wandered into a small alley to lay down and deescalate. She looks into a small puddle to see her reflection, and sees what has become of her.

Gris - <Sigh> Oh Mom, Dad... I wish you two were revived too, that way you'd be able to help find a home for all three of us. Too bad I don't have a home anymore...
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