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Full name: Karnera Mythos (mostly referred to by his surname)

Legacy name: Karoku
Pretty much his most well-known name in my circle of friends. There is a perfectly good reason he has a different canon name altogether now. This name is the longest-running one and I came up with the idea when I was a mild weeb back in high school. Right now, it's pretty much just The Artifact/Old Shame as far as namesakes go, but since my friends refer to him as Karoku, they don't associate the concept with any prior obsessions I had with anime back then (now I'm an East-meets-West kind of dude as of the past 7 years). You're free to address him as Mythos or Karoku really. Neither are incorrect.

In-universe nicknames: Karoku & Ro-Ro
Others exist, but these are the most common alternatives. Look above for Legacy name as well.

In-universe alias:The Starless Unsummoner” & “Where Light fades and looms”
Gets both alias from building up a reputation for himself. First one is a nickname of sorts given to him by a town "administrator", who ceremoniously grants him permission to purge anyone who threatens his town. The "Starless" part of the alias comes from his most lethal technique involving a pitch-black void where light does not exist, or at least behaves differently from the light you see emitted from a star. In short, the name is a club position of sorts, with the "Starless" part giving his position some identity. The latter alias is something given to him in-universe, and is an "extreme" version of the first alias. An extension of being an exterminator of one town, if you will.

Personal alias:The Out-of-Context Hero(?)”
Or the tvtropes variant, Hero of Another Story, just 'cause he’s technically a foreigner within the After-Fiction-verse canon. NOTE: There is no one protagonist in my story; there is no definite protagonist, just different perspectives. However, some characters in some branching media may take up the protagonist role for a consistent and focused narrative. Other than that, it’s kind of a pick-your-own-adventure mythology. Mythos just happens to represent me, and it's a method to do away with spotlight-stealing.

Race: ??? (Ambiguously robotic in nature, heralding from the very literal and absolute First Dimension)
This one is actually a Call Back to the first ever OC I made. That's right, my very first self-insert was a classic robot. Comes back here, except he intentionally looks anything but. The question marks are temporary, since I am changing the name of the actual race itself. He's like a humanoid 3D printer, of sorts. Advanced enough to emulate the look and thought process of a humanoid, ability to regenerate via internal rebuilding (think Zero from Mega Man X or nanomachines in almost any work of fiction), and has a mock digestive system that turns everything he eats into raw plasma, which gets converted further into another element, but this is way further into After-Fiction lore and not the time or place to cover it.

Powers: Perfect place to discuss as opposed to the tumblr post I made about it. It's lengthy, so get ready:

  • Main Weapon: Absolute Axiom

    - A weapon based entirely on the true core of his living being, making him the weapon; his entire skeletal system, muscles, organs, & the rest of his body are weaponized. All part of being a walking, talking machine of the first dimension. His "blood" reacts violently to outside exposure & has fuel-like consistency, unless carefully orally transmitted by mouth.

    - Mythos can generate fire-like bands of energy with signatures that are quantum in nature. He can create rifts in space that drain health & aura alike that behave like black holes. These rifts are pitch black at the center, contain red/blue orbitals, & fluorescent, flame-like indigo surfaces, but the rifts are color-coded, so red orbitals drain health while blue orbitals drain aura.

  • Primary Ability: Primordial Ambience

    - The first dimension's power, which grants him a versatile stat pool & the ability to augment those stats to adapt to different situations. Each stat gains an unprecedented amount of control correspondent to the amount of experience he gains and training he receives. No one can imitate his weapon nor his powers, nor attempt to recreate it in some way.

    - His very actions & influence can bring absolute ruin to Akashic data if provoked, & said data can never be recreated within the same reality as him, no matter what. He has a perma-death technique affectionately named the “The Slice of Life”, which brings his enemy into the actual first dimension, where its stars are photonegative and incapable of luminosity in the way we understand stars. In here, their body is completely destroyed and torn apart concept-by-concept. The Records are unable to properly respond or allow the receiver to materialize once again, & no amount of sheer will-power can resurrect the victim. The enemy is destroyed so hard that not only are they removed from the canon, but parallel versions are banned from interacting with his two home dimensions. The move-type was formerly so influential that it would affect the receiver as a whole, to the point that their original canon would be overwritten and deemed a Foregone Conclusion. Since multiverses are a thing however, the move was "nerfed" to a degree where the damage is still irreversible, but not as widespread as before. The version he kills is the version that cannot come back, while the other versions can no longer interact with his realm. He is the "Starless Unsummoner" for a reason. The downside to the perma-death is that it only works once a year on a planet that he spends its year's worth on.

  • Pros:

    - His stats are clocked in at 50%, but he is not at his base form, which means the real form is twice as powerfully diverse as that of his peers. His technique is what makes him strong, utilizing a sub-ability that allows him to perceive his surroundings from all angles. He is especially talented at fighting 2 opponents at once.

    Example: His friends are at 100% in their base forms. At 50%, he fights like he's 100%, but when at 100%, he fights like he's at 200%. Augmenting his own stats enables him to correct flaws for the moment so that he can adapt to match-ups. His clairvoyance also allows him to deal with 2 fighters at once while augmenting. However, it stops there, as the more opponents draw in, the more defensive he plays.

    - It also grants him immunities to many concepts. His sex, gender, orientation, & physical age cannot change; he is germ-free & immune to magic that does not cause physical harm, No Sells reality-warping, & divine intervention. His entire character is set in stone, meaning he cannot change, only defeated/killed. His stamina and overall defenses are more akin to a video game character. While the immunities seem broken in context, he still has a "life bar" of sorts. He was completely immune to magic for a time as well, due to some magic being hilariously overpowered, but now, only magic made to damage similarly to modern weaponry or science-fiction weaponry work the way they are meant to, sans secondary effects and ailments.

    Example: The destruction of resources also falls into this. If someone suddenly wished that food disappeared forever in an attempt to starve the masses, the universe around him notices something "wrong" and prevents that wish from taking effect, due to his presence. The only part of the wish that would work to an extent is the temporary starvation of the victims, up until they realize that their ration was never taken from them. His most dangerous enemies are those who possess the power and skill to make others kneel before them without eyebrow-raising BS.

    - His damage modifier is universally predetermined, so that everything receives the average amount of damage relative to their health. The true core equalizes everyone's total health so that only 10 lethal hits from the weapon are required to put down a mook & and a god. The faster the enemy, the tougher they are. Otherwise, fights go on for a while, but everything is fair game for him once he reaches his peak age.

    Example: A careless opponent will not realize that they are at risk of incapacitation until the 8th fatal strike is dealt. Combine that with their regenerative-reduction & they will feel mortal for a good time frame. However, they will make an eventual recovery even if the final strike is dealt, unless a perma-death technique is used (e.g. "The Slice of Life").

    - His core can flawlessly destroy anything. Non-living, non-organic, & non-sentient objects treated as equipment take considerable effort to break. Magical/enchanted weaponry/barriers & exposed body parts of characterized entities are fair game, regardless of durability. None of the fights are any easier when the opponent in question is really, really tough, however.

    Example: All material & elements, no matter how “unbreakable”, can shatter. “Invincible” barriers typically take 40 hits to bring down for a good while. Materials can make their own recoveries provided they function that way in an uneventful situation, unless a perma-death technique is invoked as well.

    - Hurting opponents delay their regeneration far longer than normal, meaning temporary deaths can force the enemy to respawn a lot slower. Each strike he deals also multiplies the time it will take for them to recover, so a non-lethal victory can lead from hours to weeks of downtime for the subdued opponent.

    Example: If someone or something loses a limb & it grows back in ½ a sec normally, then it takes 100x longer for that arm to regrow if sliced off by him instead. Assuming he deals 10 hits under base physical power stats (the amount required), then it would take 500 seconds for the opponent to recover all wounds & their functionality.

  • Cons:

    - No one is weak to his powers in the way that fire goes out when enough water rains down. This means that no one takes more damage than another person. Everything is relative and consistent.

    - Firearms are incredibly dangerous to him, since one can discreetly pull the trigger before he can augment his speed & reaction stats. The first hit always counts. Otherwise, he will adapt.

    - The element of surprise in general is very effective against him, since it can critically injure & subdue him before he can adapt to the problem. Basically, whoever gets first blood.

    - His strikes are nearly painless as their intended purpose is to erase the usefulness of the zone he is striking. A persistent enemy can keep going and going until they go down for the count, making certain fights even more unpredictable.

    - He can only exist in one reality at a time. There is a parallel version of everyone else except for himself. The upside to this is that he can never truly stay dead like those on the receiving end of "The Slice of Life", mainly due to their continued existences outside of his own reality.

    - Stat-augmentation is absolutely required since his stat average is a subpar 50% compared to his friends' 100%. The more control he gets, the better.

    - Good defenses are enough to slow him down (e.g. "aegismear", an oil-based armor for the skin without sacrificing mobility & properly equipped armor), forcing him to exploit weak points & subdue them properly.

    - The lack of versatility in weaponry, combat skills, & powers severely limits the ways he can approach a situation where his current powers are not enough.

    - His stat-growth is entirely dependent on tapping into inactive imitation-DNA archived within his database. He becomes a fundamentally better fighter if successful.

    - He is required to use a significant amount of energy to stay on the offensive while his opponent shrugs off the nigh-painless strikes, for one mistake can be costly.

Extra: The entire color scheme is more or less inspired by everything to do with radiation, the very aspect of Purple Is Powerful, and the cosmos. I will include a secondary color scheme that references an older color choice I’m still very fond of, as a firm reminder that I have not dropped out of the quote-on-quote “Steampunk phase”. Soon.

If anyone is interested, you can check out my alternate deviantart account. This one will have more colored submissions. The older, more viewed gallery is loaded with pencil-based works.

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