Sirenn in the water Picture

Aradia base...this time with full background. i did both because she's a sea dweller so she gains a blue tint in finished work...I've also decided to move her info to here instead of the other 1 I used b4 which was a base. This info is updated completely and checked over

Sirenn Nefthy

Pesterchum name: gr8bluMonster

Typing Issue: spells fonnically & replaces wat she can with #s, often using simboles. Also, because of her love of Mountain Dew, she replaces do and due with dew

Font Color: Ocean Blue

Cetus (November)

Symbol: A simple whale tail or basic whale outline (done with 1 stroke of course) Her symbol appears on her scarf

Mythological entity named for: Greek Sirens and the Egyptian goddess of Rivers, Death, Service, Lamentation, and Nighttime named Nephthys

Blood Color: between Viridian and Lime (Low Class Mid Blood)

God Tier: Page of Light (In accordance to Cetus being the denizen for Light)

Simply called the “whale” today, the constellation Cetus was considered at one time the 14th star sign. She had sense been forgotten, that is...until she was quite literally dropped into the middle of the other trolls while they were trying to figure out if a new teleportation panel worked.

She has the “ability” to change to look (mostly) human and, as such, was forced to work with humans on earth. She happened to be working at a grocery story and, oddly, was restocking a certain sugary drink when she suddenly was teleported. Gamzee's reaction was to state that “Well it works...” followed by taking and hoarding all of the Faygo...Which is fine by her because she likes Mountain Dew better...somehow this developed into a relationship, and it's unknown to the other trolls exactly how. Anyways, when she was dropped in they all thought she was a strange human subspecies until she took on her normal look.

How did she end up on earth on the 1st place? Well, her blood color being low and yet her still living in the ocean was most of the problem. Her low blood upset a certain prince, who found a group of scientists to...fix the problem. This led to them creating a potion which would make her shift to look like whatever the dominate species of a planet was. They then shipped her off and she just happened to land on earth. Needless to say she now loathes the prince, but beyond the point of black rom. In contrary, she wants him to suffer as she did...ripped away from her lusus at a young age, ripped away from her friends...she's quite glad he's alone.

She liked to party, mostly because of her human life. The human males found her quite beautiful, and so she was invited to many...however, she was incredibly mischievous and when they got her drunk it got worse...She has sense relented her addiction to alcohol in favor to the more readily available caffeine sources.

-extra info not needed-


The Undine: Ancestor. Deceased.

Charac Nefthy: Dancestor

Gamzee: Matesprite

Vriska: Sorda friends, despite her taking the place of Cetus. She considers her more of a little sister...despite her being of a higher blood.

Tavros: Finds him quite annoying and tends to distance herself from him. Seeing as he is her opposite, this only makes sense.

Eridan: Don't even ask, or even....bring up the name...she'll likely strangle you...she has very good memory...

Jenny: Friend and guide

Soohyre: Variation of søuhyre, danish for sea monster. Sprite/Lusus. Deceased.

Strife Portfolio: Bladekind

Fetch Modus Setting: Logic -Operates via a connection to the owner/operator, deploying whatever logically should be deployed at the given time. Self made-

Age: 8 Alternian Solar Sweeps (18 earth years) (Looks 20)

Planet: Land of Dew and Glass (She may have started in The Land of Maps and Treasure as it is associated with the Light tier, but liked the LODAG better and so claims it)

Name Breakdown (Troll) : Sirenn referring to greek sirens/mermaids. Also referring to the genus of strictly aquatic salamanders of the family Sirenidae. There are only 2 living species of this salamander and they are severely endangered. Also Sirenia, an order of aquatic mammals. Nefthy being a "shorthand" way of spelling Nephthys

Name Breakdown (Pesterchum) : gr8bluMonster referring to the fact that Cetus is a sea monster that is said to have eaten everything in the ocean. It could also be her blood color and/or the fact that now the constellation Cetus is shown as a blue whale.

Personality Qualities: Determined, self motivated, and honest. She's also sarcastic and slightly untrusting. To her, you can tell instantly if you can trust someone just by their eyes. She's always logical and always right...even when she's me, it's best not to argue...this is the opposite of Gamzee in many ways, which might be why she likes him. Aside from that, she hates lairs...especially when she knows the truth already.

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