Norike Noshua [Updated ref] Picture

sooo like, i updated her design a long time ago but didnt update her reference sheet so,,

Norike Noshua
Personality: Is usually happy, although, sometimes questions about life and its meaning; loves to draw for her friends, and loves even more when they like it. Shes not one to care that much to blood superiority, because she believes all colors have the same valor on a rainbow. When stressed, usually locks herselk and listens to music, but its very rare to see her angry. Can get easily sad, but not for long times; she usually does something she likes to get happy again.
Chumhandle: stonePainter [SP]
Age: 6.92 sweeps (15 human years)
Blood color: Iris (Highblood, Equius blood color scale)
Lusus: Phoenix mom
Strife specibus: Thinkerkind ((if you get the reference, hehe))
Fetch modi: Rhythm; she must clap as the music goes, and if she fails one time, she must redo all over again.
Dream self: Dersian
God tier: Sylph of Hope [uses her hope to heal people; mentally or physically]
Fraymotifs: Sayonara to Heaven (Hope and Space), Diamond Storm (Breath and Hope), Love all Forever (Heart and Hope), Ghosts Misery (Void and Hope), Deadly Butterflies (Doom and Hope), A Shine To The Future (Light and Hope), Spirit Revival (Life and Hope), Praying for Hate (Rage and Hope) Guardian of Eternity (Mind and Hope) and Bleeding Lies (Blood and Hope) [NOTE: Not all those are fraymotifs i will use, but i did all of those because i still dont know whos gonna be the canon.]
Rudolph "Exton" Tompson ~ Matesprit ♥ [ZaExt0n]
Mainot Lutewn ~ Moirail
Yatama Kerasu ~ Kismesis
Likes: Mainots bakings, drawings made to her, being around Mainot or Exton, listening to music, Ace Attorney
Dislikes: messing up on something, either drawings or with someones feelings, thievery.
Fears: dying, or see someone beloved by her being killed, being stalked
Land: Land of Shadows and Paintings, a planet covered in darkness, it must be lighted up; with glowing stuff, no matter if its a lantern or a glowing picture.
Population: pink bunnies and bats
Denizen: Romures [yet to be created]
Typing quirk: replaces S for $, puts a ^ at the right side of the letter E. [Tho$e^ are^ re^ally.... pumpkin$....?]
Fetish: stockings
Ancestor: Fenise Noshua
Stoopid Notes:
~Her favorite food is blueberry pie; her favorite drink is coffe
~At first, she was going to be a cinnamon blood troll; but i changed up because Mainots symbol was already the Lepus; so i picked up the Phoenix, and put it as a highblood (due to it being a mythology)
~Loves the AAI games, even if her favorite character of AA is Phoenix Wright.
~Exton actually helped me with her name, and im also very thankful <3 <3
~Is one of the ocs i really love; next to Ale and Dawn
~Usually listens to AA ost; usually Pursuit and Cornered

//her favorite music actually is…

Homestuck: Andrew Hussie
Fantroll: made by me.

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