The Creator Picture

This was inspired by the dream of one of my friends. After hearing about his strange dream, I really wanted to paint it. It grew to this larger than proportions gold fish.

The Creator is more than just a fish blowing bubbles with stars and galaxies within them. Within himself, he has another universe (there are more paintings on this aspect). He himself is within a universe. Think of it as a universe within a universe within a universe. It just keeps going.

There are other paintings both complete and in progress. Those that are in progress won't be up until some time around October. They're for my Senior Show and it would be a shame to ruin the surprise for anyone. The story dealing with all of the paintings will be up later as well.

The following is an excerpt from my book:

"From within comes the Universe. Asteri, the Creator expels the stars, planets, and every other creation into the Universe. Held within the bubbles of the Creator, they come together in one final round to form existence.
Within the Creator, the beginning dwells. Throughout the Universe the bubbles flow, filling and being. Within the bubbles, their children are born. The children of the bubble."
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