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Umbrarus.(in my LoU novel.)
Inspirations: Asura(Demon, Devil) world realm in Buddhism, Asura world realm in Hinduism, Demon or Devil realm in mythologies, Mordor in Lord of the Rings, the Unknown Regions in Star Wars.
Other Names: the Umbrarus realm, Darkness world, Darkness realm, Darkness world realm, The Dimension of Shadow, Dark realm, Demon realm, Fiend world, Hell-like realm, the realm before entering to hell realm, the Underworld realm, Devil realm, the Realm of all Evil and Wickedness, Zero Heaven, the Fallen Heaven, Asura realm, Ashura realm, the Realm of the Jealous Gods&Angels, the Asura realm, the Ashura realm, Jealous Gods realm, Anti-Gods realm, the Realm of Darkness and Sins, the Home of all Evil beings, The Prison of all Evil, the Kingdom of Evil, Asura World.
Umbrarus, also known as the Asura realm, the Ashura realm, Hell-like realm, or the Underworld realm, is the realm of all evil and wickedness. It is the home of all evil beings such as Evil Jealous Gods, Evil Angels, Evil dark creatures, Devils(Asuras, Fiends, Fallen Angels), Demons(Rakshasas, Daemons), evil dark monsters, evil/dark spirits, evil ghost and other evil beings. It is Hell-like realm and is the realm before entering to hell realm(Hell realm are under this world realm). The Umbrarus realm is the spiritual world realm, can't see with normal eyes. the Umbrarus realm is the space at the foot of Mount Sumeru, much of which is a deep ocean, in the base of Sumeru Mountain, the Umbrarus are under the great vast ocean, the Universe, the Himavanta Forest, Satbripans mountains, Universe Mountain and Sumeru Mount. It is not the Devil's original home, but the place they found themselves after they were hurled from Parinirmita-vasavartin, where they had formerly lived, because they betray the Supreme God and would dominate all Heaven leavels and all dimensions. The Devils are always fighting to regain their lost kingdom on the top of Mount Sumeru, and all Heaven levels, but are unable to break the guard of the Four Great Kings of Catummaharajika realm and the King Sakra of Tavatimsa. the Devils and Demons dwell in ravine and core within of Triple Mountains(Triko Mount), or dwell gorges below Mount Sineru and in gorges of Triko, Petas(Hungry ghosts) and Asurakayas live in the same world realm with the Devil, but had only suffering and live in each borders, Petas and Asurakayas live in the same location, which is in the gorges below Mount Sineru and outside gorges of Triko, Moreover, They also undergo similar torment, the Petas and Asurakayas lands called Petaloka realm. outside of Triko Mounts had the holy dangerous flames and holy walls are around the Triko Mounts, for the purpose of prevent and not let the demons or devil come out from their world realm, normal demons can't cross these holy flames and holy walls, except that demons or devil is superpower demons or powerful devils. The Devils and the Demons are divided into many groups, and have no single ruler, but among their leaders, the their Supreme lord and ruler is Vasavartin or Lucitarn the Evil One and the supreme ruler of all evil beings. The Devils and the Demons are here because of actions based on egoic jealousy, wrath, pride, envy, insincerity, struggle, falseness, boasting, bellicosity, combat or rationalization of the Universe. While all the gods of the Swarga are subject to the passions to some degree, the Devils above all of them have become addicted to them, especially wrath, pride, envy, insincerity, falseness, boasting, and bellicosity. Because of their passions, rebirth as an the Devils is considered to be one of the four unhappy births (together with rebirth as an animal, a preta, or a being in Naraka). The state of an Devil reflects the mental state of a human being obsessed with ego, force and violence, always looking for an excuse to get into a fight, angry with everyone and unable to maintain calm or solve problems peacefully. They may be here because in human form they had good intentions but committed bad actions such as harming others. The leaders of the Devils or Asuras are called Asurendra (Asurinda) "Asura-lord", or "Devil-Lord, and the King(Lucitarn) of the Devils is called "Asura-King", or "Devil King", the King(Ranous) of Daemons is called "Rakshasa-King" , or "Demon-King". Among them are the bow-wielding Danaveghasa Asuras, and the terrible-faced Kalakanjakas Asuras. The principal leader are Lucitarn. the Umbrarus realm's metropolis are very vast, vast approximately 10,000 yojanas square, very vast resemble Tavatimsa realm's broadness and was the angelic metropolis gorgeous like Parinirmita-vasavartin's angelic metropolis, but had gorgeous less than Parinirmita-vasavartin's angelic metropolis, Metropolis named, "Ashura metropolis". The others Devil ruler will govern each directions by order of Lucitarn, the former second archangel will govern northeast direction of the Umbrarus, the former third archangel will govern east direction of the Umbrarus, the former fourth archangel will govern southeast direction of the Umbrarus, Ranous the God of Demons will govern south direction of the Umbrarus, the former fifth archangel will govern southwest direction of the Umbrarus, the former sixth archangel will govern west direction of the Umbrarus, the former seventh archangel will govern northwest direction of the Umbrarus, and Lucitarn the Lord of Darkness will govern both north direction and the core of the Umbrarus. Lucitarn will create newest demons and monsters for is one part of his the Great Dark Army in the Umbrarus, and He create each passions for entering to all living being's mind, for afterlife, their evil spirit will becoming one with his Dark army in the Umbrarus, other than, He create the Dark Power into within the Might for induce Might-user's mind to the dark side in their own minds and unload his evil mind(or demons within their own minds) control all actions of them, it is one way of Lucitarn's choices to interception the Light spirit army of the Supreme God, and He create the Magick, for make his cult follower can had supernatural powers to prevent their own lifes. Some Sutorium order or Dark Might-Users can use both the Magick powers and the Dark Powers. the flame colors in the Umbrarus is black flames, green flames, and red flames, the Flame of Cleansing are in this realm too, After the Supreme God's judgment was finished, He will lead these flames from the Umbrarus to destroy and devastate entire the Universe, these flames are the most powerful and most dangerous holy spiritual flame that can destroy everything, inferior to the Flame of Naraka.
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