Audumla Picture

Another drawing from my sketchbook, this is AUDUMLA, a supporting character from the CUETZPALIN Mythos.

Audumla is a Huehueyolcatl, one out of six beings supposedly spawned from Chaos, that have come even before the age of the Elemental Gods and who have become their first and foremost rivals. As self-sufficient, huge beings, they have spawned entities such as the Huaca out of their blood -the Teyoliatl substance, derived from its dark counterpart, Mnemosynne, present in Chaos. Audumla has found exile from the infighting with the elemental gods in the realm of Alfheimr, Tredius, where one of the oldest Huaca still alive, Yggdrasil, had just rooted. She watched with joy the growth of the Elves spawned from her and the Huaca (there called Jentilak), regarding the lovely Elf-like Idunna and the war-like Dark Elf Ninsun, a true agent of the Hueheuyolcatl, as her own daughters. Time has come, however, when the Jentilak territory became threatened by southern civilizations, so she set out (or rather sent Ninsun) to find out a fitting Mandragoran, the future heir of her power. Word has been passed by Kukulcan, her younger brother, that Hunahpu, one of the most honored warriors who had experience in fighting Elemental Gods (in his case, just Huitzopoca). But Tredius was a huge planet, and unfortunately Ninsun didn't find Hunahpu fast enough -instead, Ymir and his pack of Jötunn who survived the destruction of their homeplanet, Jotunheimr, by Lapolakh, and then have assaulted Baal (to get his weapons, the Mjölnir and Ukonvasara), have arrived on Alfheimr. Ymir has assaulted Audumla and kept her as prisoner, taking her mandragora by force and becoming a mandragoran in the proccess. He kept her location, as well as his powers, secret even to his closes allies. But there's a prophecy that no matter how long one who takes advantage of or exploit the Huehueyolcatl lives, it will die someday. No civilization lasts forever.
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