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after i based the comics story board i decided i want it to be a bigger story then it is but,i didnt knew what would it be.
so,when i was at russia i dreamed on some of the story,i dreamed that it will happen in a world like in the 3 first star wars,treasure planet,sinbad and pirates of the caribbeans all combines (world that is like a medival-fature world,pirates an shi) ,there is an alien mithology gods or monk guardians who rules the universe,and then u discover that planet earth wasnt gods and all mithology gods first choice but those alien gods pushed them here in an epic war but this was never told because the gods where so emberest.
and now,god is the all mighty god of planet earth after he defited some alien gods but lost in the war and all mithology gods,creatures and others are now his angels and servants.
(im kinda emberesed to tell this story board,that shows that i have some wild emagination..)

NOW enogh bull craping,i dreamed of a senario when two regular monks came to this god/guardian monk and told him that they failed so he spitts acid to once eyes and blinds him wile he rips the others torso,wears him as a suit and go outside to finish the job himself.
one of this gods abilitys is to combains with shadows and disapear or things like running to one shadow and transport to the other,when he touch em they become liquid as water.
he can throw his knifes like kratos(god of war).
the top of his knifes can bent so he can use em' like hooks for runing,climbing,grabing and things like so.
O and one more abilility like spiders he can he can do an epic jump,dig and hide in the ground,spit venom,but he dont have webs cuz he dont need em.
he is like 2 meters tall.

after i dreamed that i woke up,got on a plain and draw that one.
im pleased with how he came out cuz he was better then i dreamed plus i did it in almost 20 min
and BTW if u notice he have pray deads around his waists

actually i think he sould be more like a knight.

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