The Cosmic Serpent Picture

First of add, credits. I used [link] and [link] for this picture. Now for the story.

I decided to do a science fantasy sort of thing this time. Long ago this world as covered in a singular vast ocean, and it's only inhabitants were the water spirits. They were philosophical beings, and built a great civilization that thrived for millennia. They sought to understand Absolute Truth and become one with their watery world. To this end they attempted to summon the spiritual embodiment of their world, the beating heart at the very core of their lives, from the Astral Plane. They got exactly what they wanted, but far too late did they realize that they had misunderstood their own nature.

You see, it wasn't the sea that provided the food in their bellies or the stone in their temples. The world is more than the sea they believed to be all-important, it is the churning earth beneath the waves and the life that evolved and thrived there, as well as the sea. And so the Cosmic Serpent was ushered forth unto their world, it's titanic and mighty form coiling about the planet and swallowing its own tail. As it squeezed tighter, the earth was pushed up like silt in a river and tectonic activity was stimulated. The northern and southern hemispheres have developed completely independently, and the civilizations and races south of the equator (or ouroboros, as it were) are vastly different from those north of the Serpent. The Great Serpent's head rests beneath the sea, and no land-dwelling adventurer has ever seen its face. They did not summon it, for they were, and are, mere side-effects of its arrival into the Mortal Plane.

Nobody knows what became of the water spirit civilization. Presumably they received their answer and became one with the world, but that is only one theory of many. The real speculation by the land-dwellers is of the Serpent itself. It's scales are impenetrable, and are of such size to seem as mountains (and they very well may be mountains). Psychomancers throughout history have attempted to glean something, anything, from the Serpent's mind, but almost all of them are overcome by the enormity of its consciousness and go mad soon after. Nature magic is especially strong on this world since the source of such magic is direct rather than pulled from another Existential Plane through the Aether. Serpent worship is common throughout the world, though there are just as many that believe it should be killed for being a corrupting influence on other gods, prophets, and the occasional Lovecraftian horror of the Lower Plane.
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