Oh, my god! I just read my old description and the level of my English ;( was below-9000!!!! My photoshop skill was loziez.... I'm not going to remove this from here but I will change the description.
The character I attempted to depict here was some sort of future post apocalyptic Achilles. (it seems like XXI century was the far future for me then.. funny) So this fake "not so future" Achilles Dude's only goal in life was to kick ass for no other reason than glory. In a world without government, police, law or even God it would be a pretty common hobby I imagine, but the dude was the best at it as it seems. He had some shady deal with Hades( the Devil but Hades sounds way cooler and besides who does not like to mix mythologies) as it would seem that helped him become the glorious asshole he was...Hades would get his soul in return? (since he was the only God-like creature he would get it any way but... Achilles was a dumb ass? Or maybe it was a speed-up deal and the soul of some one who had such a big body count was valuable in some kind for the ruler of this world).

Smart-ass Achilles beat every single worthy opponent he was able to find for a very short and glorious period of time and when the Devil came to collect, he probably realized that his natural life would have been very long if it was not for that stupid deal (or some sickness). So he offered another deal that would save his wretched soul. A Duel (the only thing he was good at): if he wins he keeps his soul and if the all mighty wins he gets his original deal? A very stupid thing again (Achilles was stupid
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