Lyrano Cantus Picture

Whoo, first male OC! The roundness in the chest area is due to the hoodie being loose.

Name: Lyrano Cantus

Symbol: Lyra

Blood Color: Peridot (a rung below Kanaya)

Age: 6.69 sweeps (14.5 human years)

Ancestor: The Composer

Dancestor: Cithar Cantus

Gender: He/Him

Appearance: Short(ish) black hair, has an undercut, gray skin (green undertone),curved horns that are about 5 inches tall

Outfit: short, sleeveless hoodie with his symbol, mint green t-shirt, gray-green shorts, peridot green slip-on sneakers

Relationships: has actually met his friends face-to-face, he only has platonic relationships

God Tier: Rogue of Light

Screen name: LyricalPhilanthropy

Typing Quirk: (examples) That was a rh3torical qu3stion...
Pl3ase, shut th3 h3ll up
R3ally, I n3v3r would hav3 gu3ssed!

Lusus: vulture/tortoise hybrid creature thing

Hive: Medium sized and moderately 'fancy', he is a peridot-blood afterall

Fetch Modus: Melody Modus, the damn thing requires a certain melody to be played in order to retrieve an item

Planet: Land of Melodies and Stars
This land is never truly quiet and is always somewhat sparkly, it is inhabited by friendly, and slow moving, tortoises. Lyrano's quest is to figure out a way to clear out the pathways that are all over the place so that they can properly travel, of course they can't do this themselves, they're tortoises and can't move them out of the way do to their slow pace.

Likes: Music, Tortoises, Music Puns, Green, His Friends, Calm
Dislikes: Quiet, Violence, Anything Too Loud

Weapon: Bow and Arrow (the lyre was given to Orpheus by Apollo, the greek god of archery)

Personality: Kind, Light-Hearted, Passive, Push-Over, Worrier

YOUR NAME IS... Wait, what IS your name?

------> Moldy Tortoise-ass

WRONG, try again douchebag

------> Lyrano Cantus

Much better

You are 6.69 sweeps and you live in a small 'community' near a large city, you have met many people but they were all kinda rude. You have friends, and have met a few of them face-to-face, but MOST OF THEM ARE RUDE DOUCHEWAFFLES. You aren't doing anything and you are bored and can't think of what to do. Your interests are MUSIC, SINGING(in the shower because you're too shy too sing around other people), PLAYING VIDEOGAMES WITH YOUR FRIENDS it's fun so why not, as well as stuff like MYTHOLOGY, and ASTRONOMY. You are also very KIND, but because of this you are A HUGE PUSHOVER, this is made worse due to you being INCREDIBLY PASSIVE. despite this you are very LIGHT-HEARTED and SENSITIVE. You RARELY CUSS, but when you do it is TAME AS HELL, you are also a WORRIER and are CONCERNED FOR EVERYONE.

Your screen name LyricalPhilanthropy and you say things like 'LYR3, LYR3, pants on fir3', you also try to includ3 lyr3s into your sp33ch wh3n3v3r possibl3.

What will you do?

------> Lyrano: be trolled by one of your friends
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