APH Your School Life Meme Picture

1) Francis Bonnefoy (France) aka the most distracting home teacher in the entire planet (He gave me that backpack in another meme.). Also, the reason why most of the students are late for classes.

2) Alfred Jones (North America) - I figure that in his line of thinking, comic books (and manga to a degree) are educational.

3) Arthur Kirkland (England)- Tsundere math teacher.

4) Shawn Kirkland (New Zealand) - He's the science teacher, because you can't get any more science-y than robots. Plus, I found out that New Zealand is building angry robots to teach store clerks how to deal with angry customers (I was trying to catch up with "Scandinavia and the World" webcomic, the last thing I wanna hear is a Kiwi wants to be the real life version of Dr. Hank Pym (He made Ultron in the main Marvel timeline)). I know that Norm doesn't match the angry robot description but he was made for "evil."

5) Gilbert (Prussia) - This is a reference to the American Revolution, Prussia's Baron Von Stueben was training the American army in the freezing winters of 1776. You know I'd fail gym class.

6) Feliks Lukasiewicz (Poland) - One word peeps/ everypony: Chopin. Plus, I don't wanna keep using Austria like everyone else.

7) Felix Vargas (N. Italy) - He's perfect for art classes, especially being the teacher.

8) Kiku Honda (Japan) - Yeah, plus, "Hey, Arnold" reference pwns all.

9) Heracules Karpusi (Greece) - Has anyone forgotten just how horny, porny, and what have you Greek Mythology really is? This is one of the reasons why I added him here.
This class is gonna be filled with "Women: OOHHHHHHH Man: AHHHH" and cats.
Honorable mentions: Japan or one of the Italies.

10) Irunya Chernenko (Ukraine) - Yep, she gave Ivan the exact same advice centuries ago. But hope that I don't end up like Russia with weird issues.

11) Lovino Vargas (S. Italy) - He's the lover for this meme's sake. Since I figure that N. Italy is competing with Francis Bonnefoy (France), Ezio, Kon, and Jiraya for the Biggest Pervert Award, his brother is similar as well. (I've seen N. Italy saying and doing things, like his Conquest Book, it's filled with women.) Plus, Japan is probably avoiding me, because of otaku reasons and I'm one of millions in the sea of fans (I'm not the first to pull a Helga Pataki on him, won't be the last).

12) Matthew Williams (Canada) - The hardest assignment for me to complete is building the angry robot. Besides some "invisibility" issues, I need a sane teacher.

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