Kitenya and Sechari Picture

More Voltron Twitter RP. Because.

Kitenya and sechari are among the many nicknames Pidge and Larmina use for each other within the RP. Kitenya literally translates to 'beloved', while sechari are dragons (Baltan wind elementals) in mortal form. But the two names also have a bit more significance than that. According to Baltan mythology, love came into being due to a meeting between a sechari and a mythical creature named Kitenya.

First rule of the Voltron Twitter RP: not only are all myths true, they're probably watching you. There's been quite a bit of divine intervention going on for everyone lately, which is what happens when you have hostile gods and a godslaying abomination breathing down your necks.

These two had actually already had quite a bit of intervention from Avira, the Arusian goddess of wind, as it is. Larmina's sword here is the Forest Blade, a gift from Avira from quite some time ago. Pidge's shield is the Forest Shield, a weapon that isn't actually god-related at all. It does, however, belong to Green Lion; if the Forest Shield turns up, it's usually a safe bet that fecal matter has hit the ventilation device. Recently the Baltan gods got into the act too, hence the armor; both of them had their voltcom armor upgraded. (The upgraded voltcom armor is a hybrid of canonical voltcom armor and the armor worn by the sechari--I haven't drawn any proper sechari armor, but it looks REMARKABLY like dragoon armor from Final Fantasy. *coughs*) Larmina is also wearing the mythical Kitenya's tiara.

I spent FOUR HOURS color testing this thing. It was going to be PERFECT, dammit.
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