Character Concept: Hades Picture

A story creeping up into my mind starting with this and then with a sketch after re-reading the myth on Hades and Persephone. I've always been really fascinated with astrology from a young age, and before Pluto was deemed not a planet it was the Scorpio's patron planet. I am a Scorpio, and Pluto is the Roman name for Hades, and thus Hades is my patron God. I've always really liked Hades not just because he's the Scorpio Patron god, but because because for some reason in my brain I sympathized with him. I never felt he was pitiful, or even that in the Underworld he was unhappy, but that the stories surrounding him and the way people talked about him made him out to be very mean. And I didn't like that. I always thought Zeus would be meaner.
I really liked the way Hades was portrayed in Olympos, a manga with one volume and some of the most beautiful art I've ever seen.
Anyway, after creating the character from the above link I decided to sketch my variation of Hades as a form of NEET. He stays inside, is very messy, likes games and fictional media, and is unkempt. In my story Persephone is his best friend, or moreover, his only friend. When she's able to escape her mother she leaves for the Underworld in order to take of of Hades because she sees him as severely incompetent and unable to care for himself. She the mom of the two person friend group.
Hades is very laid back, and completely fine with his lifestyle. He rarely does his work and instead employs the damned to do it for him in exchange for a chance to redeem themselves. Until Persephone comes down and forces him to do at least some. Also, he is adorable and easily flustered.

After creating Hades I started to create a story and world for him to exist in, and a reason for him to be in the story.
So I started with a group of three friends. One, our main character, has had his sister kidnapped by some unknown group. He knows it's because of a strange power his sister and he posses. He and his two childhood friends go in search of the gods. The come across the woman from the above link and she tells them to go ask Hades for help (I can't remember why, probably checking to see if his sister is dead yet). At first they are confused, having believed Hades to be a myth (as they live in Japan and so believe in the many many gods they have there). The girl explains gods are by creations beings that can only exist when people believe them to exist, and so the gods govern their regions where their religions exist and look after those that believe them to be real. She states if she were to cease to exist in the minds of her followers it would be the same a ceasing to exist all together. So they go off to find Hades who they are surprised to see is a very laid back young man, rather than the moody adult he is portrayed to be.
After a while of explaining things to him and trying to get him to help, Hades befriends the main character and becomes quite smitten with him. He breaks to rules he himself laid and looks for his sister's name and location of death if she be dead. He tell them she hasn't appeared in his books, and so if she dies, is probably in the previous god's logs. Having already visited that god they are relieved to find out she's alive. The boy asks for Hades help in fighting back against the people pursuing them, and Hades promises all he can.

Later they find the sister and Hades shows up to beat the shit out of some golem shit or something, the only time he's ever serious is when he pulls back his hair to fight. He brings his brother with him, who both look very different from one and other (because the gods are not actually physical beings and can therefore change their forms at will). Hades looking like a young man in his mid-20s, Zeus looking like an old warrior with white hair, and Posiden looking like a younger boy in his mid to early teens.
At some point Medusa is called in to look at some rocks or the magic circuitry built into the main character's and his sister's arms, and then later in the story we meet Amaterasu.

It just got more complicated and I intend to do a character sheet for each of them.
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