Betle the Black Picture

From the ancient myths of the Pie'nSal race comes a series depicting their ancient gods and goddesses.

This is Betle the Black. According to ancient Pie'nSal myth, in the beginning the Old Father, Roseart the White, was lonely in the void of precreation. He took his shadow and from it fashioned himself a companion. Betle the Black was a faithful and loving wife and mother to their various children.

However, she became jealous when Roseart began devoting all his love and attention to his greatest creation, the Pie'nSal people. She sought to destroy her husband's creations, secretly planting a seed of evil into the soul of every man, woman, and child on the planet. The Pie'nSal warred among themselves, almost wiping themselves out.

When Roseart learned what Betle had done it broke his heart. He banished her to a realm of darkness where she would reap the fruits of her sin against the Pie'nSal for all eternity. Betle is the devil of the ancient Pie'nSal religion, and her realm is their hell.
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