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Name: Lucas Vuohi
Age: 16
Birthday: 13th of November
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm/ 5.67585 foot
Weight: 79 kg/ 174,165 lbs
Species: Dimindium, a goat

Sexuality: bi (but in denial; he calls everyone who swings both ways just insecure of what they really are, or in denial about it, and he knows for a fact he likes girls himself!)
Dominant or Submissive: either way (though to himself Lucas would say that he’s dominant simply because he’s male)
Dormitory: Sun
Classes: Elemental Magic, and Offensive and Defensive Magic
Clubs: none yet
Grade Level: Freshman (he got held back a year almost as soon as he started school, being a bit too slow when learning to read and count)

Personality: Lucas is a pretty happy-go-lucky fool who loves company, friends and family. He will approach everyone with a smile and is always up for fun (and preferring it to homework gets him into a bit of trouble sometimes). Just like he is always ready to lend a hand he will pretty much expect everyone else to be.
Just like all goats Lucas is quite a taster and will try to eat everything at least once (with a stomach that can digest a bit of everything, even stuff that is a bit poisonous to others, he sees no reason not to). He is also quite far from a fluffy lamb or a soft sheep (even if he is related to them), being both shaggier and a bit more aggressive; he was born to grow horns and he will use them. All while he might be a prey he is just as likely to attack as flee when he’s feeling threatened, both figuratively and literally.
He has quite a hard time to dislike people in general, but so far he has never come face to face with anyone that is not his own kind. All he knows about other people is the stories he’s been told by his elders and travellers passing by the village, and while at the school he will be quite eager to get to know more.
His usual tactic when feeling down is to hide behind a smile until he can be alone, both not to trouble others and so he won’t look weak and stupid

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