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Sunday 16/11 2014 (That means they gamed for a week in pt. 9 and 10 and during that time they became hospitalized)

Blue woke up first (as always). Red hugged him from behind and was breathing slowly. Obviously Red was still sleeping so Blue moved Red’s arm away carefully and stood up. He went to the kitchen and heated up some coffee, sat down by the kitchen table and looked out the window. Had this all been a dream?

Why was almost every day so unlike the other? Why was everything weird happening the day he got his job as a lawyer? And then LOST it some days later? Blue wanted answers but he had no one to ask, except for Red but he was probably just as confused as Blue was. He finished the coffee, washed the cup, dried it off and left it on the counter. Blue went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and washed his face. He then put his hands at the sides of the sink, stared at his face and sighed. His head dropped and he closed his eyes.

Next moment Blue felt a warm embrace and someone nuzzled his neck.
- You’re up early.
Red sounded as if he was mumbling in his sleep, low and barely understandable. Blue giggled silently and turned around to return the embrace. He rubbed his nose against Red’s nose and kissed Red gently on his lips.
- I need to go back to my former office and ask why I was fired. If they still don’t want me I’ll apply for another job.
- Dude, dude, du - dee - duuuude... I should find work too.

Blue’s eyes widened, he raised his eyebrows, silent because he was surprised:
- Wow, really?
- Yeah, I can’t keep living here not doing shit. But that also means I need to find something I like and am QUALIFIED to do. Remember my last grades? I had F in everything. I need something that doesn’t require me to know stuff to do stuff.
Blue laughed, all of this talk coming from Red was quite amusing.
- What? You mean like a stripper?
- Shut up, Blue.
Red said and hit Blue gently in the head.

- I mostly don’t care what I have to do to earn the money, but I’ll have less time to spend with you though... That is unless of course I can work with you?
- Ha-ha, I don’t think you would qualify to be honest.
Red made a gesture, nodding backwards as if he was hit by a bullet:
- Ouch, you’re so mean, Blue.
- Don’t worry loser, you’ll find something.
Blue’s mood dropped to that of a sad one.
- Of course, being a soldier in the military doesn’t need any education-
Red hit his head against Blue’s head, he looked slightly angry.
- Don’t say that, Blue... You’re my boyfriend, you’ll always be and I will live together with you for the rest of time. Understand?

Blue blushed and looked away, Red had probably never called Blue “boyfriend”. Yeah, Red said that he loved Blue but he
never described their relationship as being “lovers”, had he? Blue had thought from the day that Red got Blue back when Blue
had fled from the confession (pt. 5: Red brings Blue back home) that Red only thought of their relationship as “friends with
benefits”. Thinking about that made Blue blush even more.
- Hah, Blue, you’re blushing.
- Shu-shut up!
Red laughs and lets go of Blue, opens the door to the shower and waves Blue in:
- We’re probably a little dirty since our “fun-time” from last night.
Blue sighs and smiles:
- Sure, but let’s undress first, yeah?

Red’s clothes came flying into Blue’s face:
- Well then, hurry.
Blue shut the bathroom door and locked it, removed his clothes and stepped into the shower with Red.
- Your cap will get wet, Red. Do you EVER wash your hair or take the cap off?
- What? Did you think I would tell you if you asked nicely?
Red turned on the shower, looked at Blue and kissed him gently. Blue giggled softly and turned Red’s cap around:
- I won’t get any water if your cap shields me from it you know.
Red laughed and hugged Blue:
- You know I become twice as badass when my cap is turned sideways, right?
- Yup, and ten times more attractive.
Blue said and kissed Red deeply.

After the shower they sat at each side of the sofa in the living room and played Team Fortress (Flame War is DF’s version of Call of Duty or something but I don’t know what is DF’s version is of TF, so I’ll just leave it like that). They were in the same team, cooperated and watched out for each other. Blue played as sniper and Red as soldier.
- SPY!
Blue said and shot the spy who probably was coming for Red.
- Thanks, Blue.
- Don’t mention it, keep you alive, keep the others from the scouts, they steal the intel. and we win. It’s as simple as that.
Neither Blue nor Red made eye-contact with each other when talking, simply concentrating hard on the game. A few minutes later they achieved victory together with the rest of the team and the time was now 10.07 am.

- Red, let’s talk.
- Mm? About what?
Blue entered a new map and the clock was slowly counting down.
- About the last days, first we get in a time rift and fight zombies like something directly taken out from a zombie-game. Next I get hit by a car. On Halloween we change into fantasy monsters. Then you fall into a coma. Online gaming and we wake up in a hospital. Doesn’t all of this kind of seem surreal to you?
Red leaned his head to the left and the map started.
- It does seem kinda weird... Why?
- I want answers. Let’s finish this map and head out, ok?
Red then nodded, they played as the same classes they did the previous map, won again and shut the game console off.

They both headed out trying to find answers, probably not asking anyone else since they would be just as confused. If any of the other residents knew he/she would have told the rest of this city what was happening a long time ago. Suddenly a familiar face appeared in front of them. His left eye was luminous and his arms/legs made clicking and whirring sounds.
- You want answers, correct? It is written all over your faces.
- ... Wait, wait, wait-! Aren’t you-...
Blue was spinning his hand, trying to remember.
- That’s Cyan, remember?
- Thank you. Wow, you remembered?
Blue was quite surprised. Out of all the people, Red remembered Cyan. Little did Blue know that Cyan and Red just met recently (pt. 8.16).
- Correct, follow me, I shall tell you everything.
He said and went into an ally, Blue and Red followed. It was dark and silent in the ally even if it was daytime.

- You want to know what and why everything has happened? You better prepare yourself because there is a high likelihood that you will not understand any of it. And I’ve been here for a long time so I remember mostly everything. The day you fell into a time rift; that was a mistake of mine. I am still not in control over my powers even though I have tried for a long time to master it. I must have let a small amount of my vast power out and that in turn must have cut the face of time.
Cyan gestured with his hand but never broke eye-contact with Red and Blue while he did so.
- To explain this, before you fell into the time rift, the other side still had elder versions of you. But the moment you stumbled in the rift, the younger versions of you both replaced the elder ones. Everything changed, like you teleported from that instant in your time to the future where everything is destroyed because you two didn’t stop the destruction from happening.

Red was a little confused but Blue totally understood everything without the need for a second explanation.
- So you mean that something’s going to happen and we must stop it?! That the future looked like shit because we weren’t there to prevent it?!
- This is correct.
Red and Blue were speechless, what was there to say? They were the ones who would prevent destruction from happening!
- ... And- ... What about Halloween?
Red asked trying to comprehend all of this information even a little bit.
- I must apologize for that, seeing as I am the god of balance my powers are infinite and the first minute of Halloween I sensed a disturbance in balance was going to happen... Little did I know I was going to be the one to cause that disturbance. I started meditating on top of the Transamerica Pyramid, I opened my walls, started leaking out my energy, trying to evoke a vision what would be the disturbance. I leaked too much and I lost control. Not only positive energy but also dark energy spread throughout San Francisco and only in San Francisco. I do not know why you all turned into fantasy-horror-themed monsters, but I believe it had something to do with it being Halloween...

Blue nodded intelligibly while Red simply shook his head. (Neither Blue nor Red decided to ask about the “god of balance” thing since that would require more text which gives me less room for story) Red knew that the nightmare about Blue dying repeatedly was Cyan’s doing but all of this seemed too surreal for him to understand properly. Red had never told Blue about the nightmare and he didn’t plan to, that dream would forever to be unspoken of.
- Ok, then what was the gaming thing? Was that a result of your power leaking too?
- I think there still was some of my positive energy in the air and that might have kick-started advanced technology in this area. Notice that there hasn’t been any news about this gaming console which indicates that it was developed here and tested out at the first day of release. (Whispering) The developers have to make it so you can only be online for max 4 hours a day...

Blue rubbed his neck, so the ups and downs together with the chaos that had been taking place were all this individuals doing?
- ... Wow... Just, wow... Red?
- Uh, yeah?
Blue crossed his arms and smiled diagonally:
- Red? Whaddya say we treat Cyan to a beer?
- Ha-ha, yeah, I don’t even think gods drink beer.
Cyan burst out in hysterical laughter, Red and Blue just looked at each other but none of them knew anything.

- Ah-hah, do you know Dionysus, the half-god (like Heracles) from Greek mythology? Son of Zeus, god of thunder and Semele, a human female. Dionysus, or otherwise known as Bacchus, became the god of whine and the culture behind the brewing of liquor. Gods can, in fact, handle alcohol better than mortal humans.
Red growled and turned his cap sideways:
- Oh yeah? You wanna to bet on it?
Cyan giggled and crossed his arms behind his back.
- I do not think you do.

Blue put his hands at Blue’s shoulders and tried to calm him down:
- Red, I don’t think this is a good idea.
Cyan had a very ominous look on his face, he was smiling widely and showing his teeth while doing so.
- Blue, don’t stop me! Imma show this nigga’ who’s boss!
- As you humans often say: “Come at me bro!”
Red turned around and walked in the direction of the closest bar, he slammed the door open and shouted:
Cyan came into the bar next after Red:
- PSH! Not vodka, the strongest beer in the world was announced 2013 October 25’th, created in Scotland called Snake Venom. Two snake venom bottles! Remember, you will be paying for this. But you will not pay that much though. Snake Venom clocks in at a staggering 67.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). I do not even believe you, Red, could finish one bottle.
- Heh! You’ll be sad when I prove you wrong!

(1 bottle = 1L/~34 oz.)
Red: Finishes at 2½
Cyan: Is at 5 and still going

Red can barely see in front of him, his head is spinning and he’s nauseous:
- Ok-... you win... Fuck...
You actually drank 2 bottles, lucky you, you proved me wrong.
Cyan finished his 6’th bottle and stood up not even slightly drunk or wobbly, still sober:
- Blue, pay the drinks and take Red home. I have felt a slight disturbance for a while now that I need to attend to.
Cyan went up in smoke and disappeared. Blue sighed, paid the drinks and carried Red home on his back.
- I told you it was a bad idea, you never listen.
- Shut... up... Blue...
Red said and Blue giggled:
- You let your pride blind you from seeing anything.
- Goddammit, Blue, I said shut up... You sound like Cyan...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Cyan appeared in Sahara, there was a storm brewing up for no reason. No strong winds had been scheduled for today. Was his energy still spreading across the planet?
- Goodness gracious, no, I really hope not...
He muttered and calmed the winds down. He looked around at the endless fields of sand. Cyan could easily moisturize the desert and grow trees and plants here. But he knew that that action would disturb balance and he’d be deeply punished for that. Cyan swallowed, even if he wanted and it was for the best for everybody, he couldn't’ wasn’t allowed to.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Blue arrived at the apartment, kicked his shoes off and helped Red get his shoes off too. Blue then carried Red to his room and tucked him in bed. Blue went for the door and turned the lights off, he glanced back at Red who was sleeping now and clenched his fists. He shut Red’s door and snuggled down in Red’s bed beside his sleeping partner. Blue smiled gleefully and wrapped his arms around Red (Blue was the big spoon), he snuck his hands down Red’s pants and started caressing Red’s d. Red was still sleeping heavily but he became hard as a brick quickly. Red gasped and cringed, Blue smiled and kissed Red in the neck. Red came and continued sleeping, Blue turned Red towards himself so that they were facing each other.

Blue smiled and rubbed his nose with Red’s nose.

Together they fell asleep.

Late that night.
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