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"Hold still!" the foe cried out, trying to kill the Senshi who turned and dodged his every strike. To recap, the Senshi were in the process of clearing the starliner Astral Princess -bound for Earth from Cygnus Phi III- from a band of mercenary pirates who had held the ship hostage. Unfortunately, some of the pirates had become bored and began to kill some of the passengers and crew just for sport, prompting a response from the authorities. Luckily, a team of Star Warrior Senshi was nearby, and they responded, being the first to arrive. Successfully having infiltrated the ship, the Star Warriors began to cleanse the vessel, incapacitating the pirates and killing those who would not back down. Now back to the present..........

"Like hell I will!" the Senshi cries out, readying her blade for another blow. She lunges, but the pirate is crafty, and he throws out a small sphere that expands into a web of force energy that all but stops the Senshi cold in her tracks. Now trapped in the web, the Senshi lies helpless, struggling to break free whilst the pirate just fingers his energy sword and draws his beam pistol, saying, "How should I kill you, girl? Shot to the brain? Slow exsanguination by throat-cutting, perhaps?"

"As my Colonial cousins say, go frak yourself, pirate scum!" the Senshi replies, anger in her voice, and it just causes the pirate to laugh. "You're funny, girl. I think I'll instead have some fun with you." So saying, the pirate sheathes his blade and holsters his pistol, before preparing himself for what's going to happen next. He goes for the Senshi's waist, carefully passing the energy web that's holding her in place. Seeing his hands go down to her skirt, she realizes what he's about to do, and shouts, "Don't you dare!" The pirate ignores her, thinking of the fun that's coming, when a tiny voice behind him cries, "You'd better not do that, otherwise this'll happen!"

What the pirate feels next is a blast of searing hot air and flame burn part of his right ear, and in agony he draws back, nursing his injured ear while howling in pain. "Who the frag did that!?" The tiny voice replies, "Up here, filth. Here I am!" He looks up, and is bewildered to see a little woman flying above him, a spear and Imperial-issue meltagun held in her hands, both impossibly small. Black hair flows wildly behind her, and he sees the anger and strength in her reddish eyes. He instantly knows who she is; she's one of the Fae, that race of little humans who are like fairies, if the pink and torn butterfly wings flapping behind her and the pink fairy dust bursting from her body are any proof of that.

"Surprised?" says the Fae, and he draws his weapons again, firing his pistol blindly, the little fairy Senshi dodging each shot effortlessly. "Now it's my turn." The pirate gets ready, expecting the little Fae to fly straight at him. He'll bash her aside with his blade. He does not expect the Fae to suddenly grow in size, the misty dust enveloping her and causing her to expand rapidly in stature, until she becomes as tall as a normal human. She whacks him with her now full-sized spear, the pirate bashed aside while still stunned.

The now-giant Fae (normal to us) readies her spear and lunges again at him, wasting no time in delivering the killing blow. A quick jab into the left side of his chest punctures his lung and the pirate starts to bleed from his wound. Incapacitated, he is easy prey for the Fae Senshi, who positions her spear behind her one-handed and then lets loose, swinging it in an arc that decapitates the pirate, ending his life and the battle.
The fight over, the Fae turns to her Senshi sister, who's still trapped in the field web. One slash of her spear interrupts the power flow and the web dissipates, freeing the other Senshi, who gets up and sheaths her blade before thanking her savior. "Thanks, Kailyn. You have no idea what that bastard was about to do to me."
"I actually do, Tuliana," Kailyn replies, the Fae acknowledging the Brontian Senshi with a nod of her head, "and let's leave it at that." She hefts her now normal-sized meltagun, still fizzing with heat energy following that burst. "Let's go. Our team leader says the remaining pirates have holed themselves up in the engine room. We'd better get there before they try something desperate."

"Like blow up the engines?" says Tuliana, unsheathing another of her dozen blades and readying it. In turn, Kailyn answers, "That, or destroy the engine core and thus, the whole ship with it. Come on." She leads the way, remaining full-sized and running like hell towards the stern of the ship, Tuliana close behind.

-Sailor Faerydae Cogadh, Soldier of the Fae and War, member of the Star Warriors, the Lady Cogadh.

While the Order of the Star Warriors consists almost exclusively of human females, the size of the galaxy and the wildly differing environments of its worlds are such that human colonists have had to adapt to survive in their new homes, developing new senses and abilities or honing those they already possess. In the case of the people known as the Fae, they were originally descended from human colonists that settled upon a world in the northern Milky Way, a planet that had a fairy-like appearance and was covered in a vast globe-spanning carpet of shining mist that was comparable to mythical fairy dust. Without knowing it, the colonists were genetically altered (or mutated) by this fairy dust, earning longer lifespans and faster metabolisms as a result, as well as heightened senses. However, the dust also caused the colonists and their future generations to become extremely stunted in height; the dust effectively neutralized the growth hormones produced by the human pitutary gland, or at least lessened their production to such a degree that future generations were born into miniature sizes like that of a fairy.

So did the human offshoot species known as the Fae (after the mythological being of ancient Terran lore) come to exist in the Milky Way, a race of tiny humans living in perfect harmony with their homeworld, which is kept a closely guarded secret even though the existence of the Fae humans is common knowledge. Fae are described by normal humans and other humanoid species as being tiny in stature, each with fairy-like wings sprouting from their backs, and all with the same glowing dust flowing from their bodies, a substance which their miniature bodies have now absorbed. Only a select few Fae (about 2 in 100) possess the ability to grow into a size comparable to normal human stature (whilst retaining all their other attributes, including flight), and Kailyn is one of them.

Kailyn was born into one of the many tribal families of her homeworld (her planet adopts a modernized tribal form of government), and spent much of her life there. Unlike her Fae kin, who believe in peaceful resolution and non-violence (though they don't enforce such beliefs), Kailyn was possessed of a fighter personality, and decided to learn martial arts. Leaving her homeworld, Kailyn spent many years living on dozens of worlds that had warrior societies, learning numerous combat arts. She eventually went into employment as a soldier-for-hire, though she was careful not to work with power-hungry or corrupt individuals and governments, using her combat talents to defend others. In a way, Kailyn became a mercenary, but one who was honorable, respectful, and compassionate towards the weak and helpless. This, along with the fighting skills she possessed, is what brought the Star Warriors to her, the Senshi of the order finding a kindred spirit in Kailyn.

Offering her membership- and a good-natured but tough duel- the Star Warrior Senshi impressed Kailyn with their fighting prowess, which was as good as her own. After learning of their purpose, she agreed to join, seeing the opportunities that lay before her. Kailyn was and still is considered one of the best students ever trained by the Star Warriors, especially in the fighting arts; she was unrivalled among her fellow trainees in terms of fighting skill and martial arts, absorbing every combat move and strategy she learned. She completed her training and was initiated as Sailor Faerydae Cogadh, 'Faerydae' meaning "gift of the fairies", indicating the departure of one of the Fae folk from the homeworld and traveling the stars, hence the "gift" of the Fae to the inhabitants of the Milky Way (Faerydae is also a common title for Fae who leave their home). Since then, Kailyn has proven to be one of the most consummate warriors of the order, a Star Warrior Senshi expert in the arts of war.

Weapons and Items

Winged ruby piece- a winged ruby jewel embedded in her chest, this is Kailyn's Transformation Item. A simple incantation in her native tongue and a swirl of the mist flowing over her body is all that's required to commence Kailyn's change into her Senshi form.

War Fang- her primary Attack Item takes the form of a long glaive, the difference between this spear and the traditional glaive being that the blade is curved slightly inwards rather than outwards, making War Fang an ideal stabbing and thrusting weapon, the curved edge able to pierce deep into flesh. Kailyn's expertise in polearm use is such that she's able to wield War Fang effectively with just one hand. Many a foe has described seeing Kailyn wield the spear almost like a sword; so swift and fast is the spear, and so precise are its strikes that one enemy said "it was a fang that struck out of nowhere." Hence, War Fang's name.

Primus Tertia-pattern meltagun- Of all the weapons she has used throughout her long career as an independent mercenary, Kailyn favors the meltagun most of all. She has fought in the borders of the Imperium, a galaxy away from home, and has found these heat-emitting firearms to be of excellent use. Thus, she uses a Primus Tertia-pattern meltagun as her main firearm; it is short enough to be wielded one-handed but large enough to deliver the blast of a volcano into an entire rank of foes.

Known attacks

Spear Dance Storm- a potent physical attack imbued with magic, it allows Kailyn to dance and weave around her foes, her spear a whirlwind of fury. The spear is magically enchanted whilst the attack is executed, making it even more lethal against supernatural entities and sundering almost any magical protections the foe may have. It's an work that only works, however, when Kailyn is at her giant size (that would be our normal human size).

Heat Beam Lance Disruption- using her meltagun, Kailyn's second weapon, it fires the same potent heat blast that all meltaguns shoot out, but in a continuous beam and with greater range than normal thanks to being magically enhanced by Kailyn's knowledge of fire magic. The beam and resulting molten heat can spear through a whole line of foes, melt numerous vehicles into slag, and blast through even the thickest walls. It works no matter if Kailyn's big or small.

Dust Tornado Rampage- the magic-like dust that flows around Kailyn's body is released in larger and larger amounts, eventually forming into a vortex that range in size, from the size of a full-grown humanoid to that of an actual tornado. It can destroy most supernatural entities as well as blow away foes, Kailyn controlling the vortex's movements completely.


Despite originating from a peace-loving species, Kailyn is the direct opposite of her Fae kin, being a warrior and fighter above all else. So it is that almost all of her missions within the Order of the Star Warriors have been of a combat nature, the Fae having participated in numerous battles, from skirmishes to full-scale conflicts. She is one of the best warrior Senshi in the order, an expert fighter. But she's also an ideal scout due to her tiny stature and innate stealthiness, and so Kailyn has proved invaluable in that role, delivering much-needed knowledge of terrain, number of enemies, obstacles, and more. Whether tiny or gigantic (relative to Fae size), Kailyn is valued and respected by all who fight beside her, and she has the record of service to prove it. Her record includes the following:

.Kailyn was instrumental in rescuing eighteen ambassadors of high rank during a peace conference on the world of Solariae X, which was usurped by a rebel military faction and placed under siege. Whilst in her miniature size, Kailyn scouted the enemy-held area, returning with intel that proved essential to the rescuing of the ambassadors. She joined the battle herself in her human size, her spear a whirlwind of lethal metal and her meltagun turning rebel troops and vehicles to slag. In the end, the ambassadors were rescued and the remaining rebels surrendered or committed suicide.

.A space colony of 120,000 near the Tiion Cluster, in the western edge of the Milky Way, suffered an attack by supernatural creatures that had breached through reality by unknown means. The only Star Warrior Senshi who could reach them was Kailyn herself. As such, it was upon her shoulders that the colony be saved from these deadly beasts. So did she take command of the colony's militia, directing them in the fight against the entities, which had taken physical form. She personally despatched the last five beasts herself, killing them all with her spear.

.Full-scale war had erupted between two worlds in the northernmost reaches of the Milky Way, and the Star Warriors sent fourteen Senshi to act as mediators. Kailyn was amongst that number, but as negotiations proceeded, she caught sight of something unnatural. One of the world leaders- specifically the one who had declared war- seemed to be out of place, his eyes glazed and staring off into space. It was through her power that Kailyn discovered the leader was under the mind control of an alien parasite which fed on death itself. Abruptly ending the negotiations by wounding the enslaved leader, Kailyn revealed to all the source of the conflict: the parasite had burrowed itself deep within the leader's body, using his own life force to leech off the deaths of more innocents. Kailyn killed it with a single shot from her meltagun, ending the conflict right then and there. The enslaved leader, much to his dismay, did not survive.

Another fairy-type Senshi, this time a warrior one of my own design. Incorporated a little Sailor Moon and 40k into the mix. Enjoy.
Ah, yes, I forgot. The word "cogadh" means "war" or "battle" in Irish.

Sailor Moon belongs to its creator, Naoko Takeuchi.
Warhammer 40,000 belongs to Games Workshop.
The artwork is mine. Enjoy.
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