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The following explanation should only be taken in context with the “Saga of Urath” story. While there may be elements and pieces that I might consider as real possibilities, such as a multiverse in certain respects, the following reality is specifically for the story. As far as the multiverse concept, that is an idea that's been gaining more consideration in recent decades with a closer look at string theory and such. Anyway, this is all for fun and hopefully to entertain while making one think outside the box.

Concepts and ideas in the story are drawn from numerous authors, such as Michael Moorcock, creator of Elric and a believer in the multiverse/parallel universe idea that was emerging in the '60s; Lovecraft, science magazines and even my RPG days playing D&D The game, fiction books (Lovecraft), space and science magazines growing up and even a family friend inspired me to look up anything I could find on other dimensions, astral travel, eastern religious concepts and supernatural realms. But even as a kid early mythologies of the Greek and Norse pantheons were fascinating. And of course Tolkien I still consider a father of modern fantasy.


Concerning the Elemental Order of the Balance:

Consider that the universe is quite large (an obvious understatement) and there are things still to learn and understand. Consider that there are other “dimensions” or “planes of reality/existence” beyond our material universe. What are known as the elemental planes are what our universe draws raw elements from to bring into existence, livegiving stars. Perhaps that Higgs/Boson particle is the bridge between our universe and the realm of the elemental planes.

The elemental planes are divided into four basic categories named after the ancient ideas of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. In broader scope they could be looked at as gasses, energy, solids and liquids. These planes meet at borders that are ambiguous, rather than sharply defined, producing strange realms such as ooze; where liquids and solids meet; smoke, where gasses and energy meet; molten where solids and energy come together and a realm of ice and cold where gasses and liquids come together. This is further complicated by the presence of realms of positive energy and negative energy that also affect the the borders of all the aforementioned realms, but they are not relevant to the story at this time.

The Elemental planes are, in a sense, neutral territory, as they are a symbiotic part of the greater multiverse. Good and evil are terms used to describe individual entities or cultures of supernatural beings that make the elemental planes their home. The Elemental Order draws upon the powers of these inner planes to endow the Mistresses and Patrons of the order with powers to defend mortals of a given world against beings from the outer planes of existence.

The Elemental Order exists on many worlds throughout the universe wherever the Divine or Gods seek to interfere with the lives of normal mortals of the known universe. The Order is governed and overseen by a group of beings called The Watchers. The Watchers are typically former members of the quasi-immortal Order. For example. It is possible that someday, Ertha would be called upon to join the ranks of The Watchers as long as her record as an Elemental Mistress has strongly upheld the agenda of the Watchers.

The agenda of the Watchers is to maintain the balance. Good and evil are intangible forces that have tangible consequences and when they are out of balance it can effect the wider universe which in turn can upset the multiverse and so on. A major cause for this comes from ancient peoples and beings of the outer planes. Sometimes called Gods, Ancient Aliens, the Divine, etc. They are among the first sentient entities to emerge in relation to our universe. It is also said there are even older beings that live beyond this universe and are older than many universes that have come and gone in the greater multiverse. Confused yet?!

Imagine your home. Then imagine your home in the neighborhood and your neighborhood in the county, then in the state, the country and finally the world, with the world being a multiverse of different universes (countries) and worlds within that universe (states) and our own local systems and home planets (counties and towns/cities). Essentially infinite fractals or repeating patterns with mild variations as the scale changes.

What happens in Eurasia, Asia, the Middle East and the West can certainly send reverberations around the world.

The Gods, or Divine in terms used on Urath, live in realms outside our immediate universe in alternate dimensions, and realms of reality. They are reached by traveling the Astral Plane. It is said humanoids can access the astral plane through their minds and project their spirit there, but not the physical body. The Divine can do both, but if the Divine began to wage wars against one another in this universe there would soon be nothing left, including the Divine. Thus codes and laws were established and a group to oversee and enact enforcement of those laws. The Watchers.

Though the Divine live outside this universe, the realms they live in are nearly identical to our own material, mortal realm. The difference being these realms are greatly influenced by the powers of the Divine that live there, with the most powerful exerting the most influence. Sometimes magic and physics are different, but they rely on the Elemental Planes as much as the normal universe does. Think of Marvel's Thor and Asgard and the rest of the Nine Worlds, such as the realm of the frost giants, as an example. Magic and technology weave together there and one ruler's power can protect everyone of the realm, such as Odin, the All Father.

The purpose of the Order is to give mortals a fighting chance against the Divine who do not wish to play by the rules or choose to make their own. The Divine gain energy and power from the spirits of worshiping mortals. That gives them power in their home realms which can be used for defense, aggression, charity and any number of creative ideas. Divine like Asmodeus use it for personal gain, vanity, ego and to lord their power and force their will upon others.

Ultimately, beings like Asmodeus are going to exist as well as their opposites. A self righteous being who decided to slay every being like Asmodeus, is no better than Asmodeus. Thus the Elemental Order picks four women and often four men as a secondary tier, to become quasi-immortals to be the line of defense for the balance. They are known as the Elemental Mistresses and the Para-Elemental Patrons, respectively.

The Order has its own non-intervention laws as well. They cannot be rulers of the people they protect. They are there to advise. They are not to judge or mete out punishment. They can provide information and advice to leaders and judicial systems, but it must be up to the people to enact purpose to their own laws.

The Order is also there to counteract agents of the Divine. In other words they can stop or interfere with devils, demons, angels and avatars of the Divine, if they believe these agents are overstepping bounds so as to make their masters more powerful and/or harming and affecting, adversely, the mortals of their world.

In times of war, members of the Order can fight alongside allies to their cause if the cause/agenda of the Watchers is under attack. If a war is simply a war of passion, territory dispute, or even political conquest, members of the Order must not directly interfere. Should the war jeopardize the balance, then they can get directly involved.

In the case of direct Divine interference and intervention, the Order can use all of its powers to maintain a defense against the offending Divine. In such cases, other Divine often become involved to stop the offender. For example, when the Queen Mother of Dragons appeared at Emagean's tower, then the Grand Father was allowed to enter this universe to stop her and cast her back to her own realm.

As you see, the men, Smoke and Ice, of the second tier of the Order are essentially overstepping their bounds with their assistance to Asmodeus. If they only assisted Jael, there would still be a line, albeit a thin one. If Ertha can show solid proof of law breaking to the Watcher assigned to Urath, then these men will be cast from the Order. After that, their fate is left up to the mortals of Urath that they have affected or influenced.

Members of the Order are granted great power when chosen. They are quasi-immortal, meaning that they are immune to natural death, disease and poisons. However, disease caused by magic, magic weapons, magic poisons and curses can affect them and they can only survive depending on their own natural and magical abilities and strengths. They are also give great mastery of the element they represent. They are masters of that element, but not limited to that one sphere. When all eight stations are filled with like minded people, the Elemental Order is vastly powerful and most Divine will not interfere with such a world with that protection. But people are still fallible and have emotions and egos. It is rare to have a world with a complete roster of four women and four men that are all like minded, but it does happen, even if for only a while. Urath has done well over the many millennia, but it began to break down in a bad way a few hundred years before Ertha was found and elevated to the Mistress of the Rock. Since her appointment, order has been greatly restored, but Ertha has had a long and hard time over the last nearly nine hundred years. She has seen loss amongst the mistresses and patrons alike. But with Sirenia at her side things have been better. She is now very optimistic about Winslet and Brigit.

Thanks for your interest.

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