Chazon Mythical Species Picture

Im so bored so I made this...Thing...Most likely the most disturbing creation I made so far. Enjoy the data on it.

Name: Chazon
Diet: Soulineular
Native Planet:First sighted on Neiuz.
Habitat: Jungles,Cave,Shadows..
Weight: ?
Height: 6ft tall..

BIO:Rumored to be found on Neiuz. Dated back about 7,850 BWRD (Before White Rim Discovery) , some workers mining for a raw metal called Irooo, experienced some odd changes in there area. One worker spotted a shadowy figure in the dense jungles, but when the others came to analyze what it was, it was gone.
Again, the same worker spotted it in the caverns they where mining at, and again the others did not see it, so they told him that he may be a little ill and gave him the day off. The next day a worker was reported to have gone completely insane and brutally killed 2 other workers,when the others found and killed the mad victim,it seemed he was....Eating his kill....A week later everyone was gone except for the first person who sited it when he was rescued,he stated "It looked like it was staring at me...Like it could see my soul..." he soon died after he was rescued, he commited suicide in the bunks.
More reports soon pored in on transport ships,and patrol vessels.

In mythology:After thousands of years of witnesses so called seeing this creature, has erupted many stories and myths threw out the universe. The most common story is that the Chazon (It was named after the Razon language meaning "Demon") hides in the shadows and waits for the ones who have deeply sinned, or are disturbing sacred ground. It would come out and steal your shadow, and the victim would feel immortal pain and their soul would be pure clean to move on in the next life,though the pain is considered a fair punishment so this means the pain was more than that Hell could bring.
Another myth was that it would go after children who miss behaved, or were dead alone and consume everything except their bones. It was also said that if a child misbehaves more often,the stronger it is for the Chazon to kidnap even if they are not alone.

Kryptology: The Chazon was said to be 6ft tall, pure black with dotted red eyes,white strings of hair,three claws on each hand,and two steaks on each foot.
Its capable of shifting in dark areas, and is said to be capable of levitation. Their claws are sharp enough to slice threw bone, and their jaw can open out at 2ft. They are also capable of coughing a mist that is said to burn the eyes of the victim temporarily...They also seem to be Ionical based lifeforms, meaning it lacks physical properties such as breathing, 3d structure,and no shadow.
This creature literally has no shadow.
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