StarFox Ancestors: Totsuka-no-Tsurugi Picture

Totsuka-no-Tsurugi (Tenfist sword by modern Cornerians) is not a specific sword, but a common noun for any swords of this length. Old Cornerain mythology insists that these type of swords were usually owned by the deities.

In 3 ALW one such Tenfist was discovered by the Cornerian army and brought in for analysis. It was discovered that the material used to make the blades does not exist anywhere in the universe. the "Metal" that makes up the blade turned out to be an insanely strong material that couldn't be replicated. Several tests with the weapon showed that is was virtually indestructible, highly resilient and could cut through basically any material provided there is enough force in doing so. It was also proven that it could deflect and actually split all types of laser fire and could penetrate reflectors and shields with little to no effort. testing on alive subject revealed that it however couldn't harm a civillian or soldier, but was capable of harming a criminal or enemy soldier. Amazingly enough it never dulled or tarnished and constantly retained it's sharpness, the reasons why could not be understood.

Further analysis of the inscription reveals that it belonged to an individual going by the name of " Amaterasu".

In 9 ALW during the Invasion of Corneria in the Aparoid War, it was reported that a civilian was seen wielding the sword in an effort to defend himself. when an aparoid attempted to infect him, it was observed that he was not assimilated, at least with the sword with him. The civilian then sleshed at the aparoid with his sword, killing it, but when he used it on infected civillians, vehicles and soldiers, a miracle occured Whenever he slashed into the infected, the sword did not kill them but instead reverted the aparoid assimilates back to their normal condition. Throughout the entire ordeal, the sword's blade glowed with a blinding aura of light and the Civilian's eyes ears and tail gave of a cosmic aura. Although he was not able to save all, he was able to save a sizeable amount of people and salvage many of the infected military equipment while armed with the sword. Those he saved gave their thanks by bowing before him in almost religious humility. Among those saved were pilots Bill Grey, Katt Monroe, Fay Spaniel, Fara Phoenix and Miyu lynx

Somewhere between 11-12 ALW This sword fell into the hands of Mercenary Pilot, Fox McCloud, who used the sword on several occasions, whether it be facing anglars in hand to hand combat or in bitter confrontations with Star Wolf. However after the Anglar wars, the sword was never returned to the Cornerian Army, Instead, Fox chose to keep it and instead gave them his (equally magical) Ancestral blades. As a result, the McCloud swords became one of Corneria's "Planetary treasures" and was fiercely guarded in a facility somewhere on the planet.
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