Cire Picture

This is Cire, a character for Last Legend.
This character makes things get extremely interesting very quickly.
How so, you ask?
Well, first off, he's a Baku.
His abilities are quite intriguing:

He can manipulate reality based on his own imagination, furthermore he oversees all that is in the unconscious world(s) of dreams and can put anything to sleep if need be in the instance he needs to show them certain simulations to deal with a subconscious problem they have or some error in and of their ways that they need to understand.
He can throw combat crosses (Belmont style), use sentient grimoires, whip and wrap things in metal Nenju (a type of Japanese prayer beads called "Thought Beads") and use Exorcism of Ignorance ward papers on enemies that have different words written on them based on positive emotions and concepts that then enact and introduce the corresponding word to their being like Logic, Reason, Rationality, Kindness, Selflessness, Empathy, Sympathy, ect. to destroy their ego and the words are written in Black Metal logo font style, by the way.
He'll attach the Exorcism of Ignorance ward papers on them in a way akin to and referencing Fist of the North Star's Kenshiro's Hundred Crack Fist technique.
Cire uses black and white magic as well (black magic being utilization and channel of the elements), because he can control karmic forces.
To delve further into why he can use some of what could be considered negative black magic is because he's beyond negativity's influence to use those skills for personal gain.

He can change a negative being's perception and opinion on wanton behavior.
Not only that, but Cire can "exorcise" and tame even some of the evilest creations, beings, spirits and thoughts through logic, both outright organic types and those to come out of the Mansion of Thought and its Theatre of Dreams and shift their morality through showing them compassion.
Influencing a concept called "Vāsanā".
Because of the history of being able to sow the seeds of one's karma, he has gained companions through his positivity, rationality, empathy and logical forgiveness.
Which is also why he started up his Macabrenival, Circvs Hallowgrim, as a means of a hospitable traveling infirmary caravan mixed with educational entertainment to express that even the harshest negative can be channeled, fostered, and turned into a positive usage of suffering.
Suffering (beit small or large) is a pretty key component in creativity that can make the end result worth the pain, for pain and suffering are universal concepts.
Some pains are worse than others, but persevering and surviving them are what makes us, and more profoundly, creates us.
It's HOW you handle your suffering and what you do with it that can be either constructive or destructive.

By discovering and realizing you can chart and develop your own personality and ambitions in life, you can thus focus your individuality to flourish in creativity.
There are positive and negative uses of creativity, as eluded to prior.
And you have to be conscious of that fact.
Responsibility is key in any facet of life, no matter what you focus your attention on.
Beings that are being chaotic for the sake of being chaotic or due to upbringing or dictation are a folly to reason and rationality, with the latter using irresponsibility as a crutch for wrongdoing.

For some sage advice:
"Thou must know the utmost importance of responsibility!
Without care and if chosen misuse ov thy responsibility, thou ist a tyrant.
Misuse + Responsibility = Tyranny. Every time.
Be aware. Be weary. And always be honest. To thyself, and to others.
Do unto them only what you'd do unto yourself.
...But you know, minus the kinky shit."
Oh, that Cire. Ever the comedian.
The moral of his stories told are inspired by Nai Talim.

Cire isn't without being logical and having to fight the unjustified physically, though.
This reasoning is because where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, he would advise violence.
Because everyone is guaranteed the right to self-defense, and opting for timid submission and allowing something to run roughshod over you is a vulgar display of their power. First try to reason with them, if possible.
If reason fails, then maybe a humbling victory will do the trick.
He understands the cruel fact that some things only understand violence, hate and turmoil, but violence should ONLY ever be a last resort.
And in that event, grant thee forgiveness in defeat due to potent ignorance if adamant and violent refusal to understand love, benevolence, altruism, and amity in life is the answer to true happiness, honestly.

But damnit, he will try to his best to rationalize with 'em.
To harken back, he can help them at least try to understand the importance of those values and principles through a Lucidmancy ability called "Karmorpheus" (Karmic Dream), a dreamscape simulation that will show them a world without strife and importance of focusing your energy and efforts positively.
If their ignorance is too potent, thus still refuse and demand that a life of hatred, abhorrence, and turmoil is correct...welp, shit happens.
Can't save everyone, as they say. XD

Summon-wise, he can utilize the bonds built from friendships throughout his life that he's made for assistance in battle.
Some that were previously malevolent, others not but shared his dislike for discord.
Some of his companions include a flying, flapping, bahhing goat head that can headbutt and gnaw on people all funny-like, Yatagarasu that swoops down and steals the enemy away, Asura, Inari, Kodama, and Fukurokuju, to just name just a few.
This is a reference to Atheism, as religion according to Atheists is man-made, which is something that I personally agree with as well.

But as you know, if this is correct (here's some Agnosticism showing) and they are man-made and products of creativity, it's nonetheless evident that religion can spawn irrational thought and programming.
Thus, Cire can and has talked reason into what in our world are looked at as various religious (and mythological) figures.
So, I guess to some people that could be looked as as some kind of profound meaning and reference there.
To answer what Cire would identify as, we share the same "identification", and that's a combination of Agnostic Atheism mixed with Pantheistic Humanism (since without nature, including creatures and their role in helping keep balance to sustain even our own lives, we really would be nothing, and humans should band together for the betterment of ourselves AND the planet) but there's more than just the human race on the planet Maia, so substitute the concept of specifically Humanism to then be Humanoidism, and anything with sentience, for that matter.

Now then, where was I?
Well, since it's a vidya game and healers are always integral to have around, he can raise the dead, beit legit resurrections or if need be, as zombies.
The zombie thing is if you wanna raise your ally back as Undead, which is an amusing and will be a useful option at times.
To end their zombification, just cast Healing spells or just opt for Resurrection again, which is an old school RPG Undead reference, which the latter outright kills 'em again, so after that you can rez them normally.
The zombie thing will first be introduced as part of the storyline, then unlocked for later usage afterward.

Aside from that, he can heal things (people, animals, creatures, monsters, technology even, anything to their former healthy glory), remove hexes and curses, status ailments, and can exorcise anything corrupted by evil, ignorant thoughts and inclination via Lucidmancy.
The reason why he has these abilities is because he has what he refers to as "Darkwhite" Magic.
Basically, just because he looks a certain way, don't judge a book by its cover because it doesn't mean he's bad, negative, or evil.
Oh no, quite the polar opposite.
His fashion sense is more of a scare tactic.
Think of it like how some shamans do.
Speaking of Shamans, he also specializes in natural cures.

The (arguably) bigger draw about him that he can manipulate reality to his imagination's limit...which, is seemingly endless.
This specific ability he calls "Imagic".
So for example, he has a move where he turns into a motherfuckin' train with his face on the front goin' "GUFFAW! GUFFAW! I'M A TRAIN! GUFFAW!".
And he uses a pimp cane with a Dreamcatcher on it with a metal brain above it as the handle that can turn into any weapon.
He usually shouts "PAPAPADEEQWA!" when he has it change form.

More of his ability side of things, he's gonna have an HILARIOUS healing ability that can be selected to heal just him, someone else, or everyone.
What he does is, he grabs the top of his head, and left counterclockwise turns the top of his head off, digs inside, and takes out cookies.
Cire then proceeds to om nom nom on the cookies nonchalantly, and if it's chosen to heal somebody else, he'll dig inside of his head and toss a cookie at them, and if for everyone, he individually passes out cookies. XD

In short, he's kinda like The Sandman, Kenshiro and Toki from Fist of the North Star, Spock, Friedrich Nietzsche, Buddha and King Diamond fused with Looney Tunes I suppose?

And he'll have a move where he makes the enemy play which cup has the coin under it.
The enemy will actually pick the right one, and then he'll show them there's nothing, they don't believe him, so he shows them the inside of the cup...which sucks the enemy inside of it like a vacuum. Then he holds the cup from the open end and the bottom, and shakes it up (like a bartender) and then puts the cup on his shoulder and it turns into a rocket launcher that shoot the enemy out of it and they blast off like Team Rocket and then go boom and make a firework show that spells out "GRIM".

He also has a move where he tells the enemy to pick a card, he flips the card over and it has their picture on it, then he crushes the card akin to how the infamous Professor Himonya does in the "Card Crusher" video. The enemy then becomes confused. Then he does the close-up head back tilted reaction like him...and his hand starts to leak blood...and he drops their heart on the ground. Enemy goes into shock state annnd instadeath!

Storyline-wise, Cire runs the world's first and only Macabrenival, Circvs Hallowgrim!
Aside from that, I'll save the brunt of his backstory for later.

As touched on above, his abilities are:
*Imagic (Reality Manipulation): Whatever he says, creates, and desires, goes. He's not bound to the confounds of reality and logic.
Which is ironic since he's a logical realist who strongly believes goodness is inherently default, and only through ego, greed, fear, madness and negativity does anything harm your kindness and selflessness.

Which isn't exactly incorrect, but are some things actually "born bad" and without any capable positivity?
That's something he strongly questions, because he wholly thinks everyone is in the absolute LEAST capable of positive action, even in the most insane of people, and knows in their core being what is honestly right from wrong.
Ignorance and herd conformity through ignorance itself and not questioning information is dangerously stifling to rational thought and creativity, and that what is said is not always what is correct.
Furthermore, the implantation of hypocritical indoctrinations and passing them off as truth and reason is unreasonable, so sometimes you have to stand your own ground in defense of logic.
That undeniable logic being, charitable kindness and compassion go a long way and everyone is, or at least seemingly should be capable of understanding that.

*Lucidmancy via Karmorpheus (Karmic Dream):
The ability to induce sleep, and then simulate a dream in which they're to understand the importance of positive emotions, intentions, and principles to show them the error of their hate begetting ways in comparison, and how a world without strife would be.
Adamant deniers and those "too far gone" and corrupted, per se, can thus have their dream turn into a nightmare utilizing their subconscious fears against them.

A successful Karmic Dream can either cause an enemy to abandon the battlefield because they now want to live positively, or it converts that enemy unit into an ally for later use by Cire via Allymancy.
An unsuccessful Karmic Dream, meaning a Karmic Nightmare, means the enemy was too ignorant to get through to, which then gives that enemy unit a myriad of status ailments and can even kill them instantly as their consciousness got trapped in the nightmarish dreamland and they couldn't differentiate it from reality anymore.

This basically encompasses Black Magic, White Magic, Necromancy, Shamanism, Allymancy, and Lucidmancy.

In case you were wondering, his name is pronounced Sire.
Plus, he has an object called a Moral Compass that is exactly what it sounds like, that he uses to judge character and can set amoral people right (think of it kinda like Ollie's locket on Ni No Kuni) where he can thus restore virtues and reason to people.
Oh, and he tends to speak in Shakespearean English and upholds certain "commandments" of chivalry like being and showing generosity to everyone that does you no wrong, never lying or going back on his word, respect and defense for those or that of which can't properly or fairly defend itself (like nature, animals, the sick, disabled, elders, and children), and an inclination to always defend against evils and injustice.
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