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Senra, Queen of the Sun


Senra is the High Queen of the Eridanus and leader of the First Children, the equine gods of the breed. Commanding and powerful, Senra is regarded as one of the most powerful entities in the universe and she serves as the liaison between ODFS and the Eridanus, who are never seen. She keeps to herself for the most part but has a flair for making dramatic entrances at the most inopportune moments.


True Name: Lady Senra
Known Name (Self Name): Lady of the Sun
Titles: The Sun Queen, The Morning Star, The Allmother, The Sun Goddess, Queen of the Sun, The Phoenix, the Phoenix Queen, Red Star, the Star Goddess
    Known most commonly as The Sun Queen

Gender: Mare
Breed: Immortal Eridanus Goddess
Age: IMMORTAL: roughly 13.8 billion years

Height: 18.7 hands
Eye Color: Scarlet, pupiless
    -Golden coat -Orange flame-stripes -Red mane and tail

Siblings: Ebenos, Signy, Janos, Brisa, Kona
Mate: Casperio (DECEASED)
Love Interest (s): Rupert
Friends: Her siblings, her daughters Alana and Anthean, ODFS Grievous Shakar
Enemies: The Deara, Mammon in particular.

Personality: Senra has always been a very old soul and over the years her personality has grown very dark indeed. As the first of the First Children and the God Empress of the Eridanus, she was responsible, mature and a powerful, commanding leader from day one. She rarely let emotions show and remained strong when all else was failing. She led the war against the Deara with extreme aggression and was almost bloodthirsty, intent on wiping out the evil demons from the cosmos, and created a band of warriors of the powers of light to serve as her elite guard. Each time one of her Sun Soldiers fell, it took a terrible toll on her, but she persevered, knowing a leader had to remain strong. Her siblings supported her each step of the way, but when her Bond-mate Casperio was killed in battle by the Deara Mammon, everything from that point onward began to crumble. Because Eridanus mate for life, losing the other half of her soul nearly killed her, and her purge of the Deara grew even more ferocious. When they successfully ended the war and imprisoned the Deara but she could not kill Mammon and avenge Casperio, Senra gave up on just about everything. The Eridanus's collective power as a whole was so weakened that they all reverted to their crystalline forms, even her siblings, until someone would come and revive the energy flow of the island. Senra, driven by her hatred of the Deara and her grief, did not revert, and was left alone with nothing but the dormant crystals of her family and species for company, for millions of years.

She is not exactly haughty, but an intense personality and very imposing and commanding. She does not suffer fools gladly, and is stern and certainly unforgiving. Prefering to mostly hide her emotions behind an empty poker face, she rarely gets angry, but she does, God help you. Most of the time, she will just walk away if disappointed or upset. Very powerful and sometimes cold. She is rarely seen by horses and fewer humans, however she appears in human mythology as the Egyptian goddesses Sekhmet/Hathor and Isis, the Greek Titan Asteria, and the Phoenician Shapash.

    Habits: She can shapeshift, like most Eridanus, but between more than just anthropomorphic and full horse. Senra can turn herself into a human woman with flame-red hair and eyes and pale golden skin, a golden sphinx, or a white or red phoenix, as well as an incandescent ball of flame, which she does whenever she's in a bad mood. She sets things on fire sometimes, and she can easily raise or lower the sun according to whim. She enjoys basking in the sunlight, but has a bad habit of becoming a social recluse at the slightest misfortune. She dislikes the cold and would rather be nestled in a bush somewhere than out in a chilly breeze. Fear: Unknown Eating habits and favorite treats: She rarely eats (Eridanus need no sustenance) but she likes tropical fruit, including coconuts, such as papaya, mango, starfruit, and citrus for both sweetness and tang, and honey. She doesn't like cold foods.

Physical Traits: Long and lanky, Senra is tall, thin, and elegant. She has a very long mane and tail in varying shades of red, from crimson to vermillion. Her coat is a pale, mild gold color, with a creamier tone on the underbelly and the insides of her legs, and is slightly darker gold along the topline. She has yellow-orange stripes that resemble both flames and tiger stripes, with flame details around her eyes in a dark brown. The markings on her cheeks are a dark red-orange. Her hooves are gold, and her feathers are gradient orange through yellow to a pale cream. Her mane and tail likewise lighten around the tips. Her eyes are scarlet and pupiless unless she's really angry; in that case, her pupils are dark brown slits.

Powers: Capable of unleashing mass, cataclysmic destruction as the mood strikes her, Senra controls the sun, drawing her power from it. She can withstand even the most impossible of heat, set her entire body on fire, transform into a phoenix, human or horse, and fashions her armor out of pure sunlight. If she so chooses, touching her could reduce you to a pile of ash. She can raise the sun and lower it at whim, summon massive storms capable of wiping out continents, and has more than once brought the waters up over Eridan to completely sink the island. She can also manipulate the molten core of Earth, control the paths of comets even in space, and even manipulate planets close to the sun. She can set anything she want on fire, but she decides how and where it burns, and can hurl fireballs and spears of flame. She radiates light and, for attacking purposes, can blind her opponents with a brilliant blast of white. She can control all forms of energy. Senra gives off an otherworldly yellowish-orange glow that gets steadily redder the angrier she is or the more agitated, turns paler and sometimes disappears the more upset she is, and she radiates heat. If she's mad enough, touching her will burn you and sometimes even completely incinerate you. The ground is usually covered by a golden glimmer where she walks that dissipates after several seconds. Like all Eridanus with strong enough wills, she can sprout wings, horns, armor, claws, fangs, all of the above, you name it.



    Senra was one of the first Eridanus to be born from the Orannis, the mystical force from another galaxy that gave birth to both the Eridanus and the Deara. The First Children were not then as we know them today, they were simply essences beside the sentient essence of the Erivanos. To protect other universe and worlds and save their own from destruction by the Deara and their god-force the Deran, the Erivanos divided itself into 7 and melded its own essence with the power of a half-mortal, half-Eridanus mare known as Mirana, who willingly sacrificed her life force for the good of the universe, and the power of each of the most important elements. Senra was born from Mirana's pure energy, the Erivanos's essence, and the brightest of suns which became her. Burning brighter than a million stars, Senra rose to battle the Deara, the first of the Eridanus as we know them today, and leader of the First Children. She is the physical embodiment of light itself, fire made flesh.

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Passable Traits: Senra rules the Fire strain and the Sun strain, though only her immediate progeny will be Sun. All her foals will 100% be Sun strain and are considered Celestial Eridanus. She'll pass her godly powers.

Genotype: NONE

Sire: NONE
Breed: Eridanus god

Eridanus mate for life, but Senra's life-mate is dead, therefore allowing her to breed with other horses. She is very picky about what stallions she chooses because she sees it as her job to populate the Sun strain.
Breeding Status: CLOSED.


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