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Everybody's going to hate me for making satanic references, but... why did I serve the dark lord? ;;
CONTENT WARNING: This deviation you're viewing contains suggestive references to Satanism, in which therefore may not be appropriate to most users, due to religious reasons. Viewer discretion is advised.

Name: Astrum Infernum (star hell)
Place of origin: N/A
Type: Hive mind
Command structure: Hellmind
Alignment: Evil
The Astrum Infernum (Latin: star hell) are a parasitic, demonic and highly invasive alien menace that are themed after idealized representations of Hell (including the mythological Satan), as well as various hostile hive mind alien species from popular media (Xenomorphs (Alien films), Tyranids (Warhammer 40,000), The Flood (Halo series), Necromorphs (Dead Space) and the Zerg Swarm (StarCraft)). Referred to by OAF troops as “space demons”, they also theme around the Hell monsters from the Doom series of first-person shooter games by id Software. The Astrum Infernum were labeled by Hecturian scientists as the “most alien”, as they cannot be killed nor be reasoned with. As a hive collective controlled by a huge, tapeworm-like entity known as the “Hellmind” (an equivalent to either the Overmind or the Gravemind), the Astrum Infernum oftentimes hunt in large swarms to overwhelm their enemies, and are known to assimilate other lifeforms, which transforms the unfortunate into new, twisted and horrific forms, adding them to their hive mind.

The Astrum Infernum consists of various assimilated alien lifeforms and purestrain demons, few of which were even cyborgs (an homage to various Cybrid demons from Doom, i.e. Revenants and Mancubi). In addition to them assimilating organic lifeforms, they’ll also assimilate machines like tanks and walkers, which will then be converted into “bio-vehicles” for the Astrum Infernum; as implied, bio-vehicles were basically living vehicles in which they can be symbiotically linked to a pilot. Also symbiotically linked were bioformes; living weapons which are used as the Astrum Infernum’s organisms’ primary means of offense in a form of either claws, talons, arm cannons made of cartilage for spewing an energized beam (akin to a Hell Razer), among many others. Their primary means of interstellar travel were living starships called “Worldships”, which were planet-sized (no larger than Venus) vessels made entirely of biomass which were shaped like bipolar-shaped planetary nebulae. Even if they assimilate organic lifeforms, not all monsters of the Astrum Infernum were entirely organic; some will have mechanical implants that will offer them slightly more extra protection than most wholly organic horrors with chitinous armor.

The logo of the Astrum Infernum was an abstract representation of the Sigil of Baphomet (also called an “inverted pentagram”) mainly composed of triangles, quadrilaterals and two composite shapes that form the “upper jaw” and “teeth” of the logo. Below was an inverted Marathon logo, which in turn was also used as a symbol for the Reclaimer from the Halo series; Marathon and early Halo games (including Halo: Reach) being made by Bungie.

Astrum Infernum logo (c) Me
Marathon/Reclaimer logo (c) Bungie
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