Royalty Picture

Abaddon is one of my sister’s most beloved character’s so this is kind of a gift to her. He goes by the he/him pronouns and is one of the Dorhali’ohwf of Cyroanian ABE; After the Battle for Earthian (Earth). He’s also a God/Goddess. Much like Greek mythology, Cyroanians have many gods. The two main ones are Creation and Destruction.

The story goes that Creation and Destruction were ‘brothers’ on apposing sides of an endless war. And that eventually their fighting got so violent they came together in something similar to a super nova, and that’s how Cyroania was born. Supposedly, if one was to ever make it to the core of the home-world they would still find Creation and Destruction circling each other. You’d think that given how technologically advanced Cyroanians are that they would be able to disprove this fact. But a goodly amount of magical energy fluctuates are the planet core so… they can’t really get a good enough reading.

Abaddon is the God/Goddess of Power. But for the majority of his life he wasn’t actually aware of this fact. Or maybe he was, and was just pulling a fast one on just about everyone.

Fun Fact: He’s one of the few remaining dwarf Cyroanians. Standing at only 1.15 - 20 meters (I think, correct me if I’m wrong sis), he gets mistaken for being a child a lot. Which pisses him off to no end.

Translation of writing: Cyroania’s immortal Queen Abaddon De’L

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