Klipikt Picture

Another goddess for my original fiction. This time it's the goddess of sea, Klipikt. Like Gotsat(sky), she's very maternal, but a lot more temperamental and less forgiving. She also tends to patronize the younger gods. She has two sons, the gods of rivers and rain. She's on good terms with Bellekrig, goddess of earth, who lives in the ocean, floating above the surface. There are no big continents in the world of Tagor, and the ocean covers about 85 percent of the planet, and the largest mass of land is only the size of central Europe.
In art Kilipikt is usually portrayed nude, with only hair covering her breasts and genitals. Instead of feet, she has a fin(or do you call it a tail?) that looks like a mermaid dress. Her skin is pale green, which symbolises shallow coastal waters. Her hair and fin symbolise deeper sea.

Originally I was really proud of this piece, but now I've started to dislike it. Although the colors are good, the coloring could be a lot better, and she looks way too young. I also couldn't come up with any kind of background(a common problem with me), so it looks pretty boring.
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