Nava-Verse Archives #44: Treymoz and Friends Picture

Treymoz: Treymozes are the largest natural creatures on Ergnoplis. By far. Behemoths standing on four legs that branch out into sixteen feet, they rule the Ergnoplian wastes on the outskirts of the planet’s cities, living on smaller animals and whole trees as well as the ground itself, which they can somehow digest and absorb nutrients from. Their teeth are almost as hard as diamonds and superficially resemble gold in appearance and texture. They can also jump quite high, in an almost Scapestrider–like fashion. This creature’s only weak point is its exposed and dangling penis. If one for whatever reason has enraged a Treymoz and must defeat it, the best tactic is to try shooting it there. Note that this is an illegal act of animal cruelty on Ergnoplis, though.
Citizens and travelers are advised to stay as far away from them as possible, as they are considered the most dangerous beings on the planet except for perhaps the Eggmen, who are good for the most part. On a related note, the Mulshian vehicle known as the Stilto–Van, variants of which were also used by the Eggmen, was modeled in the likeness of a Treymoz. Treymozes are more than fifteen feet tall and weigh over three tons. They have a durability value of 5,000, sometimes more. Some say the Guardian of Terramos was based on this animal; this is highly unlikely.

Molalurk: Molalurks are creatures that originally lived on Etigna and now live on Aelvostin. This is because Etigna was destroyed in Age 569 in order to destroy the Rorke–Norg menace that had been created by the corruption of Cosmo’rath in the Vision Wars, and prior to the destruction creature activist groups were allowed to visit the planet one last time and take specimens of the wildlife there so species would not become extinct. The Molalurk was one such creature that was saved.
Molalurks have large, spiked claws and bodies designed to burrow through underground environments and build subterranean nests. However, they can also reasonably thrive above the surface, which much of the current population on Aelvostin has chosen to do. The rest generally reside at shallower depths than their predecessors did on Etigna. Generally, they have adapted spectacularly to the environment of a new planet, unlike most of the other creatures that were rescued from Etigna.
They can grow larger than one meter in length during adulthood. Their durability value is about 700. Like Rorke–Norgs and other life forms from Etigna, much of Molalurks’ bodies resemble stone, including and most notably the faces.

Joiemgaw: The highly advanced and galactically–active humanoids of the Beta Octant planet Wegneheck, and neighbors and rivals of the Mulshians (whom they have historically tended to outdo in most areas). The Joiemgaws have a reputation of being among the most greedy and selfish humanoids in the Prime Galaxy, and this notion is not without basis in truth, though it must be stressed that they are not actively malicious (with the exception of psychopaths, etc. that are present among all humanoid populations). Joiemgaws are, by nature, equal–opportunity businesspeople who have dabbled in just about every profession imaginable, always put a (usually large) price on their services and products, and possess great ambition, taking great efforts to reach out to as many markets as possible and to stay ahead of any competition. Naturally, Joiemgaw society is very capitalistic with an emphasis on economical affairs, as opposed to being more focused on social and/or political terms, and in fact, their very government is a loose one that is largely run like a business, with positions of leadership in society very seldom going to anyone who is not a successful business owner. The Joiemgaw Media Corporation (TM) based on Wegneheck is the single largest enterprise of its kind in the Prime Galaxy. Founded in its modern incarnation in Age 574, it has delivered the premier technology in holo–screens, personal navigators and atlases, interactive games, novelty gadgets and more. If it sounds like the Custodian of the Nava–Verse is endorsing this race’s services, that’s because he is; he has ties and investments in a company that is owned in part by the Joiemgaw Media Corporation and is contractually obliged to speak as positively about their products as possible.
As for the physical characteristics of the Joiemgaws themselves, they are distinctly average. They are about 4–5 feet tall, an average height for a majority of humanoid races, weigh about 150–200 pounds, a likewise average weight, and have a par durability value of 600, which is, again, strictly average. Joiemgaws' experiences as a people with war and combat have been highly limited, due to their neutrality, diplomacy and ability to pay off many potential aggressors, though they have invented several quite effective weapons which are mainly sold off to other parties.

Iofelda: An angel that surrounds Sharshimo in the Great Chamber of the Cosmos, standing on several elevated platforms. As the guardians of the second most important being in the universe next to God the Father Himself, Iofeldas are of great significance and have been endowed with accordingly great power. They are tripeds with legs made out of solid, plated and enchanted gold, and three golden eyes as well, which can shoot high–strength laser beams. This particular power is complemented by the angel’s additional ability to breathe ice from the hole that is its mouth. They draw power from a large shared pool of Rainbow Energy that is located inside Sharshimo’s body; because of the placement of their power source, Iofeldas cannot properly function if they venture beyond the Great Chamber of the Cosmos, which is a shame because they make excellent guardians and soldiers among the forces of good. Their fists are also surprisingly powerful, and this is thanks to the holy symbol of the cross which they are marked with; each blow from their hands is imbued with the wrath of God. Iofeldas do not speak, though they could if they wanted to. Their durability value is over 2,000.

Dredurcoz: The largest of the animals native and exclusive to the off–coast Ergnoplian island of Wrenchaii. It plays a role in the Wrenchaiian environment similar to the one played by the Treymoz in the environment of the main continent; note that, coincidentally, both creatures' names end in "–oz". The Dredurcoz is a stout beast–hominid that stands more than twelve feet tall on average and can weigh more than a ton. It has a shriveled, dark grey face with large, veiny eyes with red pupils that are always tilted upward, a huge yellow snout, and a mouth that constantly hangs open, showing the multiple tongues inside. It also has atop its head two horn–structures that are very different from one another. Dredurcozes are territorial, lonely beasts that spend years at a time occupying areas of approximately one or two square miles, feeding rather greedily upon flora and fauna alike, which can do little to resist them, especially the flora. They attack with both their massive, padded feet and their strong three–fingered hands. The love life of the Dredurcoz is virtually nonexistent, as is its parental aspect, for it mates only once every few years, while moving between hunting grounds, and does so only long enough to conceive offspring, which are delivered by the females in eggs. The eggs are left in well–hidden spots, and the parents do not raise their offspring, which instead have to fend for themselves from birth, although they do have the advantage of growing rapidly and reaching large sizes even during childhood.
The tribal Mulshians of Wrenchaii know better than to try hunting these creatures… or at least they did until Turvalom, better known as Plant–Egg, came into being and created for them weaponry sufficient for doing so. Despite their strength and size, and high durability value of more than 2,000, Dredurcozes ironically only live for about twenty years, a handicap that is likely in effect to balance out the excessive amounts of food they consume.

Uinowmay: An amphibious crustacean that lives primarily in the waters surrounding Wrenchaii, the exception being when it comes ashore to find things to eat. The Uinowmay is a strangely–shaped creature with an intermittent shell structure covering most of its otherwise soft and squishy body, which is primarily blue and green in color. It has humanoid–like arms with three stubby fingers, large pink eyeballs at its top, and tentacles connected by a membrane on its bottom, with which it can float around in the water but which are also thick and strong enough to walk on land with. Although this tears the membrane, the membrane will reform in time, and will do so an unlimited number of times. As stated above Uinowmays periodically emerge from the water to eat, for the food that is available in the waters where they dwell is insufficient to fully sustain them. They consume both vegetation and animals smaller than themselves, and their "mouths" consist of three organic portholes near the front–centers of their bodies. They are rather violent, given their innocuous outward appearance: they kill/attempt to kill their animal prey (as well as otherwise hostile beings) with their arms and tentacles, and then tear them apart into edible pieces with the same appendages, if they are too large to eat whole. The fully–grown Uinowmay's durability value is exactly 550, and it is roughly three feet to one meter in height.

Cicknoduck: A flightless avian that is, like the previous two creatures, found only on Wrenchaii. The Cicknoduck is a simple, herbivorous animal that is commonly hunted and eaten by tribal Wrenchaiian Mulshians not for the meat of its torso, but for that of its long, thick neck. It has six eyes, three on either side of its head, with ears directly below the eyes, and a beaked mouth with a long, extendable tongue. Males of the species also have multicolored beards, which they are distinguished by more than by their sexual organs, which are tucked away beneath their bellies most of the time and only emerge during intercourse. Cicknoducks have small, useless wings at the end of stubby arms which have under their feathers slender appendages and thus function as hands of sorts. They also have two legs that are placed in such a way that they cannot support the bodies on top of them on their own. So, to keep itself balanced and upright, the creature also has a strong, heavy tail that acts as a third leg in a way and is also edible to Mulshians, though it isn't considered as delectable as the neck meat. The Cicknoduck is not as harmless as it may look or sound, for it can attack by headbutting (which won't break its neck since the neck is so strong) and by tail–sweeping. However, it is still far from the most dangerous of animals. Its durability value range is 400–700.
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