The Last and The Lost: Ryan Stoudt Picture

A quick picture to try to get back into drawing and keep this moving..I have to draw five times more than I did before if I am ever going to get out of this hole..

Essentially the central character of the Our Passing Reign, Ryan Stoudt goes through the most change aka the "heroes journey". The young Remnant farm boy, along with his friend Margaret Junker, agrees to be the guide/advisor for Teena Rivera's stranded Luna contingent goes on the adventure of a lifetime as they struggle to conduct operations and survive post Cephaloi occupied Earth/Terra.

The conclusion of this tour ends badly and the man Ryan looks up to, Derrick Henderson, Teena's fiancé is killed in a betrayal by Cephaloi collaborators. The unit is torn apart and only a few of the soldiers are evacuated back to Luna the rest being killed or MIA (Trevor D'Angelo).

Ryan staggers back to his home, shaken spiritually and physically, along with a traumatized Margaret who's psychic abilities are getting out of control unknowingly being amplified due to Cephaloi activities. He has feelings both for Margaret and Teena Rivera but the barriers to both women seem insurmountable.

Ryan revolts against the Remnant matriarchal system inspired by contact with the gender egalitarian Luna soldiers and taking it a step further by developing a militant masculine code of honor, different than the predatory examples he sees among the barbarians and Cephaloi collaborators and followers.

Finding an old abandoned library, he begins to learn more about the 'past' of Terra. Among his most prized discoveries are fiction written in the early 20th century by Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs among others. The characters of Conan, Tarzan, John Carter, Solomon Kane and many others inspire him to become a lone wandering warrior who shows no mercy to his enemies but protects those he deems worthy.

Driving him the whole time is a need to avenge Derrick and to see Teena again. Knowing he will never be able to become a Luna soldier he decides to go into the opposite direction of
ancient combat.

His actions and outspoken nature get him banished from his home village, hated and feared by the people and the Gaia matriarchs who are their leaders. His only link to them being The Harvest Goddesses, Janaya and Meral, the holy vampire women who still aid and advise him.

Janaya in particular, although Ryan drives her crazy with his now crass and blunt attitude, realizes that Ryan has a destiny linked to the past..a reincarnation of masculinity that is to aid
a pure Gaia force which is the only way to drive off The Cephaloi..who are the original inhabitants of planet Earth.

After intense training for a year (and causing trouble in his home village from time to time for fun), Ryan wanders off on a road to new adventures, his only goal being to kill as many Cephaloi he can and anyone or anything that gets in his way, "Avenging the Rape of Ishtar."
Still Ryan realizes the Dark side to The Goddess and considers her the ultimate Cephaloi collaborator, she must be redeemed through his blade and his blood and against her will..this heresy in particular is what gets him in trouble with the Remnant.

His weapons are his soul blade which is a hybrid cutlass/broad sword and inscribed with runes
that do more damage to the Cephaloi than even conventional blades, a staff/spear, a long dagger/knuckle duster and two extremely powerful large caliber air pistols. Bullets blessed by the Harvest Goddesses make them one shot kills on Cephaloi and all supernatural beings. a mystery to The Luna soldiers who cannot fathom how a primitive pneumatic gun can bring down Cephaloi warriors where their rail guns are near useless.

Well versed in survival/bushcraft/hunting/tracking skills he is able to hear echoes in his dreams of past warriors, aboriginal indians..seeing them as visions which are to aid him in his quest.

On his lone quest he eventually runs into allies, some of them he already knows.

The left behind Corporal Trevor D'Angelo is found in a pitiful, drunken state being abused by locals and protected by a young Catholic nun. Ryan makes short work of his tormentors and has to bring his Luna brother back to his old, fighting and fun loving self. D'angelo eventually become a Gaia follower after falling in love with the Harvest Vampire Meral who has been sent by Janaya, against the Gaia matriarch wishes, to help Ryan.

Sgt Marshall is encountered next , surviving yet another Cephaloi massacre and waiting to go out in a blaze of glory so he can finally die. Ryan and Trevor convince him to withdraw so they can continue a true insurgency. The Sarge is unable to contact Luna command and admonishes Trevor for not trying to contact Luna units on the planet's surface but soon realizes that they are all exiles and Luna is slowly withdrawing operations to concentrate
on Deep Space colonization missions..Terra is to be left to the Cephaloi.

Margaret Junker joins them, escaping confinement in her village to find Ryan. The two rekindle their relationship.

The final members are Hemavores Captain Daniel Warren and Ingrid Yarris. Escaping from Luna pursuers to Terra who want to execute the deserter Ingrid and lock Daniel back in Carfax Abbey psych unit due to him hearing voices. Daniel has heavy firepower, having access to Luna weapons combined with the more subtle Yuggoth tech which allows reducing weapons to easily portable/hidden proportions.

Both Hemavores feel they have no future being wanted fugitives from their respective colonies
(Ingrid is facing 1000 years of being sealed alive in a sarcophagi on Yuggoth, her order personally signed by Yuggoth governor Margarate Zasalieu) so they will meet their fates together on Terra. The group of outcasts gives them a new focus, Daniel putting it on faith (and his old comrades voice in his head) that Luna will eventually come around and see Terra
as a place to be redeemed, The Remnant and the Luna colonists reuniting to take Humanity to the Stars as a benevolent race and not the Children of Wrath, prophesied by the Galactic
Sentient communities..

Ryan is a loose cannon and him and the more subtle and feminine Daniel often clash but both man and hemavore see that their respective opposing qualities mesh well to annihilating Cephaloi.

Ryan wears Derricks dog tags along with his Harvest corn necklace out of respect for the man who inspired him. Every dead Cephaloi gets Derricks name read to it, cursing them with a thousands or more victims to go. When Teena returns to Terra things really heat up as Ryan
seeks to court her without Margaret finding out..Teena is also drawn to Ryan, both physically and with the realization she has of their mutual destinies..the only hope for defeating the Cephaloi being their coupling.

I had Ryan's fate to be ultimately tragic but I might change it, he is the continuation of
characters like Robert Dumbrowski and Justin Ferraro, masculine guardians of the wayward, powerful feminine energies embodied by Teena, Teena's ancestor, Gata/Jennifer and vampire Valerie Steele.

Inspired by Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The voice of these two men, who recreated a new and non modern and non sentimental mythology of heroism will hopefully be read into the future, inspiring young men of the West to be men again. The only hope against the Hive and the Dark Goddess...

As always a shout out to Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. Also Vampire Hunter D, both series with character designs by the unique artist Yoshitaka Amano. It is no secret that D's design is inspired by Robert E Howard character Solomon Kane. The threads that connect to each other in creativity is truly inspiring..

Ingrid Yarris, Margaret Zasalieu, Yuggoth colony created and the Cephaloi name coined by
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