Arctic Draconus Height Reference Sheet. REVAMP Picture

Kay so the last reference for the Arctic's was pretty bad so here is a small revamp of the newest one. This is just a quick small one just to show height and small characteristics.

Information; Arctic's are a breed of the Reptili Canidae species. ( Reptilian Canine ) The Arctic's are more canine to the species as the Tropic Draconus are between and the Desert Draconus are more reptilian. They share very similar characteristics and behaviours yet live on different parts of the planet in certain climates. Female Arctic's are more lankier in body shape so they are able to hold pups in their pouches. They grow these pouches throughout the gestation period. Arctic's talk to each other through telepathy and have a specific dialect unknown to Human's. They are able to communicate using the common tongue English when speaking to others. Arctic's rarely form packs since they are better off alone and/or with a mate/partner. Pack formations are difficult to maintain since other males in the pack feel intimidation and have a risk of losing their mates in a dominance battle. Females are more to be found in packs if they were abandoned by their mates or lost them from death and are left with pups to care for. Females are extremely vulnerable with pups and have a better chance of survival if the females pack together to care for each other. Arctic's tend to leave domains behind and move on if the area they nest in is too hot, not enough resources, and/or they sense a threat.

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