The Beastmaster - SFX Prosthetic Application Picture

Tale of the Beastmaster:
The Beastmaster is the god of the Dracaen people. It is depicted as a bipedal figure with both mammalian and reptilian features.
In scripture, it is described as a creature which blooms from the shadows before the world and created all beings with its imagination alone. Its domain was divided into kingdoms for its creations. The first creatures were the Phyla, who evolved into various classes, orders, families, genus and species of creature. Soon there were millions of species on the planet. In memory of its first creations, the Beastmaster keeps parts of these creatures in tiny bottles on a chain around its body, perpetually binding them to their creator and each other. In the Dracaen belief, the primary value is that although all beings are different, they are of the same flesh and blood - all flesh will rot and all blood spill. And all beings will return to the infinite darkness of creation.

The Dracaens will be featured in my upcoming novel, The Beastfolk. They consist of Dracals and Vaeryn who have a symbiotic relationship and shared culture, in contrast to many other species in their world.

And yes, I know that is not how evolution happened
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