Eternal Sailor Charybdis Picture

"Eternal Sailor Charybdis, Soldier of the Raging Tide, The Fury of the Sea, member of the Order of the Star Warriors, the Lady Charybdis."

This Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors is a unique one within the order. For she bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the Star Warriors' mightiest Senshi: Exalted Sailor Tethys. She looks exactly like that Senshi, even her uniform almost identical to her counterpart's. There is a reason for this, for the Senshi in question is in fact a clone.

A clone of Exalted Sailor Tethys, or as she's known in the civilian world, Misty Waterflower.

Misty Waterflower hails from a world where humans co-exist with a semi-sentient species of creatures called Pokémon, and a great culture has grown around the two races. But such joy and prosperity also attracts characters of a foul nature, and one organization decided to cause chaos upon this world. Fortunately, the Star Warriors uncovered this nefarious plot and sent a team of their best Senshi to eradicate this threat and preserve the balance of Misty's homeworld. Striking at the organization's main research facility, the team shut down the organization's plans and uncovered many of its secret projects and documents to be revealed to the public. They also found something else.

In a side chamber of the research facility, one of the Star Warriors found a shocking sight and called Misty (in her Senshi form at the time) to witness what she saw. Entering the chamber, Misty was beyond shocked. There was a large tank to the side, large enough for a full-sized human to be contained within, but it was empty and drained of all life-sustaining fluids. It was without a doubt a cloning tank, for the product was already on the floor before her.

Clad in simple white clothes, Misty stared herself. The woman lying before her was exactly alike, a perfect copy of herself. The only difference was her expression; the clone's expression was dark and brooding where Misty's open and strong.

The truth was uncovered; the organization had chosen Misty as their guinea pig, creating a clone of herself that would soon replace her and begin to wreak havoc upon her homeworld through her connections and status as one of the most famed Water Pokémon Trainers in existence. Misty was an influential figure in her world, known and beloved by many, both as one of the finest Water Pokémon Trainers of her home and as one of the mightiest Sailor Senshi of her home planet. This clone, her replacement, would've destroyed all that. Further observation of records revealed that the organization, soon after creating the clone, had begun their dark ways. They had drugged the clone, tormented her, indoctrinated her, told her she was worthless, all to prepare her for her eventual mission. A mission that would never happen now.

Now the Senshi were left with a problem. What would they do with a clone, a being forced into existence and then into a life of suffering and programming? It was then that the clone spoke. Though her voice was that of Misty's, it sounded different. It sounded........sad, lost, and surprisingly, full of the same fire as Misty's own. She told the Senshi she knew what they had done to her, what they made her go through. They told her who she was going to replace and why she was worthless. Researching about her "mother", the clone decided to fight back, for somehow she possessed the same love and care as Misty and didn't want to hurt her in anyway. So did the clone resist and resist until this moment.

Misty took compassion upon the clone, and asked her for her name. The clone replied she didn't have one, her creators having given her only a number. Her compassion growing, Misty decided to take the clone with her and request her fellow sisters that they make an exception and induct the clone into the Star Warriors. "She has no life, no future." she had told them. "Let's give her this opportunity."

Upon hearing of the offer, the clone accepted, finally seeing a purpose she could call her own. She proved to be as tough a student as Misty once was, learning everything she was taught at an alarmingly fast rate. Finally, she was initiated into the Star Warriors, and became a Water-based Senshi like Misty. She chose to name herself after the Greek sea monster Charybdis of ancient myth, for the creature emulated herself and her personality: created to be a monster but filled with fury and strength. She became Sailor Charybdis.

Years later, the clone is now Eternal Sailor Charybdis, and one of the most respected Senshi within the Star Warriors. But unlike Misty, the clone is far more prone to violence and is much more serious than her "mother." Nevertheless, she is a Star Warrior of good reputation, and finally has her own name: Mystara.

Weapons and Items

Yin-yang pendant- surprisingly, her Transformation Item is not a gem or any other item of the sea, but a simple Taoist medallion shaped in the form of the Yin and Yang symbol, which represents balance. This is because of the clone's inherent instability and upbringing. Ever since her discovery and liberation, Mystara researched various philosophical ideas and religions to give her a sense of calm, despite the fact she wasn't a total wreck. She found her peace in Taoism and Buddhism. This has also influenced her personality; where Misty is open and fiery to the point of volatile, Mystara is more centered and quiet to the point of silence, though she is undoubtedly an open-minded, kind woman. Her pendant is what she uses to transform into her Senshi identity. By speaking the words "Balance and Harmony" a nimbus of blue energy envelops her and transforms Mystara into her Senshi identity.

Scylla's Fang- her main Attack Item is a falchion, a large curved sword. Made from the finest metals and forged to her exact specifications, the blade is a sharp and deadly weapon. Mystara named it after Scylla, the second of the two sea monsters of Greek mythology (Charybdis being the first and her namesake). The blade is a like a serpent striking from nowhere, due to Mystara being a master swordsman. It is also a magical talisman of great power, Mystara able to summon whirlpools and storms from the sea with the blade.

Energy pistol- in addition to her swordsmanship, Mystara is a highly lethal marksman. This pistol is a gift from her fellow Senshi and "mother-sister", Misty Waterflower. Misty commissioned the best fire-type Senshi to build this firearm for her clone. It is a beautifully crafted weapon, engraved with sea emblems and able to fire pinpoint bolts of lethal energy with unerring accuracy.

Known attacks

Charybdis Fury Strike- a powerful attack, Mystara is able to call upon the power of the sea creature itself, or at least in her mind's eye. Whatever the source, the attack takes form in a large body of water appearing upon the ground, and from the water, an orifice filled with teeth sucks in all her foes and devours them. If the attack is done near the ocean, it's three times more powerful and devastating.

Sword Dance of the Sea- this calls upon Mystara's innate abilities as a swordsman. Wielding her blade, she can dance a remarkable series of killing moves upon her foes. Her attack is further enhanced by the very energy of the sea embedding itself upon the blade and moving like a serpent, striking down more foes and giving Mystara an extended reach in battle.

So here's another Sailor Senshi, one who looks very much like her:…. Given the similarities, I decided to make this into a small story in where this Senshi is a clone of my other Senshi and is now like her. She's actually the same Sailor Senshi I drew in this picture:…. Anyhoo, enjoy.

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