Aloha II Picture

Koleamoku, a.k.a “Kai Kamaka”

Age: 30+ ( Thousands of cycles prior to rebirth )

Sex: Male

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 1,000 lbs

Species: Demi-God, Hawaiian

Orientation: Homosexual

Blood Type: O-

Parents: Akamu ( Father, deceased ), Lani ( Mother, alive )

Virtues: Humble, Kind, Liberal, Diligent

Sins: Gluttonous, Lustful, Wrathful

Powers: Knowledge of the Gods and the Spirit Realm of Earth, healing ability able to cure others of all known diseases and any kind of injury, superhuman strength, fire breathing, regeneration

Talents: Accomplished musician and dancer, exceptional home cook


Early in his childhood, Kai’s father, Akamu, suffered from an illness that left him bedridden. Kai often wished he could heal Akamu’s pain so that they can be a family again. During this time, Kai’s mother, Lani, brought in meager amounts of money performing hula at clubs and luaus, which could only afford so much food after the bills were paid for living and medical, leaving Kai starving. Kai would often find ways to eat, inspired by Lani and hula dancing on street corners to gather money to buy meals, even as far as stealing when he became desperate. When Kai was in his teens, Akamu finally passed with Lani exhausted and broken, leaving Kai to foster work for their dire home situation after using what was left of his father’s life savings to pay for funeral and debts. Being selfish previously, Kai then vowed that he would work hard to make Lani happy.

Following his personal experience, Kai took after Lani and started dancing to make money, even going as far as learning how to play ukulele and sing to make himself even more desirable for employers. The cause was selfless until his developing talents started to make him some substantial money, which caused Kai to fall into his selfish ways again. Instead of being responsible with his funding to help himself and his mother, Kai instead spent money on drinking and eating copious amounts of food, which caused him to balloon in weight as a result of his gluttony. With funding being squandered, Kai and Lani were evicted from their home, making Lani extremely disappointed in Kai that he went back on his word and becoming distant from her son. That night, after wallowing in self pity and gorging himself on food and alcohol, Kai meets a mysterious stranger named Makani, who claimed that he knew Kai all his life and wishes to help him realize his true path. After Kai dismisses him, Makani gives Kai a pat on his back and leaves.

The next morning, Kai wakes up to a searing pain on the spot where Makani had pat him. Looking at his back in the mirror, he finds a strange tattoo on his shoulder. From there, suddenly, his talents for song and dance had become so great and sensational to his audiences that he was landing bigger gigs around Hawaii until he eventually caught the interest of an agent who offered him a deal. Recording top charting albums and playing venues such as Carnegie Hall paid more than enough to put himself and Lani in a fabulous home and lifestyle and, more specifically to Kai, all the food he could ever want, which in turn pushed his weight to a staggering half-ton. Despite this, Kai could somehow still move around with relative ease, despite Lani encouraging him to curb his bad habits and lose the weight which could cripple anyone else.

As things were going well, Kai was surprised when Makani visited him out of the blue one day. Even though Kai expressed undying gratitude for Makani making his life so much better, the mysterious man instead came back with a warning— that a choice had to be made or that Kai would walk the rest of time in absolute despair. Perplexed and otherwise angered at such a cryptic and cruel message, Kai hadn’t realized the gravity of Makani’s message until Lani came down with a severe illness, doomed to suffer the same fate as Akamu did when he was young. Horrified, Kai spent a fortune getting the best doctors to try and cure Lani, but try as they might, they couldn’t do anything. Enraged, Kai could do nothing but watch Lani suffer while becoming increasingly reclusive, eating and drinking away his sorrows until the inevitable. One night, as Lani lay on her deathbed, Kai sat beside her and wept, once again wishing he could heal the pain so that they could be a family again. Taking Lani’s hand and singing softly, Kai prayed that he would give his soul to mend his mother.

What Kai didn’t realize was that his prayer worked. As Lani fell into slumber to awake the next day, Kai passed away.

Within the Spirit Realm, Kai met with Makani once more, and revealed to him that Makani is, in fact, Koleamoku, God of the Art of Healing; patron of the Kahunas. It is explained that Koleamoku was looking for a successor to take his place, as his power and presence was fading from the Earth. Knowing now that Kai’s heart is pure and worthy of his power, Koleamoku granted Kai the honor of being reborn as Koleamoku, imbuing Kai with his soul and giving him the abilites and knowledge to help others. As the man Kai once knew as Makani was no more, Kai traveled back to the Mortal Realm.

Awakening the next day on the shore, Kai Kamaka, now the Demi-God Koleamoku, rushes home to find Lani alive and well. The two were elated, happy to be a family again. However, the meeting was short lived, as the path that his friend Makani spoke of was now clear. With the world in need of saving from the evil of men and spirits, Kai bids his mother farewell and leaves Hawaii, beginning to wander the planet and assuming the role that was given to him.


Pencils and Inks: Arakasa
Colors and Story: James Daly

Kai Kamaka © James Daly; Brokenbrow Studios

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