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started as a quick sketch dump, but turned into a collection of poses and mugshots of my OC's.

everyone here is a character from Jac and Dee's story that i've been slowly fleshing out over the years. I've wanted to do a comic on them for so long but hadn't really developed a story for them. now that i've got one, i think i might run with it.

Jac and Dee are the main characters of my story. they are partners working for a secret sect of a futuristic inter-stellar shipping company called the Whisper Syndicate (WS). WS is tasked with the endeavor to deliver messages, communiques, and items of all kinds to those trapped behind enemy lines. they work for the highest bidder, and are -naturally- a collection of some of the finest soldiers, smugglers, and criminals in the galaxy.

All of the characters shown were drafted and individually found or selected by Arkady--the big bad in the lower right, and Dee's adoptive father. He considers each and everyone of his employees as his children, and they all respect and fear him in turn. He is the head of the military branch of the Whisper Syndicate (a sect of the afore mentioned shipping company). Although he acts as a father figure to all those in his employ, he chose Dee in particular to be his daughter and raised her as his own. Arkady himself is shrouded in mystery. All his employees know about him is that he has Russian ancestry that becomes evident in his sharp tongue and near mythological ability to command respect.

Arthur is Arkady's second-in-command. He has an English ancestry and a no-nonsense attitude that comes with the territory of running WS. He will often give orders in Arkady's stead, though he has trouble in getting his fellow agents to follow his orders, Dee especially. Arthur lacks the implicit fear that Arkady can instill in his 'children' and it shows noticeably in his ability to lead. Though Arthur has little confidence in himself, Arkady is sure that he will rise to the challenge eventually.

Senna comes from the same tribe as Jacobi--a long bloodline of supersoldiers that were systematically hunted down and destroyed by hundreds of nations that desired their gene-splicing technology. Senna and Jacobi both are survivors of this holocaust, and while Jacobi remembers the entire conflict vividly, Senna does not. Arkady found her by chance and immediately folded her into his personal army. It was later determined that she suffered from amnesia or severe repression from whatever she had experienced during the holocaust. As a result she is mentally...unstable. She seems to exhibit signs of bi-polar disorder and even mild bouts of schizophrenia. She found Dee (also a victim of amnesia) in her time at Arkady's academy and they've been best friends ever since. The two were originally partners until Dee brutally maimed one of Arkady's officers and was sent to a backwater planet as punishment. Arkady then paired Senna up with Jr. and they became a close couple soon after.

Jr. is a failed attempt by a competing nation to create super-soldiers like Jacobi and Senna. He is the product of gene-splicing and genetic enhancements that ultimately returned less than satisfactory results. That being said, he is still a monster of a man on the battlefield. Arkady found him and pulled him from a life of piracy and smuggling and put his knowledge and strength to more...productive goals. Jr. hopes to put his blood soaked history behind him and settle down with Senna someday. Arkady, however, won't let him as long as he can carry a gun.

Jacobi is the rookie among the group. When Arkady found him, he was living job-to-job as a mercenary trying to find others of his tribe that may have survived. He agreed to work for Arkady under the premise that he would find said survivors. Soon after he joined, Jacobi was introduced to Senna. He decided to stay in WS--a strong sense of honor and respect dictating that he return the favor. Arkady knows that Jacobi is loyal only to his own agenda, and thus must keep baiting Jacobi with tidbits of information about his clan to keep his loyalty. In return, Arkady's one condition is that he protect Dee from all harm under the guise of being her partner. Jacobi and Dee share a mutual hatred for each other that eventually develops into a begrudging friendship.

Dee herself is somewhat of an enigma among her fellow agents. With the exception of Senna, she isn't adept at making friends. Like Senna, Jacobi, and Jr, she is the product of secret gene-splicing in the attempt to produce super-soldiers. The whole extent of said genetic enhancement is shrouded in mystery, however, and only Arkady seems to know her true origins. She is not nearly as strong, fast, or cunning as her comrades. In fact, she's very much a normal human. However, years of training under her fathers sharp eyes have honed her into a force to be reckoned with.

these aren't so much actual character bio's as they are just notes for me to reference. I didn't mean to run long but look at the time...

more to come. i think.

All depicted characters © me.
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