Sailor Hymenoptera Picture

"Fly with grace, fly with speed, and fly with agility. Achieve those three, and there's no flyer in the sky- human, alien, machine, or daemon -that'll match me in flight." -Sailor Hymenoptera, Soldier of the Skies, the Golden Queen, the Rainbow Angel, the Lady Dragonfly.

There are some Sailor Senshi within the Star Warriors who base their identity and powers not on anything elemental, historical, cultural, mythological, or spiritual, but on creatures that exist here and now. Either out of a strong interest or love for such creatures, these Senshi adopt the names of these animals as well as a few of their abilities with the assistance of magic, technology, and training to become truly adept Senshi. For this Senshi, she chose to become one that was based from two insects which she really loves: the bee and the dragonfly.

Briana Hernandez was born on Earth, a young woman with strong emotions of love, respect, but also with an air of quietness to her. She did not speak much, though no sociopath she is. More accurately, Briana kept to herself and so lived a quiet life more or less. If there was one thing she was truly interested in, however, it was entomology; aka, the study of insects. Insects fascinated Briana for much of her life, from how they lived to their special qualities, whether it be the ability to blend onto a leaf or create precious honey, and the seemingly endless variety of insects that existed. It was quite clear that as she grew into an adult woman, entomology was going to become her career of choice, when fate intervened. The Star Warriors came to Earth for another of their routine recruitment tours, and Briana was selected amongst their number of neophytes; her expertise with insects and innate knowledge of entomology, as well as other forms of biology, impressed the Senshi recruiters so.

So did Briana become a new recruit of the Star Warriors at the age of 24, leaving her homeworld to undergo the required training. Firearms training, melee combat, military tactics, survivor skills, Briana learned it all. Her knowledge of entomology increased as well, Briana now studying new species of insects indigenous to other thriving worlds beyond Earth. After six years, with her training completed, Briana was fully initiated as a Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors, taking on the name of Sailor Hymenoptera. Hymenoptera is the biological order of classification for insects that include flies, wasps, ants, and Briana's two favorite insects: bees and dragonflies. It is why her Senshi uniform is a fine mix of colors familiar to bees and dragonflies. As Sailor Hymenoptera, Briana has harnessed the traits of both insects through advanced technology and ancient magic. The combined power of technology and magic grants Briana a wide range of abilities, including the gift of flight, the wielding of potent energy weapons, the power to communicate with insects of varied types, and even the magical ability to shrink her feminine body to the size of an insect. Thus Briana is a Senshi of varied ability; she can be a warrior, a scout, and much more under this identity. It is why she is one of the Star Warriors' best Senshi, having faithfully served in the order for 39 years and with no signs of stopping.

Weapons and Items

Dragonfly brooch- her Transformation Item, it releases a wave of particles that instantly transform Briana into her Senshi identity upon the incantation of a special phrase known only to her.

The Mantle- simple in name, but complex in its design and purpose, the Mantle is essentially Briana's Senshi uniform outfitted with numerous micro-technologies and imbued with particles that allow her to shrink to the size of an insect. It is also capable of absorbing most forms of radiation and use them as energy to power her other pieces of equipment.

The Silent Wing- a marvel of advanced technology, this is a wearable flight pack that uses a combination of jetpack technology and other experimental tech, such as the four nano-membranous wings shaped like dragonfly and bee wings, that give Briana the ability to fly. It too is capable of miniaturizing itself to a tiny size and still operate at that stature. Fitted with a complex array of micro-thrusters, and combined with the rapid speed of the wings' movement, it makes Briana one of the fastest flyers the Star Warriors possess.

Wrist-mounted beam gun- a wearable beam weapon that is fitted to her left wrist, the beam gun is connected to a portable micro-generator worn on her left shoulder that is also part of the Mantle, simultaneously emitting the particles that enable Briana to reduce her size whilst also providing power to the gun.

The Whisperblade- a slim blade forged to her exact specifications, the Whisperblade is quick on the draw, cuts deeply, and a deadly weapon in the hands a skilled bladesman. Briana is quite skilled with wielding a blade one-handed, so this sword lives up to its name, making little sound whilst cutting deeply into an enemy's flesh.

The Artemis Gun- named after the Greek goddess of the hunt, herself being an accomplished archer, the Artemis Gun is a wearable heavy energy weapon that fires lethal beams with absolutely perfect accuracy, all thanks to an extremely advanced targeting system that computes in all factors down to the millimeter, resulting in accurate shots which only the most accomplished marksmen can match. It is also fitted with a short blade modeled after Imperial power swords, as the blade glows with crackling energy that adds further damage to an enemy.

Known attack

Stinger Strike- a simple attack, it uses Briana's wrist-mounted beam gun to fire tiny beams of light in an extremely rapid-fire fashion akin to that of a gatling gun. It is unique because it's the only attack she has that can be used whether Briana is full or insect-sized; all her other attacks work only when she's at normal size.

The Archer's Mark- this attack grants Briana unparalleled marksmanship and accuracy for a short time. During that time, every shot fired from the Artemis Gun strikes their target dead-center, not even missing or grazing the enemy. It is especially lethal against supernatural entities such as demons, since it is a known fact that directly striking a demon's black heart guarantees its banishment from the physical world.

Rainbow Light Corona- her final and most potent attack, it requires Briana to fly at a high enough altitude with the sun directly behind her. Upon spreading the nano-wings of her Silent Wing flight pack, the sun's rays strike the wings and sash of her uniform, casting a multicolored radiance upon the ground that is capable of simultaneously healing allies of any physical or spiritual malady whilst also destroying any dark entities, from demons to wraiths, entirely. It's even said that any scorched or barren ground hit by the beautiful rays of this attack will sprout new roots and plants that will eventually make the barren earth green and lush once more.


Since her initiation, Briana has been a steadfast Senshi, serving the order in numerous capacities. Her record of service has yet to be as long and honored as some of the more veteran Senshi, but it has already a few worthy deeds to tell. They include:

.The planet of Belarius IX, in the northwestern edge of the Milky Way, fell under invasion by a Chaos cult that numbered in the millions. Sixteen Senshi of the Star Warriors accompanied the liberation forces sent to relieve the siege of Belarius IX, Briana included amongst them. During the ten-month conflict, Briana proved invaluable as a scout. Working with two other Senshi, Sailors Faerydae Awyr and Venatrix, both expert scouts in their own right, Briana sneaked in close to enemy lines and returned with vital intelligence. She worked well with Faerydae Awyr during this mission, both Senshi remaining tiny-sized and thus invisible to enemy eyes whilst gaining valuable intel on enemy positions. With Venatrix, Briana became her fellow Senshi's eyes, remaining small and staying ahead of her sister, providing advance warnings of enemy groups that Venatrix took out with precise skill. In the end, Briana participated in the final assault that spelled the end for the Chaos cult, and she was present at the celebratory victory toast following Belarius IX's liberation.

.Another world, Tythis, fell under invasion by a splinter fleet of Tyranids in the eastern rim of our galaxy. The planet had an extreme form of geography that negated any chance of ground invasion, so the only way for the Tyranids to invade the planet was by air. The planet was more than ready for this invasion, hundreds of thousands of air defenses aimed upwards and shooting down Tyranids by the millions. Complementing this defense were eight Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors, all of them wind or flight-based. Briana was one of them, and she fought in the skies for a long time, killing hundreds of Tyranids with blade and cannon until the end of the invasion two months later.

A new Sailor Senshi of mine that was actually a request from a friend who had given me the attributes she wanted as well as how it should look. I did my best to create this Senshi to her exact specifications, and here's the result. Enjoy.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.
The artwork is mine. Enjoy.
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